Tori Spelling Celebrates Her Baby Shower

05/04/2008 at 09:48 PM ET

Actress Tori Spelling, 34, celebrated her baby shower at a Beverly Hills, CA-area hotel on Sunday, May 4th. She and husband Dean McDermott expect their daughter in early June.


Photos by INF;

Two more images below.


Tori_spelling_baby_cookies_400Tori chose these custom cookies and plantable seed card favors for her shower from Beau Coup.

25926_mid_lTori wears Juicy Couture’s Smocked dress in wheatberry ($220).

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Lacey on

Tori always looks great! Look at those shoes! I could barely walk in those and i’m not even preggers 🙂 More power to her.

iluvallbabies on

I cant get over those shoes!!!!!!!

Elyse on

LOVE her entire outfit (including the shoes!) I hope she had a very nice shower!! 🙂

Kelseyk on

Question – I’ve always thought that you have a baby shower for your first baby only. Some of my friends have had multiple showers, some not. Is there typically a rule? Maybe it depends on if your having the opposite sex the second time around?

Mollie on

@ Kelseyk– It depends on your circle of friends! In mine, every baby gets a baby shower, regardless of gender or whether it’s the first, second, fifth… you get the idea. Today I went to a shower for my friend’s 4th daughter… we all went in together to buy her a nice car seat instead of normal shower gifts. These days, people don’t care as much about “rules”. Every baby deserves to be celebrated!

EK on

I know my mom had two baby showers but yes she did have two genders. it depends on the person I think :):P

Bancie1031 on

I guess it just depends on how u feel about it …. personally my family always give babyshowers, along with my friends. I don’t think that it’s that uncommon. I LOVE her shoes!!! I can’t wait to see what she names her little girl …. I’m so Happy for her, Dean and Liam …… getting a little girl!

coco on

i think tori looks really cute but those shoes are like, omg. i fell in some just like those and i wasnt even pregnant then. maybe its just me but im very clumsy when im pregnant and my feet often hurt so bad i cant imagine wearing some of the shoes i see these celebrities wearing. but to each his (or in this case, her) own

Alex on

Another shower? How many showers are you allowed to have? Do you get more pragmatic the more you have? (sorry i’ve never been and have never had so this needs to be explained to me)

Kelly on

oooh those shoes wouldnt be comfortable when normally but especially not now! i dont know how she does that i would be worried out of my mind that i would fall & hurt the baby

Kelly on

oh & since i forgot to add this since im not pregnany i would wear those shoes but i would probally fall lol

Sarah on

Wedge shoes are SUPER comfy, if you’re going to do heels, that’s the way to go!

Love Tori’s style this pregnancy.

brooke on

I think tori looks great and very stylish. I can see her having a shower, because even though her babies are close in age, it’s a girl and her first was a boy, so she needs all new clothes and girl stuff. I think baby showers are ok if your going on your 2nd or 3rd baby,but if it’s like your 6th girl say in 8yrs, I would imagine friends and family members are tired of getting you baby stuff every year and you probably have enough baby stuff to last you a lifetime lol.

Carole on

You can always have a “party” for the baby and not call it a shower (with all the usual expectation of games, gifts, etc). I agree that every baby deserves to be celebrated, so what my friends are doing for my second pregnancy is throwing a party where I’ve asked people not to bother with gifts, because I do have all the gear and clothes from my first baby (same gender, same season). I just want an excuse to dress up and mingle with my friends on such a happy occasion.

ang on

i thought maybe she’d wait til her birthday (may 16) and combine this with it, but ah well, she looks fabulous.another site says it was at the Le Petit Hotel in West Hollywood and no celeb guests were present. not sure if that’s accurate tho…

Dana on

Sometimes a shower for second, third, etc. child is held because the babies are close in age and the parents need “extra” goods, i.e. stroller, bedding, car seat.

My two are less than 3 years apart and I had the need for “extras.” I was NOT planning on having a second shower, however. We were going to purchase whatever was needed for the baby. My family (and my best friend) all fought over who was going to give me a shower. I told them that I didn’t need one, but they insisted. My mother-in-law gave me my first shower. My husband’s step-mother gave me my second shower. My mom, my sister, and my best friend have all stated that I have to have 3 more children so they can all give me a baby shower. 😉

Tamika on

Tori makes it a point to prove that “maternity” clothes can be stylish and sexy!!! I so love the outfits she wears. As for the baby shower comments. Each pregnancy is no less miraculous then your first. Expecting a new baby is an exciting event, so why not celebrate with a shower!!!!

Isabell on

cultures are soo different now adays…. For us, we bought everything for our children and had only baby shower once i was prego with my 4th child. This was only because i wanted a baby shower. I wish i had such kind people like you all… i had no clue other people would buy you big ticket items…oh well i never knew.

Snexig on

Beautiful 🙂

Crystal on

I think that having a baby shower for each is perfectly fine! Each child deserves to be celebrated, even if you have the same gender and reuse everything! Just because they were born second doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be celebrated!
Maybe don’t call it a ‘baby shower’… just have a party or something.
That’s just the way I look at it 🙂

Tone on

As far as a second baby shower, my best friend has a 3 yr old daughter and is having a son next month. She is having a “Baby Sprinkle,” not as elaborate as a “SHower”, just really a time to get all the friends and family together for a cookout and you can bring gifts if you want. I love the idea. And if I have a second cild I plan to do the same thing!

Courtney on

SHe looks adorable this time around, I really like the dress and the shoes, but I can’t wear either…LOL…

As far as the shower, In my circle of friends , families, etc…You get a shower…for your first…period. Its considered rude to have another shower, especially if the kids are close in age. I always thought showers were something special to celebrate your first child and to shower you with gifts. I didnt need showering of gifts 18 months later when I had my 2nd child or 14 months after that with my 3rd child. 4 years later I had my 4th child (and 1st boy) and we didnt have a shower. We have a welcoming party for the baby with family and friends to welcome to new little one, but we ask for no gifts.

I guess our family is a little different, we just always figured if we chose to have another child it was up to us to buy everything for it, and we have.:)

I wish I was so lucky to have people insisting on giving multiple showers.

Michelle on

I think it would be rude to ask someone to throw you a 2nd baby shower, but it would also be rude to refuse the kind gesture of friends who would like to celebrate with you.

Many women have more than 1 baby shower for the first child anyway. My sister had 4. Her co-workers hosted a shower at work, I hosted her family and friends shower, her mother in law hosted another family shower in her town and her college girlfriends had a shower for her during a reunion weekend when everyone was in town for a football game. Sometimes showers are more about celebrating with friends and family and less about the gifts.

Bren on

In our family and circle of friends we get a shower for each child. I guess every person is different! I only have one child at this time so I have only gotten one babyshower, but my sister in law has 2 girls and she had 2 babyshowers for her second shower she mainly got clothes and diapers, none of the big stuff because she already had them.

I don’t mind giving gifts to the people I love and care about, I am going to give them a gift anyway so why not give it to them at a shower, I really don’t mind…I love babyshowers 🙂

sheba on

I had a shower for both my sons. 16 months apart. Tee. Hee. My aunt threw my first shower and went ALL OUT. I was like wow!!! I thought it would be a few friends and a bucket of Popeyes. LOL! I have to say I had one of the best times of my life.

My second shower was at my home, but my mother-in-law planned it. She was such a horror to me with the birth of my first son, and I mean HORRIBLE!!!! I think this was her way of making it up to me but it was too little too late and our relationship was never a good one.

The difference between the first shower and the second shower was I got more “practical” items with the second shower than with my first. My first was all FUN STUFF!!! Tee. Hee.

I love showers, heck I love parties in general. I wouldn’t care if it were my friend or family member’s first shower or 6th. I’ll be there will bells on and a gift (even if they say not to bring anything). LOL! Who doesn’t like presents.

Sarah on

She is so pretty.
Love her dress!

Mandy on

You know…that is exactly what my body looked like when I was pregnant with my daughter!I wore a very similar outfit and my belly looked identical. I got bigger much sooner than she did, though. I wonder what they are going to name their little girl.

Sheepy on

Why, when you are celebrity are you soliciting gifts from friends anyway??????? I think it is tacky and uncalled for. If can afford to have a child in the first place then you should be able to afford to clothe and furnish it.
Just my opinion.

Sasha on

Tori looks adorable and amazing for also having a one year old!

Betty on

Tori looks very Beautiful!! I especially love her haircut. Im sure her baby girl will be just as beautiful too 🙂

Stephany on

She looks so fantastic! I love her dress!

amy on

Does anyone know who designs those shoes? They are so cute!

tina barringer on

Tori looks great….

Tanya on

Early June? I have a feeling she will meet her daughter before then. May 15 – 22 ish is my guess. We will see 🙂 At any rate, not only does she look amazing (as always), she has a much, much better style this pregnancy than the last one. Liam is my fav celeb baby. He is such a happy little guy in all his pics. A total ham 😉 Congrats to this beautiful family.

ang on

another blog is reporting the shower also featured pink and white striped beach balls and that the event was thrown by message from the heart apparel. also that tori is craving sweet foods with this pregnancy but she hasn’t shopped much yet for the new arrival because she’s afraid of debt(those who have read her book will understand).