Angelina Jolie attends Changeling photocall

05/20/2008 at 08:40 AM ET

Actress Angelina Jolie, 32, attended the Changeling photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st Cannes International Film Festival on May 20th in Cannes, France. She and Brad Pitt expect twins, said to be due in August.


Photo by Dominique Charriau/WI/

Another image below.


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I love her form-fitting shirt! She just glows…this is what people mean when they say someone lights up a room!

Amanda on

She looks wonderful!!! I always looked swollen and fat, and hot (not hot like I wish, hot like a sweating pig :).

Philippa on

she looks fantastic. can’t wait to see the twins!

Janie on

I have never seen her look so happy. She looks wonderful!

Laura on

She just looks amazing this pregnancy, what a glow she has. I cannot beleive someone could look that good pregnant let alone with twins!!

Carmen Reyes Wolfe on

she’s so beautiful! I wonder if they will do an interview, just Brad and her, anytime soon. They could get millions and then donate them to charity and I’d be happy. 😉

RitzGirl on

This is the best example that when you are pregnant, wearing slim fitting clothes makes you look smaller. In her green gown pictures, I did not beleive that she was due in August (but much sooner). In this picture, I now beleive its possible that she still has 2-3 months to go, especially with twins.

Elyse on

Just when I didn’t think it was possible for her to get anymore gorgeous…boom! It happens! She is just simply stunning!

Renee on

I think she’ll pop mid to end June!!! AND I think they’re boys, not girls. If not two boys, it’s a boy and a girl!

jk on

Lovely, just lovely!

Sarah on

Angelina is definitely glowing; her green eyes are sparkly, her hair is a warm shade of honey brown and her skin is flawless!! Although I must say, after the birth of Shiloh she lost a little bit too much weight too quickly. Does anyone know if she breastfed or bottle-fed Shiloh? Hopefully, after the twins are born, she’ll lose weight slowly and healthily.

LMC on

She seems to be having SO much more fun with this pregnancy!!

Alyssa on

Could she really be due on August 19th? because she is huge, and august is two months away! i heard she told reporters in france that she is due in a couple of weeks.

what gives?

Angie on

I think she looks so much better in form fitting clothes like that.

She looks bigger than what she really is when she wears those big flowing dresses. I think she looks great!

lele on

huge? she is not huge… she looks perfect. she has two babies in there! i looked like that midway with one 🙂

LolaCola on

Angie looks so tiny to be to be carrying twins. That’s why so many people didn’t believe the rumors at first.

Alicia on

Yes, an American reporter asked her when she is due. She said her due date was August 19th.
A European reporter asked her the same question and she said she was due in a couple weeks.
Who knows. I think she has about two months left though just by looking at this picture. The other night though, with that green dress, she looked full term, ready to go.

Meghan on

She so doesn’t look like she’s due in a couple weeks…maybe if it was a singleton pregnancy I could see people thinking she was due in a couple weeks but she looks spot on and fantastic for a twin pregnancy!

Sassy on

Angelina is absoulutely glowing! Pregnancy definately becomes her. I was only pregnant with one baby and looked like I swallowed a beach ball, she is pregnant with two babies and is radiant.

kate on

Good grief! She should be pregnant all the time. I would be too if I looked like that!

brooke on

She is big, and I think she is due before august. As for the sexes of the babies, one is a girl I have always felt, not sure if the other is a girl or a boy though. I think maybe 2 girls though

Bancie1031 on

see in this outfit she looks amazing

DLR on

Wow, Angelina looks fabulous here! None of those over-powering muumuus she seems to wear these days.

heather on

Okay so it is unfair to the rest of society that this woman is so beautiful lol. No really though, she looks amazing and pregnancy definitely agrees with her. I think her and Brad look adorable together regardless of how they got their start, the love they have for each other and their children is quite evident. They have a beautiful family and it will be fun to see what genders these babies turn out to be.

JenniferS on

She looks so comfortable! I LOVE her shirt! Anyone know who made it? I would love to find out!

Elyse on

JenniferS, I believe I read somewhere that her outfit was custom D&G.