Tori Spelling hosts Baskin Robbins soft serve ice cream launch

05/22/2008 at 07:28 AM ET

Actress Tori Spelling, 35, announced the launch of Baskin Robbins‘ new Soft Serve ice cream at their First Swirl on Bump Day Event. Tori received training on how to make soft serve cones from their training expert, then served pregnant moms the first swirls of the new ice cream to help celebrate Bump Day. She expects her daughter in about two weeks.


Photos by Michael Williams/Startraks.

Another image below.


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Stephany on

She’s so adorable! Man. She has looked so fabulous this pregnancy. I have a feeling Tori is going to keep her daughter dressed in style!

Mona on

Tori looks great but didn’t I read somewhere that it isn’t safe for pregnant woman to eat soft serve ice cream? There is supposedly concern about listeria. If so, I think it’s a bit irresponsible for Tori to do such a promotion.

Beverley on

I guess Tori’s so-called career isn’t going so well. Lucky for her she’s got a reality show, since she doesn’t seem to make it on talent.

rachael on

It looks like Baskin Robbins’ event was targeting pregnant women. I see the “Bump Day” background, as well as an image of a (from what I can tell) pregnant woman. If soft-serve has been determined unsafe for pregnant women, I’d take issue with BR. Tori seems like the perfect celeb to have participating in an event like this.

sophia on

I can see where Mona is coming from, over here (n.Ireland) you would be given advice to stay away from products that contain uncooked egg and soft serve ice cream over here contains that. So maybe this ice cream company is making it without the raw egg?? Find it hard to believe they would promote this to pregnant ladies if it was unsafe.

J.M. on

ummm Tori….your missing the cone?! LOL

sarah on

seriously if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything, why post just to criticize??

IG on

Mel on

(Looking for the comment that was criticizing someone or something.)

Honestly, can’t people post without having the comment police flip out when they don’t see things their way or don’t understand a harmless joke or whatever?

Mememe on

It’s also an issue of the machines. In Australia, too, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to stay away from soft-serve ice cream.

I wonder if we have any OB/GYNs that read the site and would be willing to weigh in on the issue so we are all well informed?

Jackie on

Hello, ever heard of everything in moderation? Who cares, really. I mean sure we all want the healthiest babies around but seriously if we cut out everything that the doctor–half the time they tell us MODERATION–tells us we would basically eat grass, and then in 10 years everyone will probably show a study that that is bad. Back when my mom had me, sleeping babies on their stomachs was the thing to do…now its a huge no-no. We lived didnt we.

Go, Tori! I think she looks beautiful.

Jess on

I had never in my life heard about no soft serve in pregnancy until I read something last night about this on TMZ. I ate it like crazy my entire pregnancy (Blizzards are a pregnant womans best friend I think) & I’ve even worked in an OB/GYN’s office & we never warned against soft serve.

Wendie DeLano on

I have never heard anything about staying away from soft erve ice cream? That seams nutty. Soft serve ice cream (mainly frozen custard) was my biggest craving while I was pregnant. I had it a couple times a week 🙂

brooke on

Pretty dress. Can’t wait to hear what she names her daughter

ang on

tmz had a debate about this too(a site run by men, mind u). the bump day banner was even on CBB here even and i doubt danielle would have allowed it if she thought it would place her business in a negative light.naturally, many will gleefully blame tori for this, but HELLO? it isn’t her company,she didn’t make it. all she was doing was trying to give some duffed chicks a free snack (and looking fabulous while doing so).fortunately,she and controversy have gotten to know each other quite well over the years.just another day in her bizarrely fascinating life…..

Lorus on

Jackie – Contacting Listeria isn’t about the amount of food you eat. “Anything in moderation” wouldn’t matter if you even eat a tablespoon of soft serve that’s contaminated. Yet, you could be fine eating a gallon bucket of the stuff if it’s ok. This is the same for soft cheeses and deli meats. The way they are processed and handled makes it easier for them to be contaminated.

madge78 on

I have just had my third baby and live in England. Over here we are told by our midwives to avoid soft cheese, liver in any form, honey, nuts, and whippy ice cream like above. And of course, as soon as you are told you cant have it you crave it like crazy. The day after I got out of hospital I had a shmorgus board of all of the above. It was heaven. Its funny how things can be so the same and so vastly different in our two countries. Like the trend you have of keeping a newborn in the house for the first few weeks, unheard of over here. I am sure we do some things that raise a smile for you as well.

Lilybett on

Madge78, I can maybe understand the soft-serve but why no honey or nuts?

Anna on

Lilybett- they say no honey or nuts because those are highly allergic foods and a baby can already be affected by it in the womb. that’s what i was told at least.

BR Employee on

It was on tmz and br had this to say:

B-R tells TMZ in a statement, “Our Soft Serve products are continuously monitored by our suppliers, and our pasteurization process is state inspected and certified on a regular basis. The only way Listeria, which has been found in a variety of raw foods, can be found in soft serve would be through improper pasteurization.”

c-ann on

I hadn’t heard the thing about soft serve before. I lived on McDonalds cones w/french fries my entire pregnancy. She looks adorable and what pregant woman doesn’t want ice cream. It’s cute and I’m sure it’s fine.

typoekey on

If you ever worked at a place that has one of those machines, they rarely if ever get cleaned complete. Usually they might flush a little water in there, but when I worked at MCd’s they never cleaned the machine in 3 years, just poured more bags of goo into the machine to freeze. SO even if you can monitor your product manufacturing, you cannot make sure the person(s) handling it even washed their hands before they did it :>