Dannielynn Birkhead at Simpsons ride opening

05/17/2008 at 10:03 PM ET

Along with dad Larry Birkhead (not pictured), Dannielynn Hope Marshall, 20 months, attended the launch celebration party for The Simpson’s Ride at UniversalStudios Hollywood on May 17th in Universal City, CA. Mom is the late Anna Nicole Smith.


Photo by Paul Redmond/Wireimage.

Info on her top below.

Yhst79544109434696_2000_30074909Dannielynn wears a Flowers by Zoe Rock Girl tunic top ($60).

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CM on

she really is a pretty little girl

Natasha on

I didn’t use to think so, but now I think she’s pretty darn adorable! It’s great to see a photo of her after so long!

coco on

what a cutie!dannielynn is so gorgeous. bless her heart

candela on

my gosh!! she is exactly like her father.. no doubt! she is so beautiful, shiloh has lips competency.

kmb on

if the paternity of Dannielynn was still in question, there would be no confusion now! she looks so much like her daddy!

fooster on

She is just adorable!! Gosh, it sure looks like she is sunburned!! I hope that they put sunscreen on her.

manieb on

Awww ….. What a cutie!!!!

Amanda on

I’ve been waiting to see a picture of DannieLynn post surgery. My daughter has surgery on the 28th to correct her strabismus & it’s encouraging to see such a great allignment post surgery on another child. She is just beautiful too, I bet she looks just like Anna when she grows up. 🙂

sheba on

Oh, wow, she looks like Larry. She’s is very, very pretty and getting so big.

meesh on

No doubt she looks like her daddy but I do see a hint of Anna there. Maybe it’s in the curve of her nose. Maybe it’s just the spirit in those baby blues. What a gorgeous little girl and how lucky to have two such special guardian angels.

Susan on

Fooster, I agree that she looks sunburned but hopefully she is just pink from being active in the heat. It’ll be interesting to see a few shots of her looking straight at the camera to see if her crosseyedness is fixed. Can’t tell from this image. Cute little blondie!

Lauren on

I saw Anna Nicole in her as soon as I saw this picture, but she REALLY reminds me of Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl, How The Grinch Stole Christmas). Dannielynn looks exactly like her!

Ginny on

I must be the odd one out, I think she looks JUST like Anna!

Mom2B on

Dannylinn is so cute! I saw her with her daddy at Universal. She was dancing and running around and laughing. Her dad was keeping her cool in the shade. She is just adorable. Can’t wait for my own after seeing her.

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

She looks just like Daddy. She is growing up so quickly.

Sarah'sSong on

Does anyone know where her outfit came from?

Island Girl on

i never thought this before but she is one pretty little girl….she seems to be growing up very nicely

Lissa on

Aw she’s getting so big. What a gorgeous little girl! She has Larry written all over her face no doubt.

Natalie S. on

Wow isn’t she gorgeous!!

patrice on

Oh my gosh! she has gotten so big!! What a cutie!! she’s adorable.. love the cute hairclip && the dress! Just adorable from head- toe!!

brooke on

Ginny she reminds me of anna too. I used to think she was all larry look wise, but her nose and lips are anna’s IMO. Her eyes are larry’s though, what a gorgeous little girl and her dad seems to adore her and at least he is often with her, and not nannies or other people. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen pics of her, beautiful baby.

Amy W on

i love how her hair looks!

the dress screams gwen stephanie to me, i wonder if its on of hers?

Mel on

She’s a doll…bless this little girls heart for the things she’s already been through

Ericka on

First thing I said too my mom when I saw the picture was “aww poor baby she’s so sunburnt!”

I-dra on

she is a stunning little girl & she is so lucky to be with her daddy who dotes on her constantly. a charmed life, despite the tragic loss of her mother so young. at least she looks exactly like her. is that dress by L.A.M.B.?

halifaxhoney on

She is such a beautiful little girl! I think she looks alot like Anna in this picture.

Summer on

She is soooo cute!!!

laura on

She is GORGEOUS!!! And where has the time gone? Wow..

Jenny on

My doctor taught me how to check my daughter’s eyes because I was a little concerned about their alignment. If the child is looking at a light, you check to see if the light is hitting at the same place on both eyes. From this picture, it looks like Dannielynn’s eyes are still a little bit off. The point of light is directly on the pupil in one eye but not on the other.

Chris on

She is beautiful. I can see both Anna and Larry in her, but when I first saw the picture I immediately thought ANNA! She has the most gorgeous eyes. It’s nice to see an updated photo of her too.

lauren on

wow. she is a gorgeous little girl! she is the perfect combination of danny & anna!

sil on

why her last name is Marshall and not Birkhead?

beverly on

Dannielynn is so beautiful,you would like to pick her up.and kiss the cheeks off of her,

melissa on

Very cute and I just love that dress!

babyboopie on

She looks just like her beautiful mummy and brother Daniel. I pray that she will grow up to be a beautiful person

Elaine on

She is a real sweetie. I thought she looked just like her Mum when first saw the pcture, especially around her mouth and nose.

Leslie on

Amy W., Dannielynn’s dress is by kids designer Flowers by Zoe, not Gwen Stefani’s LAMB line. I had gotten my daughter a dress from that line and saw that dress there too.

Here’s the dress on a website I found…

Stephany on

My word, she’s getting big! She’s turning into a gorgeous little girl. I see a lot of Larry in her.

Casey on

So cute….love love love the dress, anyone have the info on it?

tink1217 on

I love her little dress! She is a beautiful little girl! Looks just like Larry to me.

Kelly on

Dannielynn is getting so big! It’s great to see a pic of her after so long. She’s so beautiful and I see a lot of Larry in her.

Becky on

Wow! When did that happen?? She has lost her baby look and really looks like a little girl now! Sooo cute!

Tali on

Did she have her eye surgery? My nephew had his, it’s amazing how they can do that. When he came home, he was bouncing off the walls like they didn’t re-align his eye muscles! I can’t tell if she did or not, I haven’t seen enough pictures of her.

Beth on

She looks so big now!! I think she is beautiful and see a mixture of both of her parents in her. As for her being sun-burnt, I don’t think she has a sunburn…it was extremely hot in CA the last couple of days so she is probably just pink from being warm. She has fair skin so I’m sure they kept sunscreen on her at all times.

Becky on

She’s a beauty. But, I see the grandmother’s big eyes. Love the way that Mr. Birkhead always pulls her together so nicely.

Marie on

A spitting image of her mother!

Lacey on

She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Bren on

GORGEOUS! She is such a beauty. It looks like she has a heat rash, I used to get those when I was little.

ZBella on

Beautiful little girl. She looks so big! My daughter is just a few days older than Dannielynn and still looks like a baby most of the time. I think Dannielynn is and will be MORE beautiful than her mother.

y86 on

She is such a beautiful little girl.She looks like her daddy. I love her dress. I don’t think she is sunburned, she’s very fair skinned and i bet she is just red from all the heat. It happens to me all the time.

sweet baby on

WHAT A CUTE BABY…. I’m so happy she is with her father and not Virgie. I don’t understand why she thought she should raise her instead of her BIO father. God only knows what she would be like if she got her hands on this sweet child. And I agree she looks just like Anna and Larry combined

Kat on

She looks like she’s getting a burn and that she’s been getting brown in the sun… SUNSCREEN, Larry… especially on a naturally blonde and pale child.

CelebFan08 on

Dannielynn is beautiful, I wish Anna were around to get to spend time with her adorable daughter, its such a shame shes gone. But Larry seems to be a terrific dad. I love seeing pictures of her, but i’m also glad he doesn’t put her out there too much. Hopefully we will get a new pic every couple months or so. Anyway everything about her is cute, she is a perfect mix of Larry & Anna. You could always tell she would turn out pretty : )

Laura on

Oh my, she got so big!

ika on

Is she wearin the dress from Flowers by Zoe?

Erin on

Tali: Yes, she had her surgery – back in February, I believe.

Erin on

What a gorgeous girl!! Good to see a new photo of her =)

Sophie on

She really is sweet and looking more like Anna-Nicole everyday . . its just a shame she’ll never know her mom or brother 😦

annie on

What a beautiful little girl!!! Looks like Anna and Larry. Larry, you are doing a fantastic job with your daughter but I always thought you would. She looks healthy and happy and very well cared for. My wish for you is a happy life together.

Lisa on

What a beautiful baby! Anna Nicole would be so proud of her! She is just gorgeous ( but not as gorgeous as my own baby, of course)!! 🙂

Katie on

What a beautiful girl!!! She looks more overheated than sunburnt to me.

Liv on

I agree with you lauren she does look like the little girl from the grinch. I also agree with katie she looks more hot and overheated than sunburn.

She has gotten so much bigger. I haven’t seen a pic of her in a while. I think she has gotten cuter. Also I think she looks like Larry with a little of anna in her.

T on

LOL I don’t see a lick of Larry in her ALL I see is Anna! She is like her spiting image you just wait the older she gets the more and more she is gonna look like mommy. She will be a knock out. I always thought she was adorable 🙂

Jasmine C. on

What a doll! I love, love, love her top. So CUTE!

HardCandy on

This may sound weird but I love the shape of her eyebrows. I love it when toddlers eyebrows look as though they just had them plucked or waxed, but are just naturally shaped like that. Unfortunately they usually bush out as we get older.

Jennifer on

Dannielynn has gotten so big! She doesn’t look so much like a baby anymore – she has that adorable little girl look to her now. She’s really a beauty! 🙂

Betty on

Aww… she is a Beautiul girl. She does look like Larry, but has so much of her Mommy’s (RIP Anna Nicole) looks too. God bless this sweet little child.

butterfly on

Gorgeous Eyes & Cute Dress

claudia on

She is a beautiful little girl. She looks alot like her mother. She has her coloring—I think that the older she gets the more she will look like Anna. She is going to be a gorgeous young lady someday.

Jill from Western Australia on

Many thanks for the beautiful pic of Dannielynn…I think she is gorgeous in her own right! I applaud Larry who kept the “papparatzi” away!
Sadly ANS reared her first child…then lost him to DRUGS…then she too died whilst taking drugs…DANNIELYNN has a GR8 chance at life WITHOUT DRUGS!!!!
I really do not like all the “LARRY BASHERS”
he has taken the responsibility of being a DAD MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY than ANNA took on the role of being a MOM!!!
ANS used her Breast Implants to lure the POND LIFE that she hung around with…sadly all those who cared about her were BANISHED in her “FASHION!”
The way that HK$ & ANS tried to manipulate moving to the Bahamas to “STEAL” Larry’s baby was DISGUSTING!!!
ANS was a “D” grade Actress and Person….
HK$ continues to be a pathetic money hungry person!!
Personally I KNOW that Larry is raising D/L in a drug free enviroment {something that both her Mother and HK$ wouldn’t know how to!!!}

Mindy on

She is really pretty!

My son is very fair and when he gets hot he often gets red..So don’t be so quick to pass judgement about a sunburn..

Bella Mama on

she is looking just like her mama.. so sweet.

Marjolein on

Jenny, I agree with what you said about her eyes. though the test is usually done with the patient looking ahead into a light held at a distance of 30cm.
in this photo it lookes to me as if they corrected her stabismus a little to much but only about 7mm. but it is definately an improvement.

Suzianne on

So many Hollywood baby beauties. I did notice that she probably has an overbite and will need braces eventually.

Suzianne on

No doubt she is a beautiful girl but it appears she may have a slight overbite that may necessitate braces eventually.

hottopics on

She is adorable.

zella on

I have to say Dannielyn. she looks like her mother to me,she sure is a beauty.I love to see Larry let people see her.I wish them the best.

Francesca on

OMGD!! shes beautiful! <3
she looks just like anna here.

she is going to be one beautiful little girl<3

i think its about time for larry to start searching for a mommy for dannielynn so she can have someone to relate too.

WOW on

I love Dannielynn so much. She has beautiful colouring (& I don’t mean the sunburn!) lol


I was there on May 17, 2008
@ the The Simpsons Ride Opening celebration Party! The number on my pass is VIP GUEST 0810 .
I still have my pass today…
Thank you for reading…