Rapper T.I. opens up about son Major's birth

05/21/2008 at 10:34 AM ET

TiT.I. became a dad for the sixth time when son Major arrived last Friday, and in a new interview, the rapper discussed how he made sure he was right by Tameka "Tiny" Cottle’s side as she gave birth.

[Reports] said he was 5 lbs and 15 oz. That was wrong. He was actually 7 lbs and 4 oz. I was in the O.R. Hands-on. I was trying to help. Tiny’s all right. She’s a soldier.

T.I. admitted that he and Tiny were both nervous throughout this pregnancy, as their daughter Llayah had been born still during the former Xscape member’s sixth month of pregnancy in March of last year. Still struggling to comprehend the loss, he shared that they leaned on their spiritual beliefs to get them through.

It was a major concern, but I had to walk in faith. Before it happens to you as a parent, it’s never anything that you’d even consider. The possibility of your baby not making it never even crosses your mind until it happens. Once it happens, it’s a constant concern. I just prayed on it and left it in the hands of the Lord. I was fearful. I had some worthy concerns. But like I said, I had to walk in faith. Everything’s great. He’s great.

Click below for T.I.’s thoughts on his house arrest and how it affected his relationship with his kids.

T.I.’s also touched on how being sentenced to house arrest last yearfor weapon-related charges helped he and his older children grow closer.

Iwas the babysitter. You always know it’s somebody there now. The kidsknow they couldn’t get away with nothing. I spent more time with themthan I did since before anyone knew who T.I. was. I appreciate it. Ivalue that time I got to spend with them.

The 27-year-old and Tiny are also parents to son Clifford "King" Harris III, 3 ½. Tiny has a daughter, Zonnique Pullins, 12, from a previous relationship, while T.I. has sons Messiah and Domani, and daughter Deyjah.

Source: MTV; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images


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Sarah on

What he says is to true.. you don’t imagine it ever happening to you when you first lose a baby.
My Husband & I were so excited when we got pregnant with our baby and never could have imagined I’d only make it halfway before we lost him.

I am so happy to read they had a successful pregnancy. I know when we do get pregnant again I will also be a wreck worrying that the baby will be OK.

Jay on

I’m glad the pregnancy turned out good. Congrats to both of them. In regards to his house arrest…everything happens for a reason. And one of the good things that came out of it was he was able to spend alot of quality time with his kids. I wish them the best.

Stephany on

I was so happy to hear that she had a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. It was so sad about their stillborn baby but it’s good that they have begun to move on and have another baby. Congrats to them!

Bancie1031 on

T.I. is right ….. a parent losing a child is extremely hard and u never forget it. I’m sorry they had to experience that feeling last year but I also what to congratulate them on their new arrival Major. I hope we get to see pictures soon.

Bancie1031 on

oh yeah btw thank you Nelly for the link in the last T.I. post for pictures of his kids, it was greatly appreciated. And he has some really adorable kids.

nomvula msutwana on

ti u are the best and i wish u all the best in life.i’m happy for you and gongrats on your baby.

Shark on

Wth r u pple talking about?
This bttr not be some bs!

Linda on

A baby is always a blessing but tiny is busted. I really wish ti would invest so money in her. She looks like a cheap whore. I thinks its crazy how super ghetto she is and she has a really bad attitude. All she’s worried about is being in the spot light but what about her 3 children at home? She has a teen age daughter and a new born baby. I think its ridiculous she needs to invest time her children not her “baby daddy’s” career. He makes her look like a fool pumping her up with babies and then not making her an honorable woman… There’s more to life than the money, kids and sex. That ghetto trifling girl needs help. Not to mention how ugly she is

TT on

I thin that my boo T.i.p stuck out that tragic accident thw whole way threw and never lost his faith and thats why he is the only king in my life. he has the key to the castle and to my heart and im praying for him and his family everyday cause thats my baby and im not gone let him suffer
i love you baby and ill see you soon, your boo unknown but sinccere

latoya on

t.i i luv u boo u dont need her u cud have me il have all yo kids i alwayz luv u n i alwayz will im not a fan im yo wifey u just dont kno it yet

shanie on

you two look so cut togather. how many kids do u have?