Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go boating with sons

05/13/2008 at 01:26 PM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, took sons Maddox Chivan, 6 ½, and Pax Thien, 4, out for a boating trip in Monaco today. The couple expect their fifth child this summer.


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ana on

I love that Angelina is wearing the pink dress again! Can’t wait to see the new little one!

mamabear812 on

What a beautiful family!

Yesterday it was the girls, now the boys!


michelle on

I love them and Angelina looks so pretty in that dress. I love it. They look like such a happy family. No matter what they are doing. And Brad looks better every single day.

Leslie on

I love every photo thats taken of this family! They just seem like the people next door,so down to earth!

leslie r. on

This family is sooo beautiful ..I hope more people adopt..We adopted our daughter in Nov 2006 and feel so blessed to have her!

I wish them the best!

Erin on

I really love how they have “family days,” “girls days” and “boys days” – really good thinking! =) Triple love this family – cannot wait for the new Jolie-Pitt to make their appearance! =) ♥

Bancie1031 on

I really love seeing pictures of this family and I can’t wait to see the newbie. Hopefully it won’t be long after the birth when we get to see her/him :).
I have seen everywhere (on magazine covers and what not) that their having twin girls, does anyone know if they or their publicist has confirmed yet if there is any truth to the gossip? As far as I know they haven’t even confirmed the pregnancy yet but through pictures.

Rayan on

Love this family as well!

Beautiful boys too! My goodness!

Oh and for the rumors circulating that shes expecting twin girls..
She obviously is only carrying one child. She is due in July and by the looks of it she isn’t big enough to be carrying 2. Unless they are very very very small babies.
My neighbor is due in August with twins and is bigger than Angelina.

Megan on

I LOVE this family so cute! Angelina looks amazing! She should carry the dresses over to her non preggo wardrobe too!

Angie on

Did anyone else notice a pic of Angelina’s back on x17’s website? It clearly shows 5 tatoo’s of the lattitude/logitude , but her 5th is not even born yet, and all the speculation of twins? would this confirm that there is only one??

gigi on

those boys really are going to be heartbreakers when they grow up….they are so handsome.

Mary on

FYI, that tatoo you are referring is not her longitude/latitudes. Those are on her left upper arm and there are still four. But those pictures here and on x17 and elsewhere are sweet. Brad being protective and all. Great family with individual time for one, two or all. Thanks

Catherine on

The tattoos she has on her left sholder is a prayer of Buddhist Sanskrit symbols for her son Maddox which covers up the old Japanese “death” tattoo.
The latitude/ longitude tattoo she has is on her left arm which cover up her “Billy Bob” tattoo.

Source & pictures of all of her tattoos~~

Danielle on

Angie, the four coordinates tattoos are on her left arm. The five lines in her back that you saw are from a Buddhist prayer, or something like that…

All the children are gourgeous, and Brad… well, I have a thing for him since forever, lol… but I can’t get over how beautiful Angelina is these days. Just WOW!!!

Amanda on

Maddox is such a Mama’s boy, I love it! Adorable family, lovely photos.

amy on

Just one question:

How the heck does she stay so skinny even while pregnant? I mean, look at those skinny arms for crying out loud!

Btw: I’m still Team Aniston – just for the record. 🙂

Umma on

Can anyone explain to me why I actually feel a bit jealous whenever I see this family out and about? I love my own life, but for some reason I feel like a pang of envy when I see the Brangelina clan! Weird? I wish them the best! 🙂

Natasha on

What my favorite thing about this family is, is Pax! What was it, one year ago we had never even seen this little boy and now it seems like he’s always been around! He’s just beautiful, and seemingly thriving in his “new” family, probably his first ever family.

J.J. on

They really know how to spend time with their kiddos!! Can’t wait to see the new little one! I’m guessing boy for them though..

carla at on

Brad and Angelina seem like devoted parents and take their kiddos on so many fun outings. I can’t wait to see their next little one.

terri on

Angelina looks gorgeous. And voluptuous.

Lisa on

I’m not saying she isn’t or is carrying twins but don’t judge just on her size. When I was pg with my twins I was so sick in the first 4 months that I didn’t put on but 4 lbs. I didn’t look all that big till the very end. My boys were very healthy,6’3 and 5’10 born at 35 weeks. They came home with us 2 days later.

Meagan on

They have comfirmed they are excpeting twins. It’s on People.

DLR on

Okay, I must be a perv or something but all I can see in that picture is how large Angelina’s breasts are and how relaxed Pax looks against them, hehe. I swear she’s tripled in cup size since last fall when she was uber-skinny.

I’ve not seen Maddox with that kind of hair. He usually has like a mowhawk. Longish hair looks nice on him.

DLR on

Update: Oops! I think I made a mistake. That IS Maddox leaning against Angeline and Pax with Brad, or am I wrong? Either way, it is a lovely family picture.