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Update: Diane Farr plays with Beckett in park, expecting daughters

05/17/2008 at 08:02 AM ET

Update: Quotations added.

Originally posted May 16th: Actress Diane Farr, 38, played with son Beckett Mancuso, 14 months, at a Los Angeles, CA park on Thursday, May 15th.  Diane, who is expecting twins this fall, sported a maternity tee featuring an infant wearing a pink hairbow and an "It’s a girl" announcement, which we’ve confirmed — she’s having daughters! Dad is Seung Chung.

Speaking with TV Guide earlier this week about her departure from Numb3rs, Diane also talked about her pregnancy. When asked for her first words upon hearing that she would have three under two years old, Diane replied,

You couldn’t possibly print the words that came out of my mouth. We were at the doctor to do the eight-week ultrasound, and I could clearly see that there were two fetuses on the monitor. So the technician and I sat there in silence for two minutes while I was hoping it was something else.

When questioned as to whether or not she used fertility drugs, Diane laughed before saying,

Any person who has a ten-month-old would tell you there’s no way on earth they would take fertility drugs. Clearly, if I got pregnant on my wedding night, I didn’t have any issues getting pregnant. There was no way I would take fertility pills with an infant.


Source: TV Guide; Photo by Splash News.

Tee and shoe info below.

Theresateewhtfull Diane wears a Tummy Tee Theresa Tee ($42).

108351_301 Beckett wears Stride Rite Nathan stage 3 in classic navy ($42).

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That picture is adorable. It would be nice if she had a girl(s).

T on

did she ever actually confirm she was expecting twins?

carla at on

Really cute maternity shirt. She looks great.

theta94 on

I am snipping out a bit of Diane’s recent interview with TV Guide below…the whole interview can be found here: Congratulations! What were your first words on hearing that you were having twins and would have three babies under two years old?
Diane Farr: You couldn’t possibly print the words that came out of my mouth. We were at the doctor to do the eight-week ultrasound, and I could clearly see that there were two fetuses on the monitor. So the technician and I sat there in silence for two minutes while I was hoping it was something else. So it wasn’t fertility pills?
Farr: Any person who has a ten-month-old would tell you there’s no way on earth they would take fertility drugs. Clearly, if I got pregnant on my wedding night, I didn’t have any issues getting pregnant. There was no way I would take fertility pills with an infant. [Laughs]

gigi on

i wore that top last summer during my pregnancy (the boy version though) and let me just tell you what an attention grabber it was!!!! everyone absolutely loved it!

tink1217 on

LOVE the tee!!! I love Diane, she is awesome!

bogota on

The people in that angelina twins post need to read diane’s second quote lol

Congrats to diane, her son is a cutie.

sarah on

Although Diane points out that fertility drugs did not factor into her second pregnancy, I do know people who, after struggling to conceive a child, began another round of fertility treatments before their first child was a year old. They felt that it might take them a while to conceive again, and wanted their children close together. So it’s not completely unheard of.

Diane’s son is really beautiful, and I love her shirt.

Kori Ellis on

Very cute top and what a great picture! Congrats to her.

meghan on

hmm – i am weird then… i got pregnant again when my daughter was two months old – and was genuinely hoping for twins…

not everyone sees it the same way – and not everyone is “hoping it to be something else” when twins show up on the ultrasound.

HardCandy on

bogota, Angie and Brad children are over 10 months so I don’t get your point. There are plenty of people with toddlers that get fertility treatments (although I don’t think they did).

bogota on

My point was that angelina probably got pregnant last year and when shiloh was what around 16 months or so? Close to beckett’s age of 14 months. With the time, energy and emotional toll fertility drugs takes I found it funny and ridiculous that peole were screaming IVF. Are there people that get IVF with toddlers? of course never said there wasn’t but just because diane and angelina are having twins doesn’t mean they got IVF.Hope you get my point now.

Back on topic, how far alone is diane?

sheba on

I believe Diane and Angelina were both breast feeding. I think that was what Diane was referring to with the statement. Breast feeding mothers cannot breast feed while talking fertility drugs especially Clomid as it’s Category X. It seems people are not very knowledgeable about the time-consuming process involved in IVF and even IUI. And anyone with an infant and toddler can tell you that the last thing you are thinking about is going on fertility drugs especially if you are trying to feed your baby breast milk for as long as possible. Plus the assumption that IVF and IUI always result in multiples is simply not true statistically speaking. Most IVFs and IUIs and even Clomid use result in singleton pregnancies.

Kate on

IVF and fertility drugs are not the same thing.

twinmommy on

When my son was 16 months (IVF) after just weaning him, I began IVF again. It word again on the first attempt. 8 months later my twin girls were born. So yes people can and do IVF/Fertility shots/drugs while having very young children.

Katie on

I hate that nowadays if somebody gets pregnant with twins people automatically assume it’s due to fertility treatments. People have been having twins for a long time and all of sudden it’s become a medical thing instead of a natural thing. I find it frustrating, although I understand why people ask because I think the same thing most of the time. I wish that wasn’t the case though….

Erika on

I’m in the same situation. I got pregnant while still breastfeeding my 18 month old DD and at my first ultrasound found out I am expecting twins. It was quite a shock! Everyone assumes we used medications or IVF, but we did not. The pregnancy was a complete surprise. Not to bring this back to Angelina, but I thought she weaned long before she got pregnant this time around? Anyway- huge congrats to Diane Farr and family!

iluvallbabies on

With all due respect, does anyone else find it a very weird (almost unpleasant) way in which she said “I sat there in silence for two minutes, while I was hoping it was something else”.

Maybe Im being overly sensitive? She has been blessed with twins- YES it will be a handful- but imagine years from now her son/daughter reading that quote…? I get the jist of what she was meaning, but she could have worded it a little better.

cm on

I think alot of people assume there was some kind of medical intervention with celeb multiple pregnancies due to how many celebs seem to have them and the age at which they get pregnant. Marcia cross(who has admitted to needing help) Jlo, Geena Davis, holly hunter (just to name a few) are celebs who had twins when they older…late 30s to mid 40s. So i dont think its so unreasonable that now some question whether or not someone has used fertility drugs , IVF, IUI, etc. NO not all older women need help and there are younger moms that do (like the mother from John and Kate plus 8) but i dont understand why people are so enraged by this topic. I think its great that the option is out there and that women like Marcia Cross speak openly about the problems and benefits of it. It is just a question of whether you needed help or not (which i believe is a personal question but i applaud women who openly share their stories)

sheba on

Not everyone is overjoyed to find out they are having twins. And there could be a lot of reasons for not wanting twins. Not wanting the additional stress of raising multiples, not wanting the worry of delivering underweight or premature babies, the additional financial worries and I’m sure many others.

Who am to say her first reaction is wrong or disturbing. It’s big news. Unexpected news. News that takes some getting use to for some. All things she can explain to her children if they should ask but highly doubtful she will need to as it’s your actions show how much you love your children not some quote in a soon to be out-dated TV guide.

I like her honesty. Everyone is so overjoyed with all things baby and pregnancy related when it’s completely normal and valid to be disappointed in gender, to take time getting used to twins, to not like all the changes your body is going through, to hate breast-feeding but doing it anyway and to voice your displeasure.

It think it’s silly..all those what if her children read that, what if they read this…And what if they do? That’s when good parenting, honest parenting, family dialogue come into to play and children get to see parents as loving, caring but occasionally flawed people.

iluvallbabies on

Yeah I do see your point Sheba. As I said earlier, maybe I was being overly senstive :)

I just thought maybe “shocked” was a nicer way of putting it- but then again, I admire people for being completely honest.

Either way they are going to be some cute bubbas!

A on

I think she is just a tad bit condescending saying what she did about the fertility drugs and Im sure someone will bring it to her attention. Just because she may not feel she could cope with 3 under 2 doesnt mean others wouldnt. I took fertility drugs to conceive my second child 6mths after my first was born due to infertility and recurrent m/c. I didnt particularly want another 2yr battle to get pregnant. I could have had twins and would have been truly happy with anything God threw at me. Good luck to her though, atleast she has the money to get a Nanny.

Kelly on

you know what would be hilairous is if it turns out shes having two boys & she wore that shirt to throw everyone off lol

TwinMamma on

I think her comments about hoping the twins “were something else,” is being blown out of proportion. When I first saw two on my ultrasound it was a shock, to say the least. While I love my twins dearly, it would have been a much scarier thought had I already had a toddler. That being said, with our surprise pregnancy when my twins were 13months old, I was slightly disappointed when I only saw one baby…go figure. Three under two isn’t that bad, it’s actually fun!


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