James Caviezel and wife welcome a daughter

05/06/2008 at 02:54 PM ET

James_73425701cbbjpgThe Passion of the Christ star James Caviezel, 39, and his wife Kerri recently became the parents of a daughter from the Guangzhou region of China. The five-year-old girl has a brain tumor, and James explained that they were also offered a healthy baby girl, but decided that a child who was not sick had a higher chance of being adopted by another family.

The Caviezels also adopted son Bo from China in 2007. The then-five-year-old also had a brain tumor, but recovered after surgeries.

It didn’t matter to me because the joy that we had from [Bo] — he’s like our own. We took the harder road. That is what faith is to me; it’s action. It’s the Samaritan. It’s not the one who says he is; it’s the one who does — and does without bringing attention to himself. I’m saying this because I want to encourage other people.

Even though the challenge of adopting two children left him "completely terrified" at first, he doesn’t regret it one bit.

Yes, you do feel fear, you do feel scared but you have no idea the blessings that you have coming to you if you just take a chance on faith.

Source: Catholic.org

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Jaimi on

Wow, that is very admirable. This is the best thing I have read in a long time. I have always liked Jim but this makes me have the utmost respect for him. Being a woman very strong in my faith as well, I totally agree with what he is saying. Faith is action.

tara on

What a great, brave family.

Crystal on

The first word that comes to mind is wow. I have so much admiration for them and I hope the little girl pulls through just like Bo did. What lucky little children.

gigi on

he seems just as perfect as the role he played. God bless this beautiful family.

Philippa on

fantastic! so brave of them to do this!
hopefully the little girl will recover just like her brother and they’ll be a happy healthy family

Bren on

Wow!! Nothing but respect for this man! God bless him, and his children!!!!

Jessica L. on

Thank you for posting this. What a wonderful and courageous family. 🙂

RB on

Special kind of people!

Blackrose on

awww!! hes an angel and really brave! hope this little girl will be just fine! God Bless them!

eBirdie on

God bless him and his family, what a wonderful blessing.

Pamela on

While religion is extremely personal and varies between individuals, and although I am not an extremely religious person, I have the utmost respect for people like Jim and his family. They don’t preach or force what they believe in on others, they instead choose to act on their beliefs and faith. It is extremely admirable and I hope this little girl’s surgery goes well.

Tara on

my friend Michael is a friend of their family and they are the sweetest and most loving people from what I’ve heard. It’s so wonderful that they are excited to take the children that alot of people wouldn’t want and give them the love,security and care that they truly deserve.

Jennifer on

Bravo. Bravo.

Tracy on

What a wonderful family!! I really hope the child does as well as Bo 🙂

Amy A on

Mr. Caviezel has been a personal favorite of mine, ever since I saw Angel Eyes. I would see any movie he made, but, more importantly, he is a fine, fine human being. I will pray for his new daughter to heal from her cancer and I will also pray for all of the other ‘discarded’ girls in China and elsewhere around the world. Dear Jim, please know that I was the only person in the theater who bought a ticket the day I saw Bobby Jones but it was a beautiful movie and you are a beautiful person!

Liv on

I think it’s really great what there doing. Adotion is wonderful. I plan to adopt at least two of my kids from another country. I think it is so important because every child needs a home.

michelle on

I really admire that he has used his faith and love for kids to help kids who need it most. Most of the time children with health problems are not adopted and to see that he is adopting kids with needs, only makes me love him and his wife even more. He has always been a favorite of mine and I am so glad everyone else is getting to see how great a human being he is.

sigh on

That’s fantastic! Good for them! Loved Jim in “Frequency”

Cori on

Wow. No wonder he portrayed J*s*s. A very honourable family.

I hope their daughter’s surgery is a succes like Bo’s was.

I also hope they make efforts so the two children know their Chines culture.

kristen on

it’s so wonderful to hear about people with abundant resources choosing to adopt children who require expensive and necessary health care. with health care being so cost-prohibitive in this country (even for those with insurance), it’s difficult enough providing for children who don’t have life-threatening illnesses, much less those who do.

selly on

two thumbs up for this wonderful family

Sarah on

Her maiden name was Browitt.

Angela on

WOW!!! God Bless Jim and his wife, and precious kids. He is definitly the kindest man, not only gorgeous outside, but even more in the inside. God Bless this Angel!

Karen on

I love Jim Caviezel. I have seen every movie he has been in, he is just an amazing actor but an even more amazing person! Congrads on the new addition to the family and I wish all the best for their new little girl!

Barbara on

God bless the Caviezel family.

jjj on

Cori, why do you write Jesus’ name in code? The last time I checked, it was perfectly acceptable to write it with vowels.

Renee on

Comments like this bother me. Congrats to him for adoption and his new daughter but people who don’t believe in god can be just as giving as well. Faith doesn’t make you a better person or more inclined to give.

Sheri on

How wonderful that he literally practices what he preaches! I find that so many people – even in church – do kind acts just to draw attention and kudos to themselves. God bless him and his wife for their selfless love toward their children. They are a wonderful example for everyone.

Hea on

That’s a very admirable thing to do. Does anybody know what types of tumors the kids are affected with?

Melanie F. on

You noticed he used the words, “my, our, we” as in “HIS” personal situation and beliefs. He even said he was trying to encourage more people to do this. He didn’t say, “only people who believe in God or faith are giving, or should give”.

Faith has many different meanings even in the dictionary, not all of those meanings pertain to God, one of them is sincerity of intentions. He did not say that because one believes in faih, it makes you a better person or it will make you want to give more than someone who doesn’t. Good deeds are good deeds regardless of someone’s religious beliefs.

toni on

If I remember right, if you’re willing to adopt a special needs child from China, the wait isn’t as long. This interview was with a Catholic publication. He’s going to talk about his faith. He’s a serious Catholic, he won’t do certain things in his films.

kristen on


Cori might have written Jesus’ name in code because people of certain belief systems consider it inappropriate to fully write out or speak the names of the sacred figures they believe in, considering even the designating word too sacred. For example, there was a movie out a few years ago called Trembling Before G-d.

Kim on

PLEASE click on the “source” link and read the entire article, it is BEAUTIFUL. His faith is inspiring!

jjj on

Kristen, thanks for your reply.
Many Jews write G-d because it is forbidden to speak/write the name. In Hebrew it is represented by certain characters but there isn’t actually a ban on writing the name in English. Some choose to leave out the o anyway. I’ve never come across someone who thinks they have to write Jesus that way though. Has anyone ever seen a Bible that does that?

kristen on

Hi, again, JJJ–

Glad you caught my last message to you. For more about spelling Jesus and other sacred names without the vowels, you might want to check out the article “The Name of God” by Ruben Barrett. He explains things about halfway through the piece. You can google it.

Tanya on

I don`t understand this man and his wife. Why adopt a five year old with a brain tumor, who might die, when you could choose a healthy baby girl.




terri on

That is truly amazing. I hope that his daughter’s health improves.

Debbie on

I agree with Crystal, The first word that comes to mind is wow! I wish I was more like them, I would adopt absolutely, as I am adopted, but a special child. May God Bless that already blessed family, with love, happiness and health.
Love to see they do not adverise it and throw out to the world their good deeds they are just living!

Lisa on

Hi.. Just found your site . My mom lives in Washington State . Mr Caviezel was at my Mom’s church tonight speaking . My mom just called me to tell me how moving it was . I have seen all of his movie’s and he has so much talent. It’s nice to hear that he is also such a wonderful person. Not too many people can go out to Hollywood and make it . And then remain as honest and giving as he is .

Take care

Rita on

Jim is just wonderful. I wouldn’t expect nothing less from him. He’s write about faith. God bless them all.

Beverly on

So proud of Jim for standing on his convictions with the Hollywood crowd. No bedroom scenes for him!! What he and his wife have done for two very lucky children is wonderful. God bless them and their family.