Kate Beckinsale and Lily attend beach party

05/27/2008 at 07:02 AM ET

Actress Kate Beckinsale, 34, her husband, film director Len Wiseman, 35, (not pictured) and daughter Lily Mo,9, spent Monday, May 26th at a beach party held by Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in Malibu, CA. Dad isactor Michael Sheen.


Photo by JFXOnline.com

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Elyse on

Boy, Kate sure does like her heels doesn’t she? Anyway, Lily is a cutie.I love that this family seems so down to earth.

Ginger on

They always look like they’re having such a good time together!!

Sarita on

They are such a great family, always having fun together!

Shawna on

I do not think her outfit is appropriate for a little girl. There are more pictures on justjared and honestly, it is bordering on obscene. I would never let me daughters out of the house dressed like that.

Emily on

I dont understand the “low rise” craze with children’s clothing.. am I the only one worried about any child wearing a pair of any bottoms that are cleary lower than even adults should wear them? i thought it was a “sexy appeal” .. why do children need that?

Allison on

I love this family but I do wish that Lily was not wearing a triangle bikini. It just seems like there is plenty of time for that. Why start so early???

Jackie on

I know everyone always says she looks like her dad but I see so much of Kate in Lily it’s crazy. Am I the only one??

PS- LOVE how happy they always look together!

Adelaide on

Lily Mo is such a cute name. Does anyone know where the Mo comes from? It is so unusual.

Eva on

I believe Mo is a unisex diminutive for Morris, which means dark skinned.

Stephany on

She’s one of my favorite celebrity kids! She’s so adorable and fun. She looks like she’s just a blast to hang out with!

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Lily is so pretty, just like her beautiful mommy. They have terrific smiles.

Liv on

Michael Sheen? As in charlie sheens father right. That would mean lily and charlie sheen are half brother/sister. And Lily would be aunt to Lola and Sam charlie’s kids. Although who knows how oftern they all get together. It’s just neat the connections in holllywood. If i am incorrect on this and it is a different michael shean there talking about feel free to correct me.

Sarah on

I think you mean Martin Sheen?

Mel on

I don’t think Martin Sheen is Lily’s father. lol!

riley on

Liv, no its not the Micheal Sheen who is father of Charlie SHeen, its a diffrent one . . .

Crystal V on


From what I have found on the Internet: Martin Sheen is the father of Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Renée Estevez and Ramon Estevez.

Michael Sheen is from a totally different family. He is from England and from what I have found has no relationship to Martin Sheen and family.

brooke on

lily looks just like her dad to me

Livy on

Mo is a diminutive of Maureen in the UK which is probably where Lily’s middle name comes from. They are such a close knit, happy family!

Sheri on

I agree with you, Jackie. I think Lily is looking more and more like Kate. And I LOVE Kate’s dress! She looks like such a happy mother who is so in love with her child. And Lily always looks happy, too.