Update: Bo Bice and wife expect second son, to be named Caleb

05/22/2008 at 07:53 AM ET

Update: It is another little boy! Bo and Caroline revealed at the American Idol finale that they have chosen the name Caleb for him.

[We’re] having a little boy [and] we’re going to name him Caleb. It’sis a good biblical name. We stuck with that with both kids – good Irish and goodbiblical names … We’re just blessed to have such a beautiful family.

Update May 8th: Bo was on American Idol last evening and spoke to Ryan Seacrest briefly about the pregnancy — it seems as though he and Caroline are expecting a second son. Ryan asked, "What’s on the way?" and it sounded like Bo replied, "We’ve got a little boy." Bo smiled and repeated "a little boy"  after Ryan exclaimed, "Another little boy!"

You can watch the video in the extended post and decide for yourself. The conversation is in the last 30 seconds of the reel.

Originally posted March 14th:Former American Idol runner-up Bo Bice and his wife Caroline Fisher, 28, are expecting their second child in August.


More below!

Bo has announced.

I’m proud to be a dad again. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet and don’t care aslong as it’s healthy and has all its fingers and toes.

The couple, who have been together for five years and married for almost three, say their first child, son Aidan Michael, 2 ½, has taught them much about life and helped them to change as people. Bo, 32, shares,

Aidan has helped me to grow and be a better person in the past 2 ½ years. I’ve let go of a lot of things in life that Ithought were important since he came into our world, he also teaches me each day to be more loving, understanding and patient.

Source: People; People; Photo by Kevin Winter for Wireimage

Thanks to CBB readers Katie, Heather, Kate and TheNanny.

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Pam on

Congratulations! I actually voted for Bo that year, but Carrie Underwood won. Sounds like he’s really embraced fatherhood.

Paige on

Aw. I love Bo.


Doreen on

Bo’s the best!! Congrats Bo and family.

Linda on

Bo is such a good man and what a hot rock star!! He deserves the very best in life!

Congratulations, Bo and Caroline!!

Corie on

I know he did not mean in a bad way but I always find it funny when people say ”as long as it has all his fingers and toes”. I wasn’t born with all my fingers and always like to tell people, I think you will love your baby no matter how it comes out.

Anyhow, congratulations to Bo and his family !

Wilma on

Congratulations to the Bice family! They deserve the best.

Heather on

I am not sure if he really said that they were having another boy or not. When I was watching American Idol, I think he said that they already have a boy and then Ryan Seacrest misunderstood him and said “another boy.” But, I could be wrong. Bo’s face looked like it was a misunderstanding. I guess there is a 50/50 chance of being correct either way.

Heather on

Upon second look, Ryan did ask “what’s on the way?” and then Bo said, “we’ve got a little boy.” And he smiles and says a little boy again after Ryan says another little boy. SO…. I was wrong. OOPS!!

tara on

Corie I totally agree, it sounds weird. My son was born without some fingers and toes and I rarely even notice it and no one has ever commented on it either so for me, it’s not a bad thing, it just makes him even more special.

Nicole on

When I watched it last night, I took it that Ryan asked Bo if it was a boy or a girl. And he said “a little boy.” Although all the fans wouldn’t hush while he was talking, so I’m not sure now… 🙂

Melanie on

To me, it sounded like:

Ryan: What’s on the way?
Bo: We got a little boy.

So that could really go either way…either Bo meant that ‘we got a little boy on the way’ or he meant ‘we already got a little boy…’ So i’m not sure…I guess we’ll all have to keep waiting until she gives birth! Does anyone know if they announced with their first if it was a boy or girl? Cuz that could sway it too…if they didn’t, I would think he was talking about his first son for sure..

Paula on

When Caroline was expecting Aidan, they did find out that he was a boy.

Congratulations to the Bice Family! Two boys will be wonderful!

Lara on

A surprising number of babies have 11 or 12 fingers. The extra finger usually doesn’t have any bones and is next to the pinky. A nurse ties a string around it and it falls off.

How nice that they’ll have two sons close together in age. Are there any nicknames for Caleb?

say1031 on


Julianne Moore has a boy named Caleb, but they call him Cal. I’m not sure of any other nicknames.

Kim on

He mentions that they chose biblical names. I know that Caleb is biblical….but I wasn’t aware that Aidan is. I have a Aiden myself.

joy on

Is it just me or does anyone else notice the rainbow in the photo. LOL maybe they will be having a Lucky Charm baby LOL. JK. Best wishes for the babe.

MB on

yah kim i was wondering the same thing…i don’t remember an aidan in the bible :-p

Virginia on

Our son is named Caleb! We love the name and also wanted a Biblical name.

My father-in-law sometimes calls our son Cab so there is another nickname 🙂

Destiny on

I want all of my children, boys and girls, to have Biblical names as well. Caleb is definitely in the Bible, in the book of Numbers. Caleb lived during Moses’ time.

Very happy for the beautiful couple.

Stephany on

Bo said “good biblical and Irish names.” Caleb is biblical while Aiden is an Irish name. That’s what I think he meant.

Anyway, Caleb is always a good, strong name. I like it!

Jennifer on

Congratulations to the family!

Bo said Irish and biblical names – Aidan is Irish, while Caleb is biblical. Aidan’s middle name is Michael, which is also biblical, so perhaps, Caleb’s middle name will be Irish.

kathryn p. duncan on

I’m so glad he’s happy. his wife is sorta ugly though…