Josh Holloway and wife change minds, want kids

05/27/2008 at 03:36 PM ET

Joshholloway_12257188_max_cbbDespite a mutual decision on kids before their 2004 wedding, Lost‘s Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala have experienced a change of heart. Although the 38-year-old actor and his wife initially agreed that their interest in extensive traveling was not conducive to family life,  Josh told USA Today that their original decision has been reversed.

"We have changed ourminds … only recently. Basically, nature happened. If you’re in aloving relationship with someone, [having] children becomes a part ofit. I don’t know exactly when or how, but we’re very open to eitherhaving our own children or adopting."

Source: USA Today; Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.

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Marilyn on

He looks so much like Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s boyfriend.

FC on

I’d love to see these two with a baby…or two. I think they’d be great parents. on

That’s exciting! He is my favorite character on Lost by a landslide…I think my husband is tired of me saying that each week. I wish them the best in their baby pursuits!

nona on

They must have realized how potentially cute their kids will be! 😉 I agree that Josh looks like Gabriel Aubry.

Jess on

Yey! Aww, how cute would a little Josh be?!

Hannah on

That’s good to hear. I love him on LOST. They would make absolutely gorgeous babies!

phoebe on

I agree with Nona, two such beautiful people not having children is practically a crime lol. I love to hear stories like this, because when a couple is so insistant AGAINST being parents, you just know how much it must have taken to change their minds, and therefore that the decision to have a child is definately well thought out. I’m very happy for the family, and look forward to hearing news when they share it!

Paige on

That’s great news to know. He’s quite handsome and I love him. His and Yessica’s babies will be beautiful.

Kate on

Adopting children IS having your own. Ugh!

Kristi on

Kate—I agree. Ugh!! I don’t normally comment on this site, but as an adoptive mother of 2 I despise hearing “having our own or adopting”. We welcomed our 2 children in very different ways. Our daughter through open adoption and our son through anonymous embryo donation. I can assure you that with all the blood, sweat and tears that went into both of their births that they are very much our own. I would just hope that before couples decide to adopt that they would learn some positive adoption language. I have been coming to this site for awhile now and I do need to applaud CBB for never directly commenting or pointing out which children are adopted and which are biological (i.e. Brad and Angelina) except if it directly relates to a story such as Mary Louise Parker welcoming her daughter, etc. Thank you for this. It’s one of the things that makes CBB one of my favorite sites.

Nicole on

I think people are being way too sensitive about his comment “having our own children or adopting.” People that have not had children yet think of parenthood in a different way than people that have children. It’s more of an idea than a reality. I know I always wanted to be a mom, but didn’t really “get” it until my first son was born. I agree, it wasn’t the best way to word it, but I think he was just trying to say either way is an option right now. I’m sure if they adopted, they would consider the child “their own.”

Erica on

I agree with Nicole, I don’t think Josh was in any way trying to infer that adopting is somehow less than having a child biologically, but it certainly is a different process. It just sounded to me like he and his wife are very open to the way they choose to grow their family.

Natasha on

Thank you Nicole! Sometimes things are taken so literally.

Louise on

they would be damn cute kids!

good point nicole,well put.

brooke on

Nicole I totally agree with you

iluvallbabies on

Agree with Nicole- people are being way too sensitive. As if he would have meant any harm in what he said?

sushi on

a mini josh would be so cute


” don’t know exactly when or how, but we’re very open to either having our own children or adopting.” Pretty sure he was talking about having biological children…stop making mountain out of mole hills people

By the way, if he has a biological child with his wife, i’m sure they will be very cute…i have the biggest crush on sawyer..i mean josh, lol

Sami on

My husband and I were the same way about not wanting children. We recently changed our minds, too, and now have a beautiful baby daughter. I’ve had to eat a lot of words, though!

Good luck to Josh and his wife!

Melis on

Ugh! She is way too ugly for him……she has the body of a 12 year old boy. on

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Cathy on

they will have the most GORGEOUS kids.
josh is a total hottie.
i have the biggest crush on him 😛
josh and yessica will make great parents!