Celine Dion joined by family as she receives the Legion of Honor

05/23/2008 at 10:44 AM ET

Singer Celine Dion, 40, was joined by her husband René Angélil, 66, and son René-Charles, 7, as she received the Legion of Honor from French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on Thursday, May 22nd.


Photo by ELIOT/bauergriffinonline.com.

We will not be publishing negative comments regarding René-Charles’ hair.

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Kim on

Why not comments about the boys’ hair, as long as they’re positive. I like René-Charles’ hair. When I have a son, I think it will either be 1950s buzz cuts, or long, natural hair like this boys. He looks cute!

Mom to Sebas on

I like his hair too. He looks so much like his Mom. Seing his fathers hair.. the little guy should enjoy it as long as he has it.

torgster on

I think his hair is adorable, and so is he! I remember reading in an interview with Celine a year or so ago that she wants to cut his hair, but HE loves it the way it is. It’s great he’s allowed to express his individuality. You rock little Rene Charles!

SJ on

I like bowl cuts on wee boys but not this length of hair. It’s dangerous for little girls what with them getting into scraps. If he is going to have hair this length, at least maintain it better.

Robin on

I agree… I can’t stand to read hateful comments. (especially about children on the other websites) I LOVE his hair and don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Now, to be honest when my oldest son first wanted to grow his hair out I was so unhappy and against it, but he grew it, I got used to it and ended up loving it and couldn’t see him any other way!!!

Jennifer on

Aww I saw the Celine movie the other day. I just love her to death!! She is extremely talented and I just fell in love with her love story!! The girl has it goin on!! 🙂 And her little boy is just picture perfect. I love his hair!! It makes him look like a god!! hehe

martina on

Celine looks really beautiful.

tan on

What a great looking family.Celine looks fab.

Rachel on

I love the way Renee dresses. He’s so cute. and I personally like his hair long also. I can’t imagine him with his hair any other way.

KellyC on

I love her and the songs she wrote for Rene-Charles touched my heart in a huge way when my son was born.

Roise on

Every time I saw a pic of Rene-Charles, I kept thinking that he looked like someone else, and now I remember who. To me, he looks like he could be a brother to Cindy Crawford’s kids. His face has similar features.

phoebe on

Personally, I think his hair is great and he is a gorgeous child, a true mix of both of his parents. It’s wonderful to see the whole family out together.

However, I do take slight issue with the blanket refusal to publish ‘bad’ comments about the little one’s hair. People should be allowed to express opinions, as long as they aren’t abusive about it. I love CBB for their policy on most things, but to not allow anything even remotely bad is, IMO, one step too far. Just my say, but like I said, I like the hair so I have nothing bad to say myself.

Pheebs on

Wow, I love Celine’s outfit. She looks gorgeous.

Sasha on

What a gorgeous family! Wow!!

Sarah on

Rene-Charles has beautiful eyes! Very soulful…

Stephanie on

Rene charles does look like a rockstar. Rock on!
what a beautiful child.

jk on

Handsome family, that’s for sure and Rene- Charles is fantastic…he’s adorable!

michelle on

I love his hair- he’s adorable! But wow, look at Celine’s shoes! I love that outfit! I bought a pair of heels that look like her’s recently, from Chinese Laundry. I’m sure her’s are way more expensive, but hey I like to be a trendy mom on a budget 🙂

facingdawn on

He looks so muchlike his mom! So cute.

sil on

“We will not be publishing comments regarding René-Charles’ hair”
maybe you should say you will not be publishing negative comments about Rene’s hair, because I have read some comments saying they like his hair…
If somebody doesn’t like Rene Charles hair, what’s the problem? if it’s a non offensive comment, I think is interesting to read all points of view….
I don’t like his hair, but I think he is an adorable boy anyway, and I like Celine and his husband, is a nice family.
So….now I think my comment will not be post because i said I don’t like his hair…???
I like CBB but sometimes you should be more clear….
Just my opinion.

Abbey on

i like Rene Charles’s hair, although i think it can be tough for little boys to pull off. Sometimes Rene Charles does look like a little girl because he’s so beautiful (how could he not with Celine Dion as a mom? I’m not crazy about her music, but she is just all sorts of beautiful), but if he likes it I say let him have the hair! its good to see younger kids realizing and expressing their individuality.

i, however, can’t imagine having hair that long! if mine goes to my clavicle i have to chop it off! i get weirded out by having long hair (just on me, not on other people).

Erin on

I love his hair, and as long as he wants it long then it’s fine. =) I really think he and Ryder are adorable with long hair – suits them really well. ♥

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Celine looks so chic. Good for her for letting her son have his hair the way he wants.

T'ea on

I agree…I love his hair! And might I add…that her husband is the most beautiful man I KNOW.He is older but SUCH A GOOD LOOKING MAN…

vanina on

i thought they kept the long hair because of religion matters…I think i was wrong!

Carmen @ http://lapetitebelle.typepad.com on

I love Celine. She’s so beautiful and always so fashionable. I also love her personality- I like to watch her interviews, she is sooo down to earth, so family oriented and she hasn’t forgotten her roots, quite an accomplishment considering she is one of the divas.
I also love Rene Charles’ hair. I think it speaks a lot about his parents- they let him be himself, which sometimes can be hard but I believe it takes courage to let your child express yourself when it goes against the “norm”. 🙂

angie rae on

I hope this doesn’t come across as “negative” but is there a reason why he keeps his hair that length? Is it just a personal preference on the child’s part?

Emily on

I too think his hair looks good. I know lots of mothers who don’t want to cut their babies, baby hair. It’s hard to cut your baby’s hair.

chris on

He’s had long hair for so long, I don’t think I’d recognize him if it was cut! I cannot believe he’s 7 already. Celine and Rene look fabulous!

Meagan on

I think Celine looks amazing! I love her she is so gorgeous and talented and I think Rene Charles look just like her..he is a handsome little boy!! They look like an extrememly happy family and Rene looks very healthy and happy! They are just gorgeous together all 3 of them!

Rebecca on

haha when a 7 yr old tells u to not touch his hair u better listen, its nice tho

ang on

nice to see not all paps r photographing carla bruni lol-im in Australia but i have heard she loves the camera. beautiful pic and congrats to celine!

Shaun on

Isn’t his father Lebanese? He doesn’t look ethnic at all!

J.M. on

I think Celine said on Oprah that Rene Charles likes his hair long. I think if it’s his choice that’s fine. But I have a feeling the older he gets the more he’ll prefer to have it cut off! I can’t wait to see him when that day comes. I wouldn’t necessarily let my child grow his hair that long but to each their own.

Audrey on

My 10 year old nephew has really long hair too and for a long time we all tried to convince my sister-in-law to get it cut. She wanted to as well but that boy stood his ground and said NO!! We then realized we were the ones uncomfortable with his hair choice, not him. We couldn’t imagine being that different, even for ourselves. I think it’s wonderful to encourage that kind of individuality and also, as long as it’s not a harmful thing, support your child’s decisions.

Mea on

They are so pretty. And I love her son’s hair.

Kel on

I’m so happy that this site has put a hold on the negative comments!!! The whole family lookz fab & really content together. Alot of cultural reasons are there that many people choose to keep their child’s hair long or their’s long even if they are men….this country has to wake up to accept other cultures such as native american’s right here !!! Our family native american & get alot of negativity for expressing our own culture. I say kudos to the family for being themselves!!!!

Stephanie on

He’s a cute kid. Nothing wrong with it. Its just ignorance of others that think only girls/women should have long hair.
Let’s see, I am pretty sure in Biblical times men had long hair.
Let’s look at our founding fathers, tho wigs were the thing at the time..a lot of them had long hair.
People need to zip their lips.
They look like a happy family…


brooke on

He looks a lot like celine

PJ on

I agree that it is ignorance that leads people to dislike a male child for having long hair and even little girls with really short cuts.

Honestly, I think it is a little odd at times, since when children are so young it IS hard to sometimes tell the gender when the hair is long. I have had at least 3 experiences in the last couple of years of making the mistake of saying, “what a beautiful little girl!” to parents only to have them say, “this is my son” back to me as if I were the devil.

It’s confusing when you can’t tell! But, I like that Celine uses the reasoning that HE is the one who wants his hair long. He has his individuality and that is awesome.

DLR on

No matter how famous Celine is, she is still true to her Canadian roots in Quebec. My gosh, look at those shoes. How high is that heel. I’d topple forward! Her son is so cute, and I can’t believe how people seem to comment on boys having long hair. Do they comment on girls having short hair? Please, it’s hair.

Kimberly on

Celine is so glamourous! Her son is adorable. Am I the only one who wishes that she’d have at least one more child? I want her to have a girl. I think that would be so precious.

Sara on

Cute family. She is very talented. I was surprised about seeing all the hair comments on the above posts since it was specifically stated that no comments on his hair would be posted. I guess that should be amended to no negative comments will be posted, which I am not sure is fair.

Jen DC on

In a lot of ways, hair is one of the few things children can “control” about their look. I’m sure a few of these kids do shop with their mothers/parents/nannies for their clothes, but since the hair is attached, it’s probably different psychologically.

My own mother let me do whatever I wanted with my hair as well. When people would comment negatively about it, she’d only say, “Jen has to wear it…” It never was any skin off her nose if my hair was nuts – as long as it was clean and groomed in some way.

The only thing I would do to RC’s hair is chop a little off the ends. They seem a little damaged. But it does work on him – he looks so hardcore with his big stare and his jacket and tie.

Shannon on

He is simply beautiful. I have always thought he looked like a handsome little lion.

Donna on

René-Charles and I share a birthday and I feel a little protective of him. Let him have his hair, it’s nice hair. There is nothing wrong with a boy having long hair, if that’s how he wants it!

The whole family keeps improving with age. Celìne is more beautiful than ever now, René Sr. is at his most devastatingly handsome, and their son is the ultimate genetic lottery winner of the world.

Steph on

What a gorgeous family! I am proud to be French-Canadian, just like her.
She was born not far from where I live.

René-Charles looks really cute with his hair and I read somewhere that he doesn’t want to cut it and that Céline doesn’t want to traumatize him by doing it. I think this child has an unusual enough life and that it’s a good thing that Céline and René doesn’t force him.

I just LOVE Céline SOOOOOOOOOOO much, she is my favorite singer, her music plays all the time in my car, on my mp3 and at home while cleaning.

I am also going to see her show in Montréal on August 23rd! Can’t wait!

Je t’aime Céline, continue ton excellent travail, j’ai hâte d’aller voir ton spectacle à Montréal, le 23 août 2008!

Love You!
Stéph -xXx-


Tricia on

As long as the kid’s happy & comfortable, who cares? He has very nice hair. He also has to be ok with people mistaking him for a girl from time to time, as does anyone who has a style that goes against a gender “norm”. I remember seeing an adorable baby in a shop, she was not quite a year old, and dressed in a blue seersucker jacket & short suit & cap. Of course, I said, “What a cute little guy you are!”, the mother shot back, “She’s a girl!” . . . it seemed pointless to argue that, dressed as she was, “girl” wasn’t the first gender that came to mind! 😉

monica on

I am not trying to be mean, but I think his hair is way too long for a boy, doesnt he get made fun of by other boys?

sinclair on

“Isn’t his father Lebanese? He doesn’t look ethnic at all!”

What is an “ethnic” look?..BTW, that’s a rhetorical question.

Bancie1031 on

“René-Charles looks really cute with his hair and I read somewhere that he doesn’t want to cut it and that Céline doesn’t want to traumatize him by doing it. I think this child has an unusual enough life and that it’s a good thing that Céline and René doesn’t force him.”
How is his life unusual? Ok so his parents are older and his dad is 20 some odd years older than his mom ….. so what …. at his age he doesn’t know the difference (and IMO he shouldn’t know the difference) – sorry I just don’t understand that statement.
I think this is the first picture I have seen of Celine’s son in a VERY long time … thanks for posting.

Josh on

To Bancie, I think that statement about RC having an “unusual enough life” is true. Celine mentioned before that wherever they go, the paps take pictures and kinda push around to get pics. And RC is not very confortable with it and shy… That’s enough to shake up a kid I think!

Anyway, I think Celine looks HOT!!! Gee, that body and those legs!! I hope people would stop bashing her. She’s down to earth and not into drugs and crazy lifestyle. She’s a role model but the media make fun of her while they seem to encourage Britney and Lindsey’s behaviors… What’s up with that crap?? Only in the US…

Stef on

I thought there weren’t to be postings on the kid’s hair? LOL

Anyway, adults may like it, but I wonder if the kids do. When I was 5, my mom was so sick of dealing with my sister’s and my long hair that she did the 80’s thing and gave us both short, pixie cuts. I was devastated and was absolutely certain that people thought I was a boy. It sounds silly now, but it did upset me for as long as she made me keep my hair like that (two or three years). I felt ugly and mannish and began inventing other reasons I could be mistakened as a boy (lower voice, on the taller side, etc.)

As for boys’ hair, I’ve always been a fan of the mop-top, Beatles look, like how Gwyneth has Noah’ hair. So cute and boyish.

Bella Mama on

beautiful family… he is a gorgeous child..

Celine fan on

I LOVE her music- her voice is the best I have ever heard. She is drop dead gorgeous and her son is cute. I feel bad for her that she had so much trouble getting pregnant, I wonder if she will have more children- I hope so.

Stéph on

When I was saying that he had an unusual life I meant because he is travelling the world all the time, doesn’t go to a real school, is always followed by paparazzis, he lives during the night, he has to follow his mom’s schedule, he can’t see her whenever he wants, he has whatever he wants, always on the move all over the world and his mom is THE MOST FAMOUS female singer of all time!!!
Isn’t that unusual enough?