Camila Alves out and about in Malibu

05/22/2008 at 07:39 PM ET

Brazilian model Camila Alves, 25, was spotted out and about today in Malibu, CA.  She and boyfriend Matthew McConaughey expect their delivery surprise in late June/early July.


Photos by Belle Pictures/

More photos below.

Camila_alves_252136cbbjpg Camila_alves_252138cbbjpg

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brooke on

Cute outfit and I’m thinking boy for matthew and her.

Ericka on

without reading I thought that was Halle…I was like “wow I swore I just saw her and her stomach was flat…”


Olivia on

next day and next great photos of Camila looking fantastic!!!

FuriousGeorge on

I totally thought this was Halle too.

Is Matt’s girlfriend African-American?

Bancie1031 on

lol she does look like Halle with long hair. U can’t even really tell she’s preggers n this pic 🙂


I love her boots!!I’m guessing girl for her and Matt.

BellaRose on

Camila looks gorgeous. Ericka, I thought that was Halle Berry too before I read it and I was like wait…Wasn’t she just at a premiere or something? haha.

Olivia on

you are all rught on these pictures she really looks like Halle. they are both gorgeous.
FuriousGeorge, she is 100% brazilian from Rio de Janerio.

Oh! on

She is cute, just like Halle. But am I confused? What was the weather like that day? That looks like an outfit for the fall. Someone please advise.

Jenny on

I bet that the way people dress in southern california must be confusing to everyone that doesn’t live here! The weather changes from day to day and hour to hour. During this time of year it could be a bit chilly in the morning and hot by midday. Plus, its not THAT hot or THAT cold, so its common to see one person in a sweater and someone else in a tank top, depending on if they get cold easily or are always warm. Also, a lot of people might wear a tank top, jeans, and a sweater and then take off the sweater when it gets warmer out.

Ericka on

Socal weather is up and down like the person above said. Not even a week ago it was HOT HOT HOT like 100 in san diego. The last 2-3 days it’s been rainy and cloudy and COLD and they even reporting it’s snowing in our mountains. I believe also there was a tornado in riverside yesterday..rare. Crazy weather.

Kaya on


She could be black, Brazil has the 2nd largest blk population other than Africa.

Brazil is not an ethnicity its an nationality.

More than 45 percent (80 million) are black or of mixed-race, a legacy of the African slave trade. Less than 1 percent (700,000) are from indigenous groups, mostly Indians in the Amazon region; smaller numbers of Japanese, other Asians, and Arabs live in the larger Brazilian cities

Annie on

“I totally thought this was Halle too. Is Matt’s girlfriend African-American?”

Why are people on this site so race-obsessed? What difference does it make if she is biracial, white, Brazilian, or Hispanic? By the way, Halle is bi-racial, not just “African-American.”

Brazilian on

Camila is Afro-Brazilian. Brazil has the biggest black population outside of Africa. Most people in Brazil are mixed with black.

Karmen on

Actually, Camilia is a Pardo. The Pardo people are now, according to the 2008 Brazilian census, the largest group of people in Brazil. You can look them up on Google. She looks like Halle because they are of the same ethnic groups (European/African) although of different countries.

Maria on

FuriousGeorge – Camila is Brazilian. Like many Brazilians, she is probably a mixture of African, Amerindian and European descent. Like the previous poster above me said Brazil has the largest Black population outside of Africa. However Brazil is very multicultural (including the largest Japanese population outside of Japan). Places like Bahia are predominantly Afro-Brazilian, while places in southern Brazil are predominantly Caucasian with the rest of the country being a mixture of everything in between. Congrats to Camila and Matthew! She has been looking absolutely stunning throughout this whole pregnancy! I’m also thinking it’s going to be a boy, which means I’ll probably be wrong :-). This year a lot of people seem to be having girls.

Masey on

Yes, Camilia is Pardo and the Pardo people of Brazil are now the largest population in that country. Google the Pardo to find out about them.

Lauren on

“Why are people on this site so race-obsessed?”

A better question is why people on this site get so freaking defensive any time someone tries to ask an obviously innocent question that happens to include race. Just when you think this site can’t get any more PC…

Camila does look a little like Halle in these pictures, but I think it’s the hair/glasses/skin tone combination as opposed to facially resembling her. I think a boy for them.

Cheri on

She looks fantastic. I bet Matthew is going to be a great dad.

Hilary on

She resembles actress Salle Richardson, who was also an ex-girlfriend of Matt.