Bridget and John Moynahan take a stroll

05/22/2008 at 07:45 AM ET

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 37, took son John Edward Thomas, 9 months, out for a walk in Pacific Palisades, CA on Wednesday, May 21st. Dad is Tom Brady.


Photos by Flynet.

More images and stroller info below.


Showimage John rides in a Bob Revolution in chocolate/blue ($360).

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Stephany on

He’s adorable, just hangin’ out! He’s looking more and more like Tom as he grows up.

Sarah on

There were pics of them together last month, but Tom was obviously angry at them being taken. When he sees John it tends to be in a private house, not outside, etc.

Olivia on

hey cutie!;)

KJ on

He is definitely getting bigger….I can’t tell which parent he favors…except he seems to have the eye color of his mother…never get to see a clear picture of his chin…Well maybe he wants to look like John…I hope the best for this mother and son

janie on

He is adorable!

Sam on

I think he looks exactly like Tom, especially in that second picture. He has Bridget’s eye shape to me in that last pic and he inherited Tom’s head shape and forehead. Very cute boy.

JK on

great to see some new pictures of Bridget & John. He looks like he has an impish smile in one photo. Both look happy & Bridget looks fantastic.
Would love to see her in I Robot 2 if the rumours are true that Will Smith is doing a schequel.

anon on

I really doubt that Brady has spent more than a few days with this cute little boy during the offseason. I saw a post on one of the Patriots fansites that basically chronicled Brady’s offseason via tabloid photos of him. He was photographed pretty much every day, and there were only two days that he was photographed in the LA vicinity. He was photographed in NY, Costa Rica, and Europe virtually every other day. He can’t be in two places at once. I appreciate that the earlier poster was trying to keep down the negativity in this case, but covering for Brady is a bit over the top and gives credit where it isn’t due. This boy seems to have a wonderful mother. It looks like Bridget Moynahan is doing just fine on her own. Adorable baby. I imagine both are very happy.

Crystal on

He looks JUST like his dad!!

Calista on


You don’t know where Tom Brady is everyday. No one does. Unless he was photographed everyday you can’t deduce where he has spent every day of his off season.

During the Superbowl it was mentioned by Brady’s uncle that he visited John with his parents during the season when his football schedule permitted. He was not photographed in LA visiting John during the season,but he was there. So why wouldn’t he be there during the off-season? He obviously has been there, but avoids the camera.

It was also mentioned by this staff several times that Tom does see John, but privately.

It’s impossible to attempt to deduce the visitation schedule of Tom and John based upon reports from the tabloid media who would rather play up the “deadbeat dad” angle for sake of fueling and selling malicious gossip. Just because there aren’t photographed all the time doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

martina on

Going through a pregnancy alone, with the father not being there AT ALL, is extremely difficult. While Tom was enjoying his fabulous lifestyle with a new girlfriend (it sure didn’t take him long to replace Bridget), BM was dealing with morning sickness, backaches, sleepless nights, indigestion and all. And that’s just before John was born.

Where is Tom when John wakes up in the middle of the night or gets sick? Where is he when the child needs to be taken care of? I appreciate people trying not to judge Tom, but lets not overstate his role in his son’s life. Surely, he could’ve seen the child more often – he’s been off work for almost 4 months, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s barely spent any time with him. It’s not about being private – his every step is well documented, and as been said he can’t be in two places at once.

Kayla on

Very predictable the direction this thread has taken with the “deadbeat dad vs. strong single mom” angle. It’s all rooted in tabloid gossip and speculation without facts. No one what arrangements were made other than the fact John has both his parents in his lives, and appears healthy and happy. It’s sad when you know you have to avoid the threads containing-


The same old. Same old.

martina on

Calista, lets not accuse people of “fueling malicious gossip” for stating their case. This is a very strong choice of words. Anon is right – if you are in Costa Rica on Monday & Friday, it’s a good bet you aren’t in LA on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Tom Brady is followed by the paps everywhere – it is nearly impossible for him to do anything in private at this point. So his whereabouts are no mystery to anyone who follows the Patriots closely.

anon on

There were photos of him day-by-day posted on the pats fans site. Literally. Less than six days available for Brady to be in LA. During those six days, he was reported to have been in a teammates wedding on the east coast. I don’t mean to start a negative discussion, but the guy can’t be in two places at once. Give credit where it is due. Maybe minimal contact with Brady is what is for the best…

anon on

The reason I post this information is because the PR angle of Brady as this role-model for children is, at best, trite at this point. Kids who follow the Pats closely do know/see this stuff. Sports media outlets drool over this guy. If anything, his popularity has increased with this tabloid scandal. That says a lot about our society when a guy can get months off his job at a time, and be given credit for being a “father” when he spends literally days at most with his child. He was honestly photographed every day of the off-season in NY, costa rica, and Europe, with only a few days were available for him to be in LA. He was supposedly in a wedding in the middle of that six day stretch and photographed golfing in Bev Hills one of the other days in that timespan. It’s a sad commentary, really, and giving this guys the title of “father” is just sad. It discredits men who actually do parent their own children.

Calista on

To Martina-

Once again I say have you seen a picture of Tom Brady every single day since the beginning of February which began his off-season?

How about during the months of August 2007 to February 2008? Can you find pictures of Tom Brady every day during those months?

The answer is no therefore you do not know how many times he has or hasn’t seen John.

Case closed.

I trust the staff of CBB when they say Tom has seen John. I’m sure more than a few times as others would like you to believe.

martina on

I guess I just have a different perspective at the moment. I am pregnant with my first child, and it’s been hard with morning sickness and now horrid back pains. I am married to a wonderful guy who held my hand through puking and gives me back rubs when I can’t sleep. I can’t imagine doing this on my own, let alone seeing the father of my child prancing around Europe and NY with a new supermodel girlfriend. But I am sure everyone feels differently about it, and that’s ok.

Calista on

To Martina and Anon-

I trust the staff of CBB when they state Tom has seen John in the privacy of Bridget’s, his parents, and Tom’s own home which we know John had overnight visits in. I’m sure he’s seen him on more than a few occasions considering he had him overnight.

CBB is fair and without bias in reporting on all of celebrity parents and their child(ren).

If either of you can produce photos of Tom Brady on every single day since August 2007 to present May 2008 detailing Tom’s activities I welcome you to…

anon on

It was a thread on the messageboard at It was a couple of weeks old, so you will probably have to look through archives. The post literally had photo links of Tom Brady on a day-to-day basis, starting in February of this year. There were photos of him from NY, Spain, Italy, Costa rica, all from this off-season. There was a photo of them in LA one day, then back in NY the next. The one photo of Brady with Gisele Bundchen holding his son was taken during a week-long time with no photos, except one day, of Brady golfing in Bev Hills. It was widely reported also during that week that he went to a teammates wedding on the East coast. His presence at that wedding was confirmed, I believe, in a sports interview. Other than that one week (with the breaks for golfing and the wedding) he was literally photographed all over the world. He can’t be in two places at once. I genuinely don’t mean to start some online chat arguement with his fans, but, honestly, give credit where it is due. I think it is a sad statement on our society when guys like this are given credit for being good parents. It speaks volumes to our children, who do follow Brady very closely, when we give him credit for being a good father, when they can see photos that say otherwise. In the sports world, Tom Brady is regarded as a role model for other people’s children, which I find disheartening. If the moderators at a celebrity parenting site cover for him also, that’s even more sad. I’m not saying tar and feather the guy, but let’s not make him into something he isn’t, either.

martina on

Calista – I am not going to surf the internet for days to produce “evidence” of anything. The observations come from living in Boston and watching/reading endless Tom Brady coverage in the media. At the end of a day, you are perfectly entitled to believe what you believe, and I am perfectly entitled to believe what I believe.

anon on

Thanks, martina, I appreciate your comments. They really get to the heart of what I am trying to say. While not all fathers can be availble on a day-to-day basis, most, at least in my mind, try to help, rather than make the situation worse. Giving Tom Brady the title of “father” lessens the meaning of the word, and minimizes the importance of a father’s role in a child’s life, starting in pregnancy. Best wishes in the rest of your pregnancy, I hope you and your family are well.

Lia on


Does anyone every consider that Bridget might be keeping Tom from his son? It’s so suspicious that she got pregnant right before their break-up. She’s not young and probably thought it was her last chance to have a child. And who better than to be the father than a multi-millionaire with great looks? Get real people Don’t assume Tom is the deadbeat here.

Kayla on

The issue here is the anti-Tom vs. pro-Bridget stance. They were already broken up when Bridget found out she was pregnant. When Tom and Bridget didn’t reconcile after they learned of the pregnancy Tom became the villan and Bridget was the victim.

People forget that’s life. Rarely does it go according to plan or is perfect. A child does not make a bad relationship or ended relationship better. It’s not healthy for the parents or the child to get back together for the sake of a child when the relationship was already over or on it’s last set of legs. All parents can do is attempt to successfully co-parent. Happens all the time.

I don’t see why Bridget is upheld as someone who has gone through a great tragedy while Tom is seen as vile human being.

To me I see two mature parents navigating co-parenting together. It’s nice that they are at a level where John can spend the night with Tom. They could be out here like Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

Want to sympathize with someone going through a tragic pregnancy and single parenthood-go look up pregnant actress Natascha McElhone whose husband just died, and leaves her with 2 children and an unborn child. I’m more concerned for her and her pregnancy.

Kayla on

Anon-I just want to add that it’s wrong to attempt to trash the staff of CBB when they produce facts that don’t support your anti-Tom stance.

KJ on

shouldn’t this be about seeing a cute picture of John…I am sure all the adult’s in this situation..have moved EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD..

anon on

The most significant thing Tom Brady has given John Moynahan isn’t his time, it’s his tabloid legacy. That’s doing more harm than good, in my opinion. I never said anything about anyone getting married. Of course many couples who break up, parents who divorce, etc have to learn to co-parent effectively. But before that process can begin, parents have to show a minimal amount of respect for each other. By turning this pregnancy into a tabloid scandal, Tom Brady disrespected Bridget Moynahan. Given that Brady was known for a LACK of publicity when they were together, in my opinion, that makes Bridget Moynahan’s actions heroic, and Tom Brady’s less than human. I think this child will be fine with Bridget Moynahan as the obvious care-giver.

Brit on

What a cute little boy!! And Bridget looks good also.

anon on

Just as I didn’t say anything about marriage, I also did not “trash” the moderators at this site. Given the comment caveat listed, I can honestly say that if I met one of the moderators at this site, I would feel perfectly comfortable telling him/her to the face that I find their covering for Tom Brady to be “sad” which quotes my comment directly.

Sarah on

He’s such a cutie!! I can’t wait to see more pics of this little guy. I think he favors his daddy.

brooke on

Bridget is pretty, and john is cute, he is totally a mini Tom IMO.

Kat on

Wow…John is one adorable little boy! I think he’s a spitting image of Tom. And I’m pretty sure Bridget’s wearing Lululemon pants again (so comfortable and make practically anyone’s butt look great).

lj on

What a cute smile!!! Bridget…..Gorgeous.
John Moynahan….now that’s perfection.

Carly on

Wow – I find that he resembles Tom very strongly.

I wonder if that would be hard for Bridget? Obviously she would not have a good relationship with Tom so I wonder if it irks her that the baby looks so much like him?

Not to say that she wouldn’t adore John any less but I wonder if she looks at hime and thinks cripes he is so much like him!

robbie on

It’s so great to see these photos of them. Bridget is Gorgeous and John is so cute. When he frowns he looks like Tom and when he smiles he looks like Bridget. I think Bridget is such a great mom. The comment in People, when asked what was her favorite sound she said “My sons laugh” was great. I wish only the best for Bridget and John. Hope to see her in a new movie soon!

Jen on

The many faces of John Moynahan. In some pictures he looks so serious and in others he has this little mischievious grin. Either way he is such a little sweetie with the cutest chunky legs and feet. Bridget looks gorgeous and is so lucky to have this precious little baby to play with, smother with hugs and kisses and watch him grow and change everyday. I always love to see pictures of John as he grows up. Can’t wait to see him once he starts to walk. I hope CBB can get some pictures when he turns a year old. I wish only the best for these two!!! LOL

Sarah on

I just cannot get enough of this baby!! I’ve looked at this picture everyday since it has come out.He is just so precious!!