Update: Sean "Diddy" Combs surrounded by family at Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

05/05/2008 at 09:01 AM ET

Update: Added photos of Sean, Kim, D’Lila and Jessie at the party held afterwards.

Originally posted on May 2nd: Sean "Diddy" Combs, 38, posed with his former partner Kim Porter and children Quincy, 16, Justin Dior, 14, Christian Casey, 10, and 16-month-old identical twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today.  Quincy’s dad is singer and radio personality Al B. Sure, and Justin’s mom is Misa Hylton-Brim.


Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images; Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com; Flynet.

More images and fashion info below.

Seanpdi_jean_51877675_max_cbbCombs_twins_241061cbbjpg Combs_twins_241064cbbjpg

Juicybaby_lilyterry_dressThe girls are wearing Juicy Couture Baby Terry Grand Bazaar Dress in Lily ($78).

Bg25051They also wear Stride Rite Stage 3 Argo in hot pink/light gray ($42).

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Erin on

Cute family!

Jessica L. on

Time really flies in Hollywood, I canNOT believe those baby girls are already 16 months old! I swear it seems like only yesterday I was looking at a photo of them on this blog sharing the same moses basket. They are super adorable, I love the matching outfits on all of them. Christian really has his daddy’s smile.

ummmmmmm on

I wonder how much Diddy paid them for that star cause he certainly doesn’t deserve it. Does Russell Simmons have a star? If anyone in the Hip-Hop world deserves one it’s HIM!

Campbell on

That is an amazing looking family… much to be proud of. Love to see the support. Sean Combs is a hard working man, much deserved recognicion. Beautiful!!!


They all look gorgeous. I’m loving that they all match. Congrats to Diddy on the walk of fame. The girls are so cute and the boys are handsome. Christian looks a lot like Diddy.

brooke on

Diddy has some strong genes, all his kids look so much like him. I wonder if the other baby girl he had right before the twins, look like the siblings cause it seems all his children look alike. I have always liked him though, he is funny on interviews and seems nice.

Gena on

THose twins are too cute. doesn’t Diddy have another girl by a Atlanta women?

Brandy on

Cute kids.

Christian is spitting image of his daddy, Quincy is Al B Sure made all over again, Justin is a cutie too but see nothing of diddy in him and the twins……a little of both parents maybe.

Adorable family though and happy that the whole his, mine and ours seem to be working out well.

Kat on

According to the press, it’s at least rumored that these two are back together…. so he may not be her ex anymore.

say1031 on


Yes, he has a daughter named Chance with that woman.

Erin on

Cannot believe those girls are already 16 months!! They are beautiful ♥

ummmmmmmmmmm on

The twins look nothing like their parents. They look more like their half-brother Justin who has a different mother….weird!

Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae's Mommy on

What a beautiful family! And what a horrible shame that the family is split now (if that’s still the verdict…?) I wonder why Chance wasn’t there.

Chloe B on

Very nice looking family!
I love the love 🙂

Crystal on

Aw those girls are adorable! Love all the matching outfits!

So what are they going to do when he changes his name again, change the star?! lol 🙂 **Just a joke**

lis on

Christian is the spitting image of his father!

MyEyesAreWatching on

Nice family shot. I do hope that Sean will also be present in his other daughter’s life if he’s not already

Autumn on

What a famly! I agree that the twins are adorable and Christian looks just like a little P. Diddy! lol! It’s interesting too that Justin and Quincy even sort of look alike, and they’re not even biologically related at all!

As far as why Diddy’s daughter Chance wasn’t there…well it’s probably the “other woman” syndrome. Kim can accept Diddy’s son Justin, because he was already around by the time Kim & Diddy started their relationship (I think), however Chance was born DURING their relationship…so if Kim & Diddy want to keep on good terms with each other, I can see why she wouldn’t want to have to see Chance’s mother around, dykwim?

Michelle on

Those twins are super adorable!

pinky on

Quincy looks just like his dad Al B. Sure. He was my first “crush”. How funny coming from a grown woman with boys ages 9 and 7 1/2???

missi on

Those twins are so adorable! They make a handsome family.
I wouldn’t expect to see Chance out with Diddy & fam anytime soon, considering some of the things Kim has said about the baby and her mother in past interviews, and in regards to her kids having a relationship with Chance.



bearcakes on

Goodlooking family. They look classy!

MegLeg on

I just realize how much the twins and Justin look so much alike! Even though they have different mothers. Justic actually looks like his mom but that’s crazy.

fay on

it it my understanding that Kim and Chance’s mother don’t much get along. So i can understand why she wouldn’t want her daughter there…it is also my understanding that Chance’s mother wants to keep her out of the spotlight as well as, Diddy, while from my understanding he is playing an active role in his daughter’s life, this is a baby that has clearly put a monkey wrench in his life’s plan… so unfortunately, i’m sure there is some contention w/ the entire situation there…

m-dot on

What a great looking bunch. Those are some sharp dressers!! The twins are just delicious! They look just like their mother. I bet she looked just like them as a baby. Quincy looks indentical to his dad Al B Sure. Most lil girls of color had crushes on Al B, BIG TIME in the later 80s. Christian looks like mini Puffy. Justin looks just like him mom Misa. She’s half black and half asian, so Justin has a great mix going on. They are all looking great.

I do however think it’s wack that Puffy doesn’t share these moments with his daughter Chance. Regardless of what Kim or any other baby’s mother/ girlfriend of the moment thinks…that is his child. Neglecting her in any way, should be out of the question.

corinne on

Its nice to see the whole family out together. At least Diddy steps up and takes care of his kids.

And for those of you wondering about his other daughter not being there, this is probably why. Kim Porter said this in an interview with Essence when asked if her son spends any time with Chance:

“Christian’s got two beautiful sisters. He ain’t thinking about the other one. , trust me when I tell you. That situation is over there, and this is over here and I ain’t got nothing to do with that”

I have no respect for her after that statement. but I’m sure diddy provides behind the scenes.

Simone on

Beautiful kids,i just wanna squeeze cheeks and kiss those lil girls!!

Its amazing that Quincy looks so ooo much like his father and it sure brings back memories of my younger days *sigh*,lol

About his other daughter Chance….whatever they have going on that little girl shouldnt have to suffer she didnt ask to be brought into this world and she has a right to know her siblings!!!

Lisa on

Corrine….I completely agree with you. I read that article and I lost a lot of respect for her after that.

I use to pity her being that her & Diddy seem to have an up and down relationship but after she said that I was like Oh no she didn’t…

That’s very selfish of her to say that. No matter the situation that is still her son’s sister. She needs to let him be aware that she has another sister.

I hate when ex-girlfriend’s or wives try to ignore the other sibling just because….

tink1217 on

what a gorgeous family they make!!!

cherish on

The girls wear Stride Rite
Argo Stage 3

FAY on

Lisa, Simone, and Corinne, i just want to say while i agree with you wholeheartedly & i too lost a lot of respect w/ Kim for that statement, in the grand scheme of things, Chance isn’t Kim’s daughter, and if Christian and those girls dont have relationships with eachother, that’s Puff’s fault… those are his children, is irresponsibility is what put them ALL in this predicament, and if Puff wanted her there, and didn’t make sure she was there, no matter WHO had an opinion about it, that too is Puff’s fault… but yeah, Kim was wack for that…

Ivey on

Diddy has that Mick Jagger vibe going on, I think Jerry Hall said something to the effect that she has nothing against Mick’s youngest son, I think his name is Lucas, and that she loves them all, even though Mick treated her with total disrespect, I think it is unfair of Kim to forgive Diddy, but look down on Chance.

Honestly I don’t think Kim totally embraces Justin either, you can just tell by her body language, he looks a bit excluded, oh well hopefully Diddy can step it up a bit.

brannon on

Gorgeous family!

(AND don’t be too quick to judge…anyone consider that maybe Chance’s mommy doesn’t want her involved in all of the media hype that would certainly surround her…AND Kim has put up with an awful lot…cut her a little slack. I agree with whoever said that Chance’s relationship with her siblings is up to Diddy and her mommy.)

sheba on

I have no words for Kim. Well one word. Pathetic. She is the “black” Jerry Hall. I thought Jerry was pretty pitiful herself. Ugh. It takes all kinds. But those two boys and two girls are just too cute.

I can’t speculate about baby Chance. But this isn’t the first time we’ll see photos of celebrities without all their children included in events from previous or adulterous relationships.

Turtlegranny on

WHat are Diddy’s twins girls name? It is
D’Lila Star and Jessie James? According to this article it is?

Nelly on

I think Kim’s Essence comment was taken a lil too harsh. During the time this interview came out it wasn’t long after they had broken up. I think she was just talking out of anger. Diddy takes care and considers Quincy just like his son.

Having that said all of them look great. Diddy has beautiful kids.

hillp on

I think that this is a beautiful picture of his family. Does anyone about the white dresses? I would love to get that dress for my little one. As for Kim’s comments about Chance in Essence, I agree with Nelly, I think it was a bitter pill for her to swallow with Chance’s mother having a relationship with Diddy while they were together. I know Diddy is at fault for that, but I think it is easier for her to be angry at the other woman. I also believe that if Diddy really wanted Chance there she would have been there unless her mother did not want her there.

MyOpinion on

I hadn’t heard Kim’s comment about Puff’s other daughter. They may have come from an angry place but Kim has several children of her own. She should know better than to discuss those kinds of things in the press. She would not want Chance’s mother in the press saying anything about her kids. A simple “no comment” would be justified in that situation. You should not bad mouth any situation involving children. She knows Puff. She knows what he does and if she is willing to accept his affairs, she should be willing to accept the child he created as a result of that because at the end of the day, all of the kids are FAMILY.

But then again, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. There could be any number of reason’s why his other daughter wasn’t there. Either way, the part of Puff’s family that was there, looked very nice!

terri on

Kim makes the most ridiculous statements. I’m embarassed for her. She’s always blaming the other woman whether it be Jennifer Lopez or Chance’s mother. I hope that Sean doesn’t allow Kim to curtail his involvement in his daughter’s life.

terri on

Quincy looks just like his father. He couldn’t deny him if he wanted to.

If You Were In Kim Shoes on

It’s very easy for anyone to say that Kim should have not made this statements which I agree to a certain extent. People say things out of anger,resentment,betrayal,and most of all some of you that’s ridicule her because you all are not in Kim shoes. Just put the shoe on the other foot for a second and see how would you feel, yeah it’s all Diddy fault but at the same time this other woman knew he was with Kim regardless of whatever he did to make her feel comfortable,she knew.No it’s not the child fault in reality but I really wouldn’t want to see the child either because every time I saw that child it would bring back painful memories,but I would never stop my kids from seeing the child. This is all Diddy’s fault when you get to the bottom of this. He created the entire situation. People always on the outside looking in you don’t know what you would have done or said until you were put in a situation like this. We need to stop being so judgemental of one another. Kim has taken a lot off Diddy. I think he need to get somewhere and settle down with his family and I’m talking about Kim. Kim don’t worry about what people say about you,I know I wouldn’t.

gabbygirl on

They are a nice looking family but when you have money, that’s expected. I think the only person that looks like Diddy is Christian. I never thought Diddy was a Pretty Ricky (fine man), but he is an attractive man. As far as the third daughter situation goes, I can understand why it would be hard for Kim to accept the situation. If I was suppose too be the main squeeze in my man’s life and thought that I was giving him the one thing he didn’t have (baby girls) and got that gift taken away by someone else, it would be hard for me also. However, I would be careful about what I allowed to be publish about my feelings on the situation. Call Dr. Phil and have a private blow up session. It’s a win-win situation because you’ll get the help to get through the ordeal and because your therapy session would be protected by privacy laws, should info about your private thoughts be leaked out, you’ll not only have the publicity that you want on the matter, but you would always have legal recourse. Because Kim avoided taking the Dr. Phil route, she is made out to be the bad guy in the matter and have people placing the blame on her for the absence of the other daughter. What people seem to forget is that we are talking about Mr. Making The Band himself. As long as it worldly, if Diddy wants it, Diddy will get it. If he truly wanted his daughter there, Kim and how she feels would not have been a factor. He is much more of an asset in her life than she is in his and for this reason; Kim has no significant amount of control that can force that man to abandon his daughter if he wants her around. But like I said, we don’t know the reality of the situation and need to put on brakes before jumping to conclusions. Kim really needs to be careful with what she allows to get publish because she doesn’t want to over play your hand and upset the only hand that can feed her the way she wants to be fed. PS: I happen to think that of all the women Diddy have been rumored to be with, Kim compliments him the best in term of physical appearance. I am a black sista that love to see black men getting to the root of things.