Gavin Rossdale on marriage, Gwen's tough first trimester, and more

05/21/2008 at 08:48 PM ET

Stefanirossdale3565_cbbSaying that his "only responsibility is to Gwen," Gavin Rossdale told Life & Style that a strong marriage is the foundation of their family. Musician Gavin, 42, wife Gwen Stefani, 38, and son Kingston James McGregor, 23 months, will welcome an addition to the family this summer, but not before Gavin’s first solo album, Wanderlust, debuts on June 3rd.

In the latest issue of Life & Style, Gavin discussed his views on marriage, how Gwen’s pregnancy is going, why they chose a delivery surprise, qualities he hopes Kingston develops, and more.

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On marriage:

My only responsibility is toGwen. My parents were married three times each, and what happens to youas a child makes you either the same way or the opposite. I want to bemarried once, or else what’s the point?

I know the requirements to make my marriage good. Consideration,respect, openness, good communication, monogamy. I try to be the besthusband I can be. I’m not arrogant or insensitive. I used to be quiteselfish, just do rash things. But Gwen’s taught me to think about howit would affect her as well.

I enjoy having an independent wife who goes out and does her own thing. It’s inspiring.

On their current pregnancy:

It was adifficult first trimester — Gwen really wasn’t well, and it was toughfor her. She was tired and really suffering. But now she’s blossoming.and she’s in a great place. I’m just trying to be there for her andhelp her through it. It’s not easy being pregnant.

On why they want another delivery surprise:

Itdoesn’t matter. Gwen just loves babies. She’s like, "I don’t wantKingston to grow." I just can’t wait! I’m really enjoying it. Kingstoncomes running to me saying, "Dadda, dadda!"

Qualities of him and Gwen that he wants Kingston to have:

Let’sstart with Gwen: her generosity, dedication, honesty, and sweetness.That is Gwen in a nutshell. With me, I’d like to give him some wisdom,and I’d like to be there for him, and I’m also really good inemergencies with, like, blood and accidents!

On being a working parent:

Actually, I’m about to do a lot of traveling [for Wanderlust]. I’m a little concerned about it because Kingston’s used to me being around.

Like today, I’d been away for the past two days, and I got homeabout 4 o’clock this morning. He’s up at 6:30, and I had to go get hismilk at 7. He has one eye open, and we’re just lying in bed and he’sstroking my hair and hanging out with me. Then Gwen got up, and I sleptuntil 9:30 a.m., because I’d only had an hour of sleep. It was a bittricky.

Gavin’s first solo record, Wanderlust, will be released on Tuesday, June 3rd; watch the trailer video to hear new songs here.

Source: Life & Style, May 26th issue; Photo by WireImage.


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Vanessa on

He’s a cute guy, I’ve always liked him!

KW on

Gwen’s very lucky! He sounds like such a prince! Wow, it’s so amazing to read about these adoring, unpretentious, thoughtful celebrities! I think they ought to charge for lessons, lol!! I can think of MANY that need them!

I wish them all the very best with the remainder of her pregnancy and the birth of the new little bundle!

carla at on

Sounds like a great dad and adoring husband.

OnyxJones on

Just an awesomely beautiful family inside and out.

Lisa on

I was lucky enough to meet him when he was touring with Bush.

He looks sweet, and is probably one of the most laid back down to earth people you’d ever meet. I’ve met my fair share of rockers, and by far he’s number one.

So glad he’s happy.

Mandy on

OMG anyone wonder why a bunch of us had like major crushes on this guy? I always wished I could marry him when I was in middle school… always had this HUGE crush on him… I soo happy he married Gwen they are SOOO awesome together and Kingston looks just like Gavin!!! He’s gonna be a heartbreaker…

Michelle on

How come he never talks about his daughter Daisy Lowe? I feel bad for her.

ShopLittleGifts on

How sweet. I loved that they had a real wedding and that they take the marriage and the relationship seriously. He looks like a really solid member of the family. Hope Kingston gets a sister!

allmusic06 on

Hollywood should look up to them and their marriage. In a world so rattled with divorce especially in the celebrity universe, they have been able to understand the concept of family and marriage. I have loved Gwen since she was in No Doubt and think they are wonderful together. Kingston is just so adorable

Crystal on

Gavin seems like a wonderful husband and an amazing father. Gwen and Kingston are very lucky to have a fantastic man in their lives like Gavin.

Kaley on

Gavin seems like an incredible husband and father. Gavin and Gwen are lucky to have each other, as well as Kingston and their new baby on the way. Poor Gwen sound slike she has had difficult pregnancies.

brooke on

sweet family

Kathy on

Why doesn’t Gavin talk about his daughter? I’m sure i heard he had one. He doesn’t seem to deticated to her, anyways.

Kayla on

He sounds like the perfect guy. What a lucky family.

And I cannot wait for the new CD!

jamie on

Awww my favorite family!!! Gavin has said before that the only example of a lasting marriage that he knew was Gwen’s parents. Her parents are still together while his close friends or family have all been involved in divorces.

Can’t wait for the new album from Gavin.

SAM on

I rarely comment on celebrities or their interviews, but something about this just struck me as so beautiful. I love that he made a point of saying monogamy. For a man in his position it is an admirable statement, especially since he undoubtedly has women throwing themselves at him all the time. It sends a clear message of how much he respects and values his wife and their life together. He is a wonderful role model for teaching his son how to be a true man.

MaríaM2 on

I’ve always liked him more than her and I do like her alot, but he sounds exactly who I’ve always thought him to be.

Rebecca on

I am 23 years old and ten years ago when Gavin was in BUSH, I had the hugest crush on him. Now ten years later we both have boys that will be two in the next week. =) Its just so weird! I love the article. They have always been an awesome couple and now an awesome family.

Crystal on

He seems like a GREAT dad and hubby!

Lisa on

Rebecca – I’m (almost) 27 and had a huge crush on him also when I was in high school.

Was a dream to meet him. Of course, meeting him only made my crush bigger. But he really is a genuine guy. Very soft spoken, but in interviews it really shows how much he loves Gwen and his family.

But, SAM nailed it. In a world full of divorce (and especially having women throwing themselves at him – saw it first hand with teenage girls when I met Bush) it is a breath of fresh air to see people being together over ten years making it work.

He’s got all the key aspects of making a family work – and he’s making sure its going to work. Especially in Hollyweird where people seem to be so self-absorbed they forget their spouses, he makes a point of it being number one.

I wish them all the best, and cannot wait to see the new arrival. Kingston is certainly going to be a heartbreaker, and no doubt (pun intended) the new arrival will be gorgeous too 🙂

meela on

Love this family and I’m a huge fan of Gwen however I wonder what his relationship is with his daughter, Daisy. I just saw an interview about her posing in a magazine. It’s nice to be a loving husband and father but I hope it extends to his eldest child. I’ve never seem any pictures with her and his family and Gwen strikes me as the type that would be very tolerant and inclusive. After all that is his child, nevertheless I wish them all the best.

Stephany on

OK, I fell just a little more in love with him after this interview. We need more men like him – who value their marriage and children! Great, great interview!

J.M. on

I wonder if Gwen had a tough first trimester with Kingston?? Oh and by the way I had a dream (don’t ask why) that they had a girl and named her Langston!! Kingston and Langston! Anyways, Gavin seems like a great father and husband. I can’t wait until they’re out and about chasing after Kingston and baby “Langston” *haha*

I need to have non celeb related dreams!

lauren on

What a fantastic article. Gwen & Gavin have the one relationship I admire. I used to love Bush and No Doubt (and had my walls covered in photos of Gavin) back in high school. I remember being so happy when they started dating. I think it’s wonderful they have stayed together all these years and are still so in love with each other. They are by far the sweetest celebrity family out there and I wish nothing but the best for them (and their babies!)

JustMe on

Absolutely my favorite celebrity couple and baby – he’s so adorable! How perfect for them to all have each other!

Steve on

doesn’t he have a daughter as well?

lolasmum on

As if he could be any more attractive! They are a beautiful family, inside and out.

Kaley on

J.M. – Gwen has said a few times that her first trimester with Kingston was also difficult. Not only did she have terrible morning sickness, but she was also on tour at the time and had to perform while she was feeling sick.

Louise on

i hope i have a marriage as good as theirs when i’m older…i’m another 24 year old that has grown up with a crush on gavin, cant wait to see him live for the first time next month in camden.yay.
love him talking about kingston and gwen,its rare for a man to show how much they are in love and be proud of it. lets all hope there are more out there like him. single ones. that’ll marry me preferably,lol.
cant wait for the new baby,such a perfect family+nice to see positive comments on gavin, on just jared and other sites all the readers do is slate him for his relationship with daisy.