David Alan Grier and Luisa at farmer's market

05/20/2008 at 11:00 AM ET

Actor and comedian David Alan Grier, 52, and his daughter Luisa Danbi, 4 months, were spotted walking around a Santa Barbara, CA farmer’s market recently. Mom is Christine Kim.


Photo by KM Press Group.

Stroller info below.

Trsorb805000m_250Luisa rides in an Orbit Baby stroller system in mocha/khaki ($900). Instead of the car seat attachment, Luisa lies in the toddler seat ($180).

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jacky on

does anyone else think that baby is a little to small to be in that stroller? if you have to put a pillow behind your child, they are probably not ready for that stroller. also because of the pillow, they aren’t using the 5 point harness. it is such a shame to see parents not doing the safest thing for their child.

meghan on

wow – why would they have switched her to the toddler seat already? my daughter is nearly 7 months and has a ways to go in the infant seat still…

L on

Who knows why they do, what they do..I agree that it is a bit silly to move a child before he or she is ready and a pillow is not the safest thing. My son is nearly 8 months old and is still in his car seat portion, or the basinet that clips on to our particular frame. And he can sit up and turn and do everything you would expect a baby to do.

Sarah on

just so you all know if you go to the orbit baby website the only age/height requirements listed is UP TO 40lbs no minimum height weight or age so there is no reason why this child shouldn’t be in the “toddler” stroller seat my neice was in the toddler stroller seat at around the same age simply because of the fact that she did not like being confined in her car seat while in the car never mind while on a stroll i dont understand the need for the pillow but i dont see a safety issue at all she is strapped in just using a 3 point harness not all strollers have 5 point harnesses the only reason for a 5 point harness on a stroller is to prevent the child from climbing out of the stroller which i really doubt a 4 month old could do… come on people

Heather on

Baby looks happy and content 🙂 who cares why they do what they do lol Just enjoy the photos and stop nit picking on the celebs! lol

T on

Well she is strapped in and it looks comfy and spacious for her. I don’t see the problem and I’m sure little Luisa could care less 🙂

Ivey on

Can’t see her face but her toes are awfully cute.

sarah on

all the toddler seat looks like is a basic stroller would, If they did not say this was the orbit with the toddler seat installed, I would have thought it was just an ordinary stroller, which lots of 4 mth olds ride in. Do some of you come on here just to criticize??

Angie on

I actually just wanted to comment on the middle name ‘Danbi’. That is so pretty and unique. It really does go well with Luisa!

Becky on

Wow, seriously? Sarah, I am right there with you! The second I started reading the posts I had to scroll back up to see if everyone was talking about a carseat. 5 point harness? Saftey concerns?? Wow. I never looked into any of that for a stroller! Carseat, yes, but not stroller. I am sure she can’t crawl out of it and even if she could, the stoller buckle should hold her in just fine. I am still scratching my head. I just don’t get it. And maybe the pillow is just so she is comfy. I sleep on a feather bed….I love to sink into the big fluffy pillow top….maybe they are just trying to make it a comfy, fluffy ride for her.

Leia on

Maybe they decided to follow the AAP recommendation that children only be in their carseats for no more than 20 minutes at a time unless they are in the car?

L on

It just makes me laugh..all the posts say how un-safe it is for her to be riding in the seat with just the 3 point harness, etc., and the instant someone says it is fine, all of you chime in about how it is fine all of a sudden and what is the big deal?? IMO you all need to go and spend some time with your OWN families instead of being on this site.

Sarah on

Her feet are so cute and tiny!!

jjj on

I think it’s hilarious that you can’t see her face at all on that picture. The harness looks fine to me.

Kat on

the pillow is totally unsafe…. in a stroller, I do think at that age a 3-point is fine…

instead of using the pillow, he should recline the seat… I know it reclines… check the official website!