Sean and Rachel Campos-Duffy welcome fifth child, daughter Paloma Pilar

05/20/2008 at 12:12 PM ET

Rachelcamposduffy_1_cbb Real World alums Sean, 36, and Rachel Campos-Duffy, also 36, have welcomed their fifth child. Daughter Paloma Pilar Duffy arrived on Sunday, May 18th, weighing in at 6.48 lbs and 19 inches.

Rachel shared a photo at ParentDish and revealed,

She was welcomed home today by pink balloons tied to the family mailbox — courtesy of her doting daddy. I was greeted by a dozen of the most beautiful pink roses I have ever seen waiting for me on the kitchen counter. What a guy!

Paloma is already devastatingly adored by her siblings who’s favorite past times have now become 1. taking turns holding her, and 2. watching her nurse. Even after five kids, I totally understand their fascination.

Thank you to everyone who sent such lovely notes and e-mails wishing me well with the delivery. I look forward to getting back to my regular blogging schedule very soon. In the meantime, I will be resting, nursing and bonding with my little angel.

Paloma joins big siblings Evita Pilar, 8, Xavier Jack, 6, Lucia-Belen, 4, and John-Paul, 1.

The pregnancy was announced in December, with Rachel sharing the sex in January. In April we did a CBB interview and photoshoot with the family. Rachel’s due date had been May 14th.

Source: ParentDish; Photo by Gabbeli Photography.

Thanks to CBB reader Katty.

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Heather on

Congratulations to their family! I just love them. We are similar ages and my husband and I watched them on MTV all those years ago and now we have four children to their five.

erica alayne on

Yay, I am so glad that they went with Paloma; that is high on my list of names for a daughter if I ever have one. I bet she is gorgeous like her parents!

jillyen on

two of their daughters have the same middle name? that’s unusual. I’d go insane with 5 kids. good luck to them

erica alayne on

Jillyen, I don’t know if that is a tradition in their family, but I know that my middle name, Alayne, is the middle name of a number of different women in my family. It’s an unofficial tradition to use it. I don’t know if I am going to use it for my daughters, but I’m thinking about it.

angelbaby33 on

Some families have traditions (I do not know if it is religious or nationality or just personal preference) where kids have the same middle name. Candace Cameron Bure’s husband is Russian and their 2 boys have the same Russian middle name and their daughter has a similiar middle name but it a few letters off making it more feminine. I would assume that if they had any children in the future they would also have the same girl or boy middle name) My cousin chose to name her sons middle name Ray after the dad and her daughters middle name Rae to follow suit. (Which kind of bugged me becuase my daughters middle name is Rae and after I used it, then she used it then 2 more of my cousins used it so there are now my grandma has 4 out of 10 grandchildren with the same middle name!)

sabrinasmom on

“Pilar” is Rachel’s Mom

gigi on

ive never known anyone to have girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, etc…. in that order. that is so neat. thats a lot of babies but if they can pull it off than bless them! i love all the kids names. congrats to them.

sarah on

I hope Rachel eventually explains how they chose Paloma’s name, given that she asked CBB readers for suggestions when she did her interview. A lot of people suggested names, and I think Paloma was among them. It’s really pretty.

Victoria on

“Candace Cameron Bure’s husband is Russian and their 2 boys have the same Russian middle name and their daughter has a similiar middle name but it a few letters off making it more feminine”,

angelbaby33- I’m from Russia and the tradition is that boys and girls get their father’s first name as the middle name, just with a few letters added. For a girl its the fathers name plus Ovna added to the end and for a boy its Ovich added. my dad’s name is Felix so my middle name is Felixovna. Its very strange but thats the tradition and all children in Russia get that.

cassie on

I was just about to post that but Victoria you explained it very well(on Candace Cameron’s kids names).

Also, if its tradition to name all the girls the same middle name, why isnt Lucia’s middle name Pilar?

carla at on

Wow – they really have their hands full. What beautiful names they have given their children.

brooke on

Wow 5 kids within 8yrs apart, good luck to them when those kids are all teens lol. I wonder if they will have more. Pretty cool how they had girl boy girl boy girl.

Kelly on

congrats to them i know personlly you dont find many familys with that many kids i also know that with 8 kids my family is an “oddity” now but it used to be common to have at least 5 kids i understand that theirs reasons people dont have more than one but i just had to say how refreshing it is to see that their are still people out there who have a big family

sabrinasmom on

Maybe Belen is Sean’s Mom or Rachel’s Grandmother?

I also thought that Evita was a nickname – her given name is Eva Pilar?

angelbaby33 on

Thank you Victoria and Cassie for the info on Russian names! It is very interesting how different cultures carry on names. Now will either of you use the same tradition and follow suit with the middle names or is it frowned upon to give them a different middle name if you wanted to? Just curious how it works!

Victoria on

angelbaby33- I’m personally not planning on following in the tradition of giving my children their fathers name as a middle name. I have another tradition in my family where the first name is given after a relative who has passed away, and thats what I’m planning on doing with the middle name.

Katie on

“Belen” is Spanish for Bethlehem…so its a religious name, not a family one

Andria on

Katie – Just because it’s religious doesn’t mean it’s not a family name too.

Kat on

YAY… I remember when we were all suggesting names… Paloma was one of the ones I said… and I am thrilled that she used it, as it is really a beautiful name and certainly not overly common.

FC on

Aww, congrats to them on their newest daughter. She’s a cute little peanut, and I like her name. 🙂