Mark, Lola, and Joaquin Consuelos attend Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash

05/21/2008 at 12:56 PM ET

Actor Mark Consuelos, 37, daughter Lola Grace, 6 ½, and son Joaquin Antonio, 5, attended Jessica Seinfeld’s 2nd annual Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash at The Waterfront on May 20th in New York City. Mom is Kelly Ripa.


Photo by Kevin Mazur/

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Jen on

What an adorable family, kids always look so happy.

Priya on

What a gorgeous family!

La Petite Belle on

I love this picture! It’s so cute how Lola looks JUST like her mom, except for her colors ofcourse, but her face & smile are Kelly!! And Joaquin looks just like his dad. I bet Mark looked just like him when he was little. 🙂

Wendy on

Too funny–daddy must have dressed them! Joaquin seems to have pajamas on, and his shoes are on the wrong feet 🙂

Sarah on

I think they were supposed to be in jammies because it was a bedtime bash!

Nice to see Lola smiling – a rare treat!

Erica on

Cute kids. I love how you would never know that their parents make millions and millions of dollars because their clothes are always laid back and practical!

gigi on

mmm mmm mmmmmmmm! that kelly sure is a lucky lady! :o)

Aimee on

I was just going to say that as well Belle, Lola is totally Kelly with Marks colouring. Joaquin is a cutie!

Stephany on

My favorite family! Mark is so yummy! Just delicious. And those kids are adorable.

Xan on

Such cuties! Joaquin looks like such a wiggly, fun, little guy!

Heather on

I know that Joaquin’s pj’s are from Gymboree. My son has the same ones as well. Not sure what line they are from though.

Erika on

There’s no way Kelly dressed them that day!!! ROTFLMAO. I’m sure she’s rolling her eyes as we speak. What a great family- very real and down to earth. I’m glad they have lasted the test of time. on

Lola’s PJ pants are a Boden print from a year or so ago…my daughter has a dress in the same fabric. What cute children!!!

carla at on

Two attractive parents usually makes attractive kids. Adorable.

LB3 on

This whole family is lovely but I especially love the little boy. His hair is beautiful and looks so soft.
I don’t know that Daddy dressed them..there have been plenty of times where I have let my kids out in pajamas and mismatched outfits. My 11 year old spent his whole second year in a spiderman costume. LOL

Amber S on

My son has the same shoes as Lola.

Angel on

I don’t believe I have ever seen a picture of Lola smiling. She is adorable and they are a very cute family.

Mary on

I was gonna say the same thing as Angel. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a pic of Lola smiling…at the camera…on purpose lol! Cutie pie kids.

Ellia on

I’ve loved Mark and Kelly since Hayley and Matteo! The kids are all adorable.
I don’t think I’ve seen Lola smile for the camera before either. I remember an interview where Kelly said something about her attitude. And the the day she was on Regis and Kelly, she came out looking angry and then told her mother not to say her She probably really hates the paps.

Colleen on

They are cute kids! So nice to see Lola smiling!

brooke on

Yea this is the first time I see lola smile lol. Those outfits and shoes, are interesting to say the least. Lola looks just like kelly, just with dark hair. Joaquin is more kelly too, just with mark’s eye shape IMO

Amanda on

Wow is this the first time we’ve seen Lola smiling? Adorable!! Her and Joaquin favor Kelly, as the older one Michael is all his daddy!

jasmine on

I love Lola’s smile…awww…it makes me smile! Joaquin is adorable, as always. They’re both beautiful.

Valerie on

I think Joaquin looks so much like Kelly.
I don’t see a strong resemblence of Lola to either parent.. just her own unique look! She looks like a kid who is sure of herself, which is wonderful to see. A beautiful family!

Bella Mama on

what a gorgeous family!

J.M. on

Lola and Joaquin are so adorable. Kelly says she’s going through this thing with Lola that she doesn’t like when Kelly compliments her outfits so Kelly has to lie to get her to wear something! lol – And if you watch Regis and KElly on a daily basis sometimes have pictures of the kids on vacation and things and Lola’s always smiling. I just don’t think she’s into the whole public outings with the paparazzi. She seems much more laid back then the boys.

BTW (to Wendy) I don’t think Joaquin’s shoes are on the wrong feet I think it’s the way his foot is turned but it’s hard to really tell.

anna on

omg those kids are beautiful! I love lola’s fair skin and blue eyes she is going to be stunner for sure and joaquin is so cute. all their kids are gorgeous

Kim on

The kids are Puerto Rican and look more like their dad everyday I think.

Leta on

“It’s so cute how Lola looks JUST like her mom, except for her colors ofcourse”

“Lola is totally Kelly with Marks colouring”

What is this “colouring” everyone is referring to?

Sarah on

I think they meant that Lola has olive coloring that takes after Mark’s side, but her features are more Kelly.



Elias on

Que legal, a Lola esta rindo!! Aleluia.
Acho todos lindos, admiro muito a simplicidade deles. São autenticamente uma família linda!