CBB Exclusive: Holly Marie Combs shares photo of youngest son Riley Edward

05/22/2008 at 03:44 PM ET

Charmed and Picket Fences star Holly Marie Combs welcomed her second son Riley Edward Donoho back in October 2006, and has been leading a quiet life since, raising Riley and big brother Finley Arthur, 4, away from the bright lights of Hollywood. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from Holly earlier today. She sent a short note dismissing the speculation and rumors a few Charmed fans have stirred up as to why she’s kept private, and enclosed some photos of her youngest son. These are the first images she’s chosen to make public.

There has been a lot of speculation about Riley since I decided to lead a more private and normal life. I have not released a picture of him because I thought it unnecessary for a stay-at-home mom withnothing to promote but breastfeeding! Because [CBB] has always been so kind and respectful to me, as well as some of my friends, I wanted to send this in an effort to kill all the rumors about my perfectly healthy, really cute (in my biased opinion!) baby boy, who is 18 months old now.

– Holly

Note: Photos for use on The Celebrity Baby Blog courtesy of Holly Marie Combs; not for use elsewhere. Please do not email us asking us if you can post them on your website/messageboard. We can’t give you permission because it is not ours to give. You may link to this post.


Click below for another picture of a younger Riley with Holly.


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Kaley on

Oh my gosh, I love Holly Marie Combs! I miss watching her on Charmed. Finley and Riley are sooo adorable.

MB on

That is so nice! I am a huge fan of hers. I didn’t realize that people were making mean speculations about her son. That’s really sad. People need to remember that celebrities *do* sometimes read our comments. Anyway, Riley is a cutey!

sara on

ahhhh look at those eyes. What a cute little guy.

Kelly on

aw hes sooo cute!!!

Jade on

My gosh he’s absolutely beautiful. Yet somehow it doesn’t surprise me she has gorgeous children!

k on

I’ve missed her on my TV, but it’s so great to hear it’s because she’s home with her adorable boys.

suzi on

Good for her! I always liked her. She’s a great actress and her son is gorgeous… and just to make a point what if this baby wasn’t as perfect as he is. That’s her family’s business.

Maddie on

Gosh what a gorgeous little boy! He has the most beautiful eyes, WOW! I think its highly comendable that Holly decided to keep her boys out of the media! Its refreshing!

Steph on

Riley is such a cutie!
I didn’t know people were making speculations about her boy.

I’m so glad to finally see a picture of him. I totally understand that Holly wants a normal life for her sons.

Love, Stรฉph

Amรฉlie on

It’s so weird because just last week I wondered when I was going to see a picture of him or if I didn’t miss one, he’s absolutely adorable:) and i just can’t believe finley is already 4 years old.
It’s nice for her she’s able to lead the ‘normal’ life she wants to although I miss seeing a really great actress on tv:s

Laura on

I love Holly, I love her even more that she was able to stay away and just be a normal stay at home mom. Its to bad there were people saying stuff about her or starting rumours about her whereabouts etc.

Holly if your reading this, I hope that you continue your quiet normal life with your handsome boys Finley, Riley and yes even David.

Nickelle on

I’m sad to hear people have been speculating about her son. It saddens me that she can’t keep her life private if she wants to without wild accusations or speculations. Anyway, he’s absolutely darling.

Loralie on

Aww–he’s so cute! Good for Holly and David–keeping the boys away from the media. It was nice of them to share Riley’s photos. What big blue eyes he has! He looks like his daddy. I also can’t believe Finley is 4–wow, time flies! I miss seeing Holly on Charmed– watch the re-runs all the time!

Aidan on

Man, that baby is so beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing some photos of him!

sushi on

she’s right: you can understand why celebrities would want to share pictures of their child, it can be a matter of security, or they can also do it to promote a movie or a new song, although i don’t think babies and young kids should be used the way they sometimes are.
But Holly Marie combs did not went back to work after riley’s birth and since she decided not to live in the crazy hollywood’s life she was right not to share any picture.
Apparently she has now a good reason to share a picture of him. Did the fans thought Riley was an allien just like Suri was supposed to be?

Denise on

Awww isn’t he cute? What amazing eyes. Finley and Riley look very different. Still gorgeous kids though. What Holly has said just makes me love her even more. I love that she has kept her life private. It’s refreshing. I am glad we got to see a few photos of him and I do miss seeing her on TV. It’s still beautiful that she wants to shelter her boys from the media.

Once again, beautiful little boy. :=]

tink1217 on

gorgeous baby!! I have always loved Holly! Hope she decides to do another series! I miss Charmed!

Kerstin on

Oh, I’m really happy and surprised to read something about/from Holly. Riley is so cute, like his big brother. I’m very happy for this family!

Stepanie on

Oh what a cute little boy!!!!!
He and his brother Finley are precious but they dont look alike to me.

So cute.
Thanks Holly for sharing a picture!
I actually came across a post on another site yesterday and one person was talking about how you werent releasing a pic and I told them because you werent working anymore. And seriously, after reading what you just said today I laughed. What a coincidence to see pics right after that post i saw!

Anyways great pics! he is such an adorable boy!
best wishes!

Bellz on

Ahh Riley is adorable. I too had no idea people were saying weird things about Riley. Although I think the timing of the pictures is funny just last week i was thinking that I haven’t seen a picture of Holly or her boys in ages…I was even wondering if i missed a picture of her out with Riley as a knew she was staying home with the boys at the moment. Then first I see a picture of her out with Shannon and now these pics of Riley.

Anyway he is precious, thanks for sharing the pics

McCollonough Ceili on

I am so glad that Holly has been able to have a some what normal life with her two sons. It is hard for me to belive that Finley is four now. Soon he will be going to school. It seems like just yesturday I heard that Riley was born and now he is almost two. Wow times dose fly by. Good luck and best wishes to all of Holly’s family.

Melanie F. on

What a beautiful little boy, especially those gorgeous eyes. Even though I’ve never heard any rumors about her son, it’s very sad that she felt the need to have to show photos of her son.

Christina on

Aww, what a cutie he is. I love his little hairdo in the first photo. I commend Holly in wanting to keep her sons out of the lime light and become a stay a home mother.

Jess on

What a beautiful little boy – his hair is gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a shame she feels she has to tell everyone about her babies and show personal photographs because of silly speculation. I think she’s a star for keeping her private life private and raising her little ones like ‘normal’ children. ๐Ÿ˜€

Philippa on

aaaaww heยดs so cute! great to finally see a picture of him, been waiting for that since he was born!
i love holly, sheยดs so normal and down to earth.
riley looks very different than finley IMO

d on


Laura on

I would want to keep him all to myself too – what a beautiful little boy!

Castle2 on

What a compliment to this site that Holly would share the 1st pic with CBB. It does seem to support how the average reader of this site seems to have supporting children as #1 priority, and just likes to see an occasional picture of any cute baby and a get a great baby item tip rather than a fanatical interest in celebrity babies. I didn’t know anyone was speculating about her son, but he’s precious and it’s always great to see a happy child with a happy mother. Continue to enjoy your “private and normal” life, Holly!

taegan on

Although Phoebe was my fav Halliwell sister, I have to agree that Piper was an essential mix. Miss Charmed so much.

Her son is too cute, he looks like her a lot.

It’s a shame that gossips have to always result to nastiness, especially when it comes to kids.

Sieyanna Claire on

Wow, he has gorgeous eyes that are a beautiful shade of blue. Holly is not being biased that is one cute kid! I love Holly. She is a great actress and seems so down to earth. I am glad she is so normal. I do miss seeing her on “Charmed” though, but I still watch all the reruns. It was so wierd, I was just watching Hell Hath No Fury the one were Piper is dealing with Prue’s death (trust me so draws you into her performance) and I pop onto this website and there she is with her son, Riley. So cute, and so is Finley perfect family. Congratulations Holly, huge fan and thanks it was nice of you to write to this website!

Cora on

What an adorable little boy! I see so much of Holly in his face. Riley is precious. Kudos to this lovely family for making such an effort to keep themselves normal.

Jenna on

Aww, Riley is lovely:) Thanks for sharing the photos, Holly.

Zo on

I’ve been a fan of Holly’s since Charmed began. I remember her message boards at Safesearching.com. She has always been a lovely, but very private person. I went to another site that featured her some time ago. It was unbelievable to read the cruel, untrue and hurtful things that was said about Holly and her family.

Holly, I have respected you for such a long time. In all of the Hollywood madness, you stayed grounded and refreshingly real. I am so glad you’ve taken the time to stay home raise your family.

Thank you for sharing your personal photos with us. Whilst it is a treat, I’m sorry that you felt those cruel few made it necessary for you to do this. At least you chose CBB – they truly are extremely kind people who respect those who are in and have been in the industry.

Keep on enjoying being with your family ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care.

Cheyane on

I love HMC!! Finley was such a beautiful baby and toddler and so is Riley!! They are a beautiful family!!!

Liz on

Adorable!!! Those eyes…ah! Love them!!! He’s gonna be a ladies man when he grow up… ๐Ÿ™‚

tatum on

my goodness those eyes are stunning! He is adorable and I LOVE the name riley its my little brothers name.

Linda on

that little dude is sooo cuute! those eyes are mesmerizing…

nona on

That must be rough as a mother, to hear absurd rumours about your infant child! I’m sorry that the negativity exists to compel Holly to post her photos, but then again, I’m glad she did, because Riley is precious! He looks a lot like his mama.

Becky on

It sure says a lot for CBB that this is where and only where she has decided to share his pictures! Congratulations! Keep up the great work! People respect CBB and that says a lot for this wonderful site!

Becky on

Oh and one more thing…..She didn’t sell the pics! Good for her! He is a doll!

Ana on

OH! Riley is gorgeous!!! Look at those eyes!
God bless you and your whole family, Holly!
And enjoy the time with your kiddies because time goes by too fast…

Viki on

I too am of fan of Charmed and of the stars who portrayed the sisters. (Holly, Alyssa and
Rose. – not so much Shannon) I think Holly is so talented and miss seeing her. Riley looks like he would be perfect for the Gerbers baby ads. What a cutie pie he is. I wish her and her lovely family the very best.

Sarah on

I’m a huge fan of Holly and Charmed, it’s so nice to see Riley! What big gorgeous eyes he has ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex on

I’ve never speculated about him, but I was always curious to see who he looked like.

This is one precious little boy!! If I remember correctly, he looks a lot like his brother, who looks just like Holly. But little Riley seems to have gotten daddy’s eyes! I love their names too!

brooke on

What a cute little boy, beautiful eyes. I also like the name riley

Alex on

Holly is an amazing person and deserves her privacy, she has her reasons to lead a outside of celebrity life style as a “at-home” mom like she mentioned, fans shouldn’t rely on rumors. It’s great to see the kids Holly and great to know you’re doing well! I am looking forward to seeing potential projects of yours in the future! Unless the stay-at-home mom is your main project, in which case I can completely understand that! Your boys are adorable just like their mom ๐Ÿ™‚

Magan on

Its about time. I’ve been waiting forever to see what the little guy looks like. He’s cute and has the biggest blue eyes ever!!!

Robin on

Awww he’s a cutie, just like Finley. :o)

Clara on

She never ceases to amaze me. I’ve always loved how she presents herself and how grounded she is (and I miss watching her on TV, such a great actress!)

And my oh my, what a gorgeous little boy!

Kendall on

Yay! I have been waiting for ages to see Riley! He is so beautiful! I am one of Holly’s biggest fans, so this is no surprise that Holly has two gorgeous boys! Thanks so much Holly for finally showing us your son!

Ericka on

L-O-V-E HER!!!

What a beautiful boy!!! He’s absolutely stunning and those eyes…wow beautiful!


I wonder when she’s coming back to TV? She should get a new show!!!

Gary E Davis on

Hi Holly

Riley is completely adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ bravo to you for deciding to keep him and Finley out of the limelight. I’m behind you 100 percent ๐Ÿ™‚

Gary E Davis
Hope you remember me

Katie on

Riley is just so cute!! Those eyes are gorgeous. I feel happy that Holly finally showed us photos of Riley, but she should have done it when she felt the need to it and not because of what some Charmed fan said about Riley. I do know the reason as to why Holly decided to publish pictures of him. No one should start rumors about Riley being mentally disabled. It’s just so wrong and as we can see he is normal!

Thanks for showing the pictures, he’s so cute!

clair on

What a lovely little boy, looks full of mischief!

a little sweetheart!

rita on

Awwwwwwww….You can totally say that heยดs Hollyยดs son….they really look alike, the only exception being the color of their eyes. I really love her on Charm (in my country they are broadcasting it right now and i do all i can not to miss one single episode :-)). Good for her for trying to give her boys a normal life and people should mind their own business, instead of starting rumors that are offensive and false, especially if they have as target a little child.
Holly if you read this i just want to wish you and your family all the happiness and may God bless you.

Christine on

Gorgeous! Both of you!
Thank you for sharing and enjoy all this time with your boys!!

hayley on

holly looks great 4 a mother of two . her children are gorgeous.i miss charmed

jenni on

wow oh my gosh it is super strange to see him! super strange! im glad we’ve finally seen him! cute eyes! we love holly!!!! ADORE HER!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!

Vivian. on

I love Holly on Charmed.
Damn, Riley is adorable. Gosh. Look at those chubby cheeks ๐Ÿ˜›
Finley & Riley will be so handsome when they grow up ๐Ÿ™‚

pavlina332 on

Hey ! Thanks a lot or Riley’s photos,he is really so lovely boy !!

peisinoe on

I got a huge smile on my face when I saw the caption. He is the cutest little boy that I have ever seen (well next to my kids). Its awful that people start rumors. I loved it that Holly kept her life private after Charmed. It is her right. Lets hope this does not mean open season for the paps to harass her and her family. Thanks Holly for sharing. You have such lovely little boys.

Ariadni on

Oh my gosh he is so cute… Those eyes…
Although it is so sad that she had to release those pics, she is like my all time favourite actress and she gained my respect by not doing all this hollywood-star-things… No other actress can compare to miss Holly is any way, acting, character and beauty. Today we had greek examinations and we had to tell about our favourite actreess and describe the reasons we like her. I wrote about miss Holly and my writing was juged as ”Really convincing, you describe the best actrees of all” and was told to be the best writing in class.

L on

I don’t understand. What rumors? Did someone say something was wrong with this little boy? He is beautiful. I love his hair.

barbi on

hello, i love Holly! She is fantastic and she has two beautiful sons! Congratulation!

Saskia on

Wow, Riley is such a cute kid! I respect Holly for her decission, she deserves privacy! I’ll always be a Charmed and Holly fan, no matter what!

Willian Bressan on

I’m a brazilian fan of Holly and I love her. Riley is amazing, so adorable. Holly we miss you and thanks for sharing photos of this adorable boy!!

Ilana on

Wow!! He is PRECIOUS!! Tell Holly thank you from all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

Bancie1031 on

I absolutely love his eyes and hair! He is such a cutie …. thanks for sharing Holly.

Charmedchick on

He is so adorable. He has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen!!!

FC on

I’ve been waiting to see this little guy since he was born! He’s a cutie, and the owner of another set of round cheeks I want to pinch! Riley’s adorable, of course! I love his blue eyes. He’s like a carbon copy of his dad, David, spare the brown hair. ๐Ÿ™‚ Holly looks great, too….;)

Jess on

I miss Charmed, I miss Holly. Her son is very cute!!!

maryearp on

Riley is a beaufitul little boy! I congratulate Holly and David. I will always be a Holly and Charmed fan no matter what she decides to do with her acting career! Lots of Love and Good Wishes!!

Willian Bressan on

I’m from Brazil and I love Holly, she is amazing, the best! Gosh! What adorable boys do you have! Thanks for sharing this photos with us, Holly!

Charissa on

I guess holly got exactly what Piper has always wanted….A Normal life. She may not be on tv anymore but she will always be remembered as a great actress and people need to stop making rumors its sicknen and very sad.

Willian Bressan on

Holly is so cute, I love her. Riley is so cute, adorable. I miss you, Holly, I miss Charmed too!

Natasha on

OMG, Riley is sooo soooo cute, well, duh he is Holly’s son no wonder he’ll turn out to be a handsome young man! Holly is just as ever beautiful as always, we all love Charmed & love U Holly, miss U a lot !

vety on

What a cutie!! His eyes are just hypnotizing! I’ve always loved Holly since Picket fences and later Charmed. I’m so glad she’s doing so well!

Sam on

I always wondered whether Holly would release photo’s of Riley, but it was totally understanable that she didn’t. He’s such a little cutie, like his brother. I hope we’ll see Holly back on our screens sometime in the future, she’s a fab actress.

Antonio on

big and pretty eyes ๐Ÿ˜€
y love HMC!

Dejeani on

OH MY DAYS charmed is the best show ever i love it am watchin it at 4 O CLOCK. yesterday i watched the last eposiode on series 7 and i cried ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but u was ok so i was hapy =]P.S is there any more shows that you are all in u guys should make much more series of charmed lots more. wat other shows are u in or even better all of the charmed girls in.EVERYONE ON CHARMED ARE MY FAV ACTORS U R DA BEST EVA!!! X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X


Dejeani on


Natalia on

Holly very Nice

charlotte on

hi holly i think its great what you done being stay at home mum, and riley is so cute he looks so much like you and has georgous eyes, well done. charlotte from u.k

Rosie on

oh he looks like holly he is too cute

Audrey on

Oh wow, I was so pleased to see this, I can’t believe how negative people can be especially about this wonderful mum and her two beautiful sons.

I love Holly and miss her on Charmed (I am addicted!) and even on tv, but I think its great that she chose to be a stay at home mother and her choice to stay private, it shows what a grounded woman she is.

Riley is such an unbelievably gorgeous little man with the most beautiful eyes! kudos to her and her husband!

Kristina Tychler on

Hello!!!I think Finley is nicer,but Riley is very nice too!

Rob madden on

this site stole these pics:

http://finleyarthurdonoho.com/modules.php?name=coppermine need ti reguster tio see the pics.

Timcsusz on

Hello Holly!
I’m Timi from Hungary. Congratulations your sons. They are very cute!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t fend the photographers and the peoples.
Good luck in the life.

midaxluhsxu on

OMGSH! he’s ADORABLE.. both boys are amazingly cute. Hmm no wonder no other site has these pictures up & it’s great that her privacy is so respected. (: i so miss CHARMED and holly on the screen but i guess she has her hands full with taking care of her boys.. anyways it was nice of her to share these xoxo lots of love

JD on

I’m glad to see a couple of pics of Holly and Riley. I value Holly’s release of news and pics above all others.
Enjoy being a Mom, Holly. I’ll wait patiently for more newsbits and pics when you see fit to share them.

keira on

i was sad she didn’t release the pictures but he looks happy and healthy!!! that’s good!!! at least she wants a normal life for her kids. im sure people didn’t think he was non-existant like suri. that was stupid to think that totally! i can’t see much of holly in him but he looks like david!!!

Althea, Jam on

As a mom, I agree with Holly’s decision to raise her babies away from Hollywood, as much as she may be missed. We have to do the best for them. Her kids are beautiful. It’s really wrong for people to pass judgement.

I admire Holly in all her roles. She tends to bring out the best in the people she’s around. I would love to see her again on-screen.

I also want to thank her for the impression she has made on my life in her role as Piper.

I wish her all the best.

Jessica-Lynn on

I wounder what the rumors were about Riley..??hmmmmm?? he’s sooo cute though…..Holly is a great mother…

E How on

Thanks for sharing. I don’t believe in posting pictures on the net of kids. I also think that it would not have EVER matter if there were issues about your son’s health. You are adored my many people. My son is perfect, he is autistic. he does a radio show on blogtalkradio.com Kids with Autism speak. Feel free to call him – he knows who you are – Saturdays 9 AM CST

Meris on


she is the bestest actres ever !
and her childrens are really more beautiful than me , hehe .
THey are cute ! both of them and Holly too !!

meghan on

Riley is so adorable. I was very excited to finally be able to see a picture of the little guy. I’m glad that Holly has been happy leading a normal life and everything, but we all miss you. come back soon<3

1katelin on

Finley look much better. Sorry but this baby scares me :-((

Spiritsas on

Yes, very cute. I’m glad HMC is enjoying her time as a stay at home mom. Very hard to do and be a Hollywood actor. I’m hoping, however, that she plans to return to the small or large screen soon. We’ve missed her for two years, since Charmed ended and she’s only made one made for TV movie since. We all wish her well, of course. Let’s also hope she makes it back to her acting roots, as well.

Sarah on

Aww Holly, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been waiting to see pictures of him, just to see how adorable he is, and I’m def. not disappointed! I hope we get to see more of you on my tv soon!

tammy on

her sons are beautiful. thank u for letting everyone see them.

Robert on

Thank you Holly but we miss you very much.I hope like others to see you soon back in a movie or tv series.You are a special actress

Nikki on

Omgosh!! Look at those big blue eyes!! :O And that hair :O Hes gorgeous!! Riley and Finley are definetly gonna be little heartbreakers!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nated09 on

Holly, thank you for the pics, he is so cute!! I would like to see you in another tv movie, or tv series, but i understand you wanting to stay home to take care of the little ones. LOL you went from the charmed ones to the little ones, haha little joke there, but seriously i love all your work, and would love to see you do more, but for right now do what makes you happy, and that’s of course being with your kids cause who wouldn’t with such beautiful children?! Good luck in all you do!!!

Nate, Milan, IL

alicia on

What a beautiful child. Holly has wonderful children and is a great mother.
Good for her keeping the children safe from the press, let them be kids, they only get to be children once.

Good luck Holly and Congratulations!

Claudia Valencia on

Of course, everybody are right! He is just like Her!!!
So is the first one.

grease on

thats great that piper halliwell has a son and i hope her husband is ok also? and how is pipers charmed spinoff going?

britt on

AWWW! he is so precious. I have been waiting to see a picture since he was born. I am so glad that Holly and David decided to take their kids out of the public eye. Now they can have a normal life.

Moriah on

I love Holly i wish she would Act again because she is so good at it!!!!=]
And little Ryley is so cute=]

michele on

holly rocks and her kids are so adorable.

Carolyn on

I fully support her in keeping her life private. I think she is being a great mom and is providing her children with a safe and normal environment.I appreciate her as a person not making her children “accessories” as I feel many actors do.

I am a huge fan and thank her for the adorable pictures though. Finley and Riley are absolutely adorable.Anyone else thinks he could have played baby Chris?

kristie on

just wanted to say he’s really cute & glad to see they are all doing well,really love holly,watched charmed all the time & own every season of charmed on dvd.glad to hear she’s keeping her kids out of all the hussle & bussle of hollywood,can be great at times,but really hard on the really popular stars &esp. the little ones in their lives,keep them away from it as long as you can,when they want in,will be their choice.

Bethaniie - lousiee on

Holly Was Always My Fave Out Of The Three Sisters And Riley Is So Cute And How Dare People Make Rumours Up Like That Its Horrible How Would They Like It They Obviously Have No Feelings For Anyone Else. CHARMED FOREVER XXX

Jenny on

oh my god! he is so cute… Holly is so lucky. I just adore Holly. She is my favorite Charmed character. <3<3<3

aziza on

i adore holly m

Gabriela on

OH GOD, he’s soooo cute! Just like mommy.
Holly rocks.

jordon on

I’ve only just became a fan of charmed , but holly became instantly became my favorite, i love the way she’s so down to earth and that she has the sense to raise her boys away from the spotlight, i really respect that decision. reily is amazingly cute. but i can’t believe people have been spreading rumors about an unhealthy baby, if holly wants to raise her kids away from the spotlights then she has full right to do that. I’m sorry you felt you had to give pictures to the press holly!!!



Katie on

I’ve been waiting forever to see pictures of the little guy! He’s gorgeous! He has such intense eyes!

jacky on

I wanna say to Holly i miss her, i miss all the girls she was amazing. And i think she did great to showing her kids, but i also think it’s not easy beiing mom and actrice. I’m from holland and i watched charmed every day. Even have the whole collection of charmed in the box. But i respect the way Holly did it.

Hugs from a big fan.

I hope we will see you again somewhere sweetie…


charmed fan on

lolsz i thougth wyatt was her kid lolsz nah but riley and the other is really cute

melissa on

OMG! he is the most adorable thing I have ever seen I miss seeing Holly in shows and films. She deserves to keep her family and life private

Carla Bennett on

What a cute Baby I am happy for you. Miss you on Charmed You really made the show. There was alot of talk about Shannon and Alyssa but you made the show. Piper Kick butt.

laura on

I absolutly love holly she is fantastic in charmed. I am such a big fan i collect all the charmed magazines and dvds. I also have some books and my very own book of Shadows not the real one of course. I think her sons are gorgeous and i think it was dead romantic of her to get married on valentines day. I love the charmed episode with the whitelighter natalie its dead funny the way piper reacts to leos and natalies connection. i always watch the re- runs i love the very last episode. I absolutly love her!!!!!!

Cynthia LYnes on

Hello Holly! It is wonderful to see you are happy and well! Your son is completely adorable!!!! I wish you all the happiness there is! Peace~Cynthia

Caroline on

Hi! Holly i am glad to see you happy with your family. I hope to see you back on the screen soon in a film or a comedy programme. i am a huge fan of yours and i think you were better than allysa and shannon on charmed and i thought you were funny. I think your two sons are dead cute!!!!!!!! dont let anyone put you down and i think its great that you have kept your sons out of the media giving them a normal childhood instead of having them in the papers everyday like other celebrities. caroline x

Dereka on

Holly is so lucky that she has such cute babies. Even though I miss her in charmed I am glad that she is happy!

Thelma on

I really like your show Charmed and you have a cute baby

caroline on

Hi! Holly i really love you on charmed you made the show. I am glad you have give your boys the perfect child hood and kept them out the media instead of having them i the papers everyday like the other celebrities. I think your boys are dead cute!!!! hope to see you on the screen caroline

linnie on

hello holly am a big fan of charmed I have all seasons in dvd and you are the one in the show you are just like me.

AnnRenee on

Dear Holly, Thank you and your Co-stars of “Charmed” for making a TV series that represents how much good there is in the world. I’m in my 50’s and I watch the show over and over again. Still haven’t gotten to the final episode yet, but will eventually. I was sorry to see the show end but a series can only go on for so long….I’m happy that you’ve been able to spend this time with your family. Hopefully, we will be able to see you back on the air sometime in the future.
Again, thank you,

e.burke on

I am a big fan. I think Holly Baby is so cute. My hasband loves your show so much he has the DVDS. Thanks Ellie & Ken

gabrielle george on

oh my goodness I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmc u are da greatest actress an doh teake on d press is thier habit,i find dat its great det u want 2 stay and look after ur kids,i could see how much u loved chris and wyatt in charmed,i think dat u are awesome i watch da reruns of charmed all da time miss seein u on da bugscreen,love you

Ashley on

I love watching Charmed and Holly is my favorite. I wish Charmed could keep going on because im really curious. Iv’e kept up with all the episodes and am a big fan. Beautiful baby boys Holly, You go girl!!

hariah on

Aloha Holly,
your baby is so cute.
take care.
aloha Hawai’i

hariah on

Aloha Holly,
Cute baby congratulations.
and take care aloha hariah

Carla on

I would like to congratulate Holly for her proactive reaction with regards to her children and the reports circulating. It is wonderful to see that she is taking time out to be with them during the most informative and impressionable years of their lives.

Retrogirl14 on

HI Holly ive been watching charmed for 6 years and you are my fav actriss of all time i have every epsode and iv seen all of them at least 22 times a peace.I think you are the nicest person i have ever met i only met you once and you probley dont rember me but that was the hilight of my life.I think you have the most remarkable kids i have ever met they were relly sweet.(And the cuetest).I was unawere that such nasty roumers were going around but who ever started them are really low people who are so discusted with there lives that they try to bring others down to there level.You really dident do anything to diserve that but dont let thoes slime balls get you down or you will be giving them what they want.And dont think you have to any thing to prove your slef to any one.Let them bleave what they want to bleave.I hope i have cherred you up some but rember every word ive saide is true,and dont let any one tell you other wise.Hope you have a happy life raising your kids.YOUR #1 FAN HEATHER/thanks CNN for being there for every one.LOVE yall.

Rachel on

awwwwwwwwwww he’s so cute (can you be suprized!!!)

holly if you read this good on you for keeping your boys out of the lime lite and living a normal life
(sounds a bit like piper off charmed!!!)

Elizabeth on

Holly you have good looking children. I love Holly in charmed!! I wish I had a family that cares so much about each other that was shown in charmed, because I am sure you are a wonderful mother. Congrads…….miss you on TV.

Dona Ruscito on

He is a beautiful baby…have you considered a Charmed reunion or movie? Really love the series.lots of luck…

piperfan on

OMG what a little cutey!
I’ve always loved how Piper, and it would seem Holly as well, appear to be so grounded. It’s nice that she doesn’t parade her kids in front of the spotlight like other celebrities.

I actually think he does look a little like his brother, especially their cheeks. Both of Holly’s boys seem to look like their daddy with their mommy’s pretty hair.

I am glad she is going to be back on tv.
She’s a very talented actress.

jamie on

U Are great in chramed

Jenni on

He’s so cute. Why would people say mean things about her. She just got done doing 8 seasons of Charmed. Now she has a new job of raising her boys. Being a mom to her boys is a full time job. You Go Girl. Have fun with your boys.

rebekka on

hi im rebekka and im 12 yrs old and i love watching charmed.i started a couple of weeks ago and im up to siries 3.and i cant belive she still looks like her from 10 yrs ago.

rebekka on

hi im rebekka and im 12 yrs old and i love watching charmed.i started a couple of weeks ago and im up to siries 3.and i cant belive she still looks like her from 10 yrs ago.

Lora on

I didnt get into charmed until after it left the air but now i am hooked. I wish i had been into it while it was still on the air. I love the character of piper she was a great on air mom. I admire the mother qualities she had on the show. I am sure she is an awesome mom now.
Adorable baby!

Wonder if they ever think about a reunion???

leanne on

omg ur son is so cute …. i just wanted 2 say i love charmed its the best eva! i ent got a fave cuz ur all fab i luv alyssa milano and rose mcgowan there kool 2 i love piper!!!! shes ace and i luv uii ur so preety and i wish i cud meet u my names leanne please write bak lots ov love xxxxx

leanne on

hi holly omg wot a precious little boy u have u must be verry proud hes adorable x im a big big fan ov charmed its the best programme ever i miss it but i dont miss it wen im watchin it on channel 122 every nite its on! i luv ur character shes funny and i luv alyssa milano and rose mcgowan ur all fab!X charmed shud come bak on but i no uve all got familys and things i just miss it loads i will just have 2 get throu by watchin it on 122 lol but i really wish i cud meet u ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. i live in england but ive alwayz wanted 2 go 2 new york thats were u grew up isnt it ?X anywayz ur lil boys are gourgous write bak much love leanne Ox

lianne x on

I LOVE HOLLY!!!!!!! her sons are so precious wish i cud meet u holly im a huge fan ov charmed! ur my fave Ox

leanne on

omg ur son is so cute …. i just wanted 2 say i love charmed its the best eva! i ent got a fave cuz ur all fab i luv alyssa milano and rose mcgowan there kool 2 i love piper!!!! shes ace and i luv uii ur so preety and i wish i cud meet u my names leanne please write bak lots ov love leanne

Rhyanna DeTuathana on

Hi Holly.. Good for you.. Great looking boys.. are you planning on having another any time soon? hehehehe.. wondering what a daughter of yours may look like.
good luck on whatever you choose to do.



alli on

so is the first photo finley or riley????

PaOh ViViAnNe on






PAOH – 14, LIMA – PERรš

chloe on

i am such a big fan of hollie and i miss her so much on t.v im really glad that she is living a happy normal life that she deserves. her boys are so cute and i am so happy for her! she’s coming back on t.v really?
hope so anyway….
love chloe x

faith on

I have been trying to find a site for fans of “charmed ones”. My boys (9 &7) watch Charmed all the time, reruns now. I want to say how beautiful Holly’s boys are and to compliment her on how well she looked on the show post baby. Holly is awesome and I will watch any movie/show she is in.

tawny on

He looks like Leo. lol