C-Panty: Making c-section recovery more comfortable

05/27/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Cpanty_2To be honest, the last thing I thought I would find myself writing about is post-pregnancy, post-operative underwear — aka granny pants. But the C-Panty ($37.50) is not a granny pant. Unless your granny wears low rise underwear, in which case, go granny!

I just had a c-section. My second. I was initially slower to heal this time, until I turned to some products like the C-Panty to help speed me along in my recovery. Now I am really feeling the love for this recent underwear invention. C-Panty briefs, the only underwear ever to have been designed specifically for the needs of women who have undergone a c-section, have made my suffering much briefer. Although much of my discomfort is now resolved, I will continue to wear them in the months to come, as my scar continues to heal, in order to help my scar look as good as a c-section scar possibly can.

Cpantyincisioncare The C-Panty looks like a regular pair of classic, womens underwear. It is soft, stretchy, seamless and has a low-rise cut that is flattering but not skimpy. They come in basic colors like white and nude. In fact, on the outside, they are pretty nondescript.  That’s okay – the magic is on the inside, because that’s where you’ll find the C-Panty’s silicon compression panel (see photo at right). Silicone increases the moisture content of your scar while the compression organizes collagen formation, decreases swelling and provides gentle support to comfort the area. The use of silicone and compression — a technique known as scar management — has been used for years by doctors to help patients recover from surgery and skin burns. Simply put, wearing this underwear results in a flatter, softer scar, which makes for a comfier, happier mama.

Shop for the C-Panty online at the C-Panty site.

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Jennifer Bourgoyne on

Please correct this posting, as there’s been another line out on the market since 2006 called Czela Bellies CesareanWear. Available at http://www.czelablue.com
Thank you.

UpSpring on

Hi, I noticed some of your images aren’t loading on this page. We’d be happy to give you new ones. Let us know the size – we’d love to put on Pinterest but the images for the post aren’t loading.