Chris O'Donnell and his clan fly coach

05/22/2008 at 01:21 PM ET

With his brood of five children — Lily Ann, 8 ½, Christopher Eugene Jr. (a.k.a. Chip), 7 ½, Charles McHugh (a.k.a. Charlie), 4 ½, Finley, 2, and Maeve Frances, 5 months — Chris O’Donnell shared with Men’s Vogue that his days of going incognito are over. Whether he’s recognized for his acting or just his sheer number of kids, the 37-year-old laughed that there’s no more concealing his identity. In fact, he and wife Caroline Fentress have even downgraded from first-class to coach when flying!

I used to put a cap on, and sunglasses, but now I just run down the aisle chasing the kids. ‘Yep, it’s me. Here I am, Folks. 24C!’ Going first-class with a crowd like ours, you’re taking over two full rows. It’s almost the same cost as flying private.


Source: Men’s Vogue; Photo for use on CBB courtesy Men’s Vogue

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SY on

Wow, not sure if I’d fly anywhere with five kids under the age of 10. We’re pooped after flying with our two boys that are 7 and 4. Wonder if they have help when they fly?

stny on

i love chris o’donnell! this is such a fabulous picture, wish ALL his kids were in it!:)

Alice on

My parents flew with all six of us kids once, when my twin sister and I were about 6 months old and the other kids were 7, 6, 4 and 2. Needless to say, they never did it again and my next airplane flight I was 23!!

Emily on

I had no idea he had 5 kids! Wow! And my daughter’s name is Lily Anne too!

taegan on

I had heard that he had 5 kids and they look like a fun family. Am glad we are hearing from Chris, also Dustin H has 5 kids, Clint East has 7, The Edge has 5 kids. Mick Jagger has 7.

Big families are cool, and great fun.

Brad and Angie get insulted and looked down on for their 4 (now soon to be 6) kids. But it looks they are not that odd afterall. The only difference is that 3 of their kids are adopted.

Unless that’s the problem the press have?

Sarah on

The woman I babysit for is a good friend of his wife (she either knows her from h.s. or college)… I’ve never seen a picture of his kids! They’re adorable!

Stephany on

Oh, I so love Chris O’Donnell. What a great picture! His kids are adorable.

Bugs on

Chris is such a great role model i adore this guy. I’d love to see more pics of his kids, i’ve never seen that Men’s Vogue magazine before, or maybe i overlook it in the stands.

Mae on

I am no where near ready, or old enough to be thinking about kids, buuuut I have already ‘called’ the name Lily Ann. Ann is mine and my Mom’s middle name, and Lily is my Great Aunt’s name….such a beautiful name! (and beautiful family!!)

Becky on

Don’t know about the other two, but Mick Jagger’s kids are from at least 4 different women, and they didn’t all grow up together as a family. And the same with Clint Eastwood’s brood who are from at least 3 different women.

By the way, I though Clint only had 5 kids (two who are grown, one with Frances Farmer, and two with his current wife Dina)

taegan on

But if we apply that kind of logic, then Brad and Angie are in the same boat.
As 3 of their kids are adopted, but they are still their kids, just as Clint’s are still his regardless of how many women it took to produce them!

And like Chris O’Donnel, he still has more than Brad and Angie. What’s the difference.

carla at on

What a cute story. Having that many kids and traveling is difficult – even for celebrities.