Jack Black: Son confuses dad's belly with mom's expectant one

05/13/2008 at 01:16 PM ET

Jackblack40379_cbbAppearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last evening, Jack Black, 38, revealed that wife Tanya Haden is due with their second child at the end of May. The actor and comedian also discussed 23-month-old son Samuel Jason‘s varying degrees of understanding and confusion over the pregnancy.

I got another bébé coming. Comin’ down the pike pretty soon … I’m excited, here comes another one. Baby’s coming at the end of the month and I’m a little bit nervous.

Sammy’s still a baby too, so he kind of knows there’s a baby coming. He sees momma’s bump on her belly and he goes up to her, points at her belly, and says, ‘baby,’ so he knows, but then the other day he pointed at my belly and said, ‘baby,’ so I don’t know if he really has the concept down. And he also pointed at my chest area and said, ‘boobies,’ so I need to drop a couple [pounds] I think.

When asked which parent he thinks Sammy resembles, Jack replied that it’s definitely Tanya — although he’d like some credit as well!

A lot of people say he is the cutest little snuffleumpagus ever, and he looks exactly like his mom. And I say, ‘Come on, maybe some of the cute sauce came from over here, people! But he does look just like his momma, which is good.

Source: The Tonight Show; Photo by Frazer Harrison for Getty Images.

Thanks to CBB reader Maya.


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louise on

lol…you gotta love jack black!

susan on

Talk about a house that is filled with laughter!!!

Amy on

Have they revealed the sex of their baby yet? Last night my hubby and I were watching the interview and he referred to the baby as “he” and immediately after he said it we both thought he acted a little flustered, like he didn’t mean to call the baby “he.” Maybe we were reading too much into it, but we both picked up on it.

Sarah on

No, they haven’t revealed it. This is the first time he even says when she’s due. I noticed the ‘he’ slip too. At least it’s only a few more weeks until we know for sure!

Sasha on

His son is a total cutie – no questions there!

Autumn on

To Jack’s comments about his son Sam thinking even he had a “baby in there”, all I have to say is ROTFLOL! XD

Amanda on

You gotta love Jack! He’s so funny and seems a genuinely nice guy. I can’t wait to see he and Angelina at Cannes doing promotion together. Should be fun 😉

Penny on

I saw last night’s leno and didn’t notice any slip, but maybe i wasn’t paying close enough attention. Are you sure he wasn’t referring to his son when he mentioned he. I think it’s gonna be a girl so we’ll see.

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

I love the celebrity daddy stories on CBB. Too funny.

Racheal Taylor on

I love Jack Black he’s so hilarious. My children and I really enjoy him.