Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Toys R Us

05/21/2008 at 03:09 PM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, arrived at Toys R Us in France today, where they apparently picked up gifts for daughter Shiloh Nouvel‘s 2nd birthday this coming Tuesday. The couple expect twins — their fifth and sixth children — this summer.


Photo by Splash News.

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Mari on


Just a great family…great parents.

Jess on

JustJared have more pictures.

You can see they pondered over some hair accesories, finaly choosing some cute pink ones.

I love this family, they’re so down to earth and ‘normal’ and the children are beautiful little beings. Mad and Pax are such handsome boys and the girls, Zee and Shi, are simply gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the next two additions!

stephanie on

They are cute! And I love how Angelina is still very fashionable durning her pregnancy. Cute sandals too!!

carla at on

It is wonderful that they are doing the shopping instead of having one of their “people” do it.

LB3 on

Do they even have “people”? I love this family..I want to know what they bought??? I love shopping for my kids..everything fits and there is plenty to choose from.

d on

it is depressing that she looks hotter and thinner than me at 8 months pregnant. LOL!

mel on

Down to earth and normal? All they do is shop all day. Hardly down to earth or normal for parents of 4 children. I find them so irritating.

Cora on

I bet those cute pink hair accessories they were looking at were for the Princess of Pink herself, miss Zahara ๐Ÿ™‚

Kate on

Apparently at least one of the babies is a girl, if you read this article:

Keila on

Talking about flats… those look comfy!! She looks amazing!

Bradfan on

Kate, this is just my opinion of course but the article is bogus. Does anyone remember when the tabloids said Brad & Angie were fighting over names for Shiloh? I think the name was supposed to be Afrika. LOL Someone on another board posted all the false rumors put out their during Angie’s first pregnancy and the rumors out there now. They’re the same rumors just recycled.

Bancie1031 on

Awwww I can’t believe Shiloh is about to be 2 already! They really do make a cute couple don’t they ๐Ÿ˜€

Kayla on

Why the heck are they so perfect? I love her shoes…they look really comfy.

taegan on

I agree with your conclusion Bradfan.

They seem to be recycling the old stories. Didn’t In Touch or Life & Style say last week, that Brad walked away because she refused to marry him?? Both Brad & Angie have said tv/magazines that marriage is not a major issue for them. They have stability without it.

Anyway it doesn’t seem like he walked far!! Red carpet, shopping, dinner and mixing with friends…tabloids must really think we are stupid. That we don’t have any other sources of information but them.

Why can’t the tabloids just write decent stories. Does it always have to be “famine” for the Jolie Pitts with no “feast”. Would it be too terrible to write a nice decent story about them, like the Gavin and Gwen one??

pattie on

this just goes to show you…..GIRLS….you CAN be bad for most of your life and then turn goodie-goodie. so, DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH RECKLESS ABANDON.

look at madonna and jolie. living proof!

cant WAIT for shiloh and zahara to be teenagers! YES!


MarรญaM2 on

They just seem so custom made for each other inside and outside. I pray they get to have a very long loved filled life together.

Yulina on

Did they have the store to themselves? On other sites, it looks like it just them and maybe 1-assistant. The “perks” of fame & wealth- being able to have a whole store to yourself, with no other “pushy” customers around, Aww*… *sigh*.

Terry on

Actually, there are quite a few photos of other customers on a few sites and a French site has video and they are in what looks like a mall, then they go into the store after meeting a store manager (not sure who it is), with many other customers who leave them alone to shop. They have no one with them, just the two of them. So I agree with whoever said they don’t have “people” to do this. Cool parents and they just seem to fit together too.

ana on

Not true Yulina. They walked in like any other customers, they are just chased by photographers as always:

Natalee on

I think it’s cool that they shop that the big chain toy stores for their kids, like like a non-celeb parent! They could have toys ordered and delivered from anywhere in the world, but prefer to do it themselves.

I also love that I see the kids wear the older ones hand-me-downs.

Great family!

DLR on

Now that is the way I like to see Angelina instead of those over-sized, to-the-ground, muumuus she was wearing for so long. She looks perfect there, and Brad looks dapper.

Debra77 on

I wanted to thank you for this site. It’s nice to finally find a place where “positive” rules “negative”.

I really love this couple. Has anyone noticed that Brad and Angie have been together since they got together. What I mean is they are rarely separated. When one travels the other is usually there. I think they both have learned from their past relationships. The kids seem like normal children. I love that they dress like every other child. Angie looks great, and Brad as always works his own style, which I appreciate greatly. Can’t wait to see the twins.

Robyn on

Kudos to CBB for being all about the positive:) Brad and Angelina are, in my opinion, a truly inspiring couple: they are wonderful parents, they obviously adore each other and their children, and they are genuinely passionate about making the world a better place. I think their interracial family is just awesome, and they absolutely EXEMPLIFY true inner (and outer, of course!) beauty.