Jamie Lynn Spears visits a friend to see puppies

05/02/2008 at 01:21 PM ET

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, was spotted going to a friend’s house to see some new puppies before visiting a clinic in McComb, MS on Thursday, May 1st.  She expects her baby in late June/early July.


Photo by Mauceri/Adao/INFphoto.com.

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Autumn on

Aw baby’s having a baby…It’s really evident now.

I hope all is going well for her.

Cassandra on

WHOA! That’s a belly! I think the belly looks cute on her though. I don’t necessarily think she should be pregnant, but she carries it well.


“WHOA! That’s a belly! I think the belly looks cute on her though. I don’t necessarily think she should be pregnant, but she carries it well”.

Cassandra, at this point it really doesn’t matter what you think. So what, she is a teen! The only thing that matters is that she takes care of baby. I am so sick of all these perfect mothers “old mothers” thinking they are better mothers; than younger mothers.

tink1217 on

Jamie Lynn looks great under the circumstances. She has definitely popped!

Sarah on

Wow, what a belly on her, she looks great!!

I’m over the shock factor now and I just wish her the best.

Heather on

pop, pop, POP! Wow did that belly ever come out. I think she looks cute.

Jen on

When did Cassandra say she was a better mother than Jamile Lynn. It was just an OPINION. Relax.

Jennifer on

Good for her!!! She looks great!! Age doesn’t always come with wisdom!! So everyone needs to stop using that as an excuse to bash her!



babyboopie on

oh she’s beautiful, really glowing, wish her all the best in the next few weeks and that the baby arrives safely.

Theonlycay on

Wow she is all baby now! I love the shirt she is wearing.

Betty on

JamieLynn looks ver cute pregnant. Age doesnt make anybody a better Mother, and I think she is capable of being just as good as a Mom as anyone else. Congrats JaimeLynn!

angelbaby33 on

She looks so cute with those glasses on! 🙂

Cassandra on


Dude. I’m 17. I haven’t even had a boyfriend for longer than two months. Chill.

And I said that so people wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that I was condoning her pregnancy because I said she looked good pregnant. Obviously, I was worried about the wrong people.

martina on

Cassandra didn’t say ANYTHING offensive. Not even remotely. I would guess a lot of people think that a 16 year old girl being pregnant isn’t the best case scenario. But it is what it is, and good luck to Jamie Lynn. She looks adorable.

Bren on

Her belly just popped over night!! wow!! That is what happend to me, I barely showed and at my 6-7 month pum a huge belly!!

Jamie Lynn looks adorable! Best luck to her 🙂

Diane on

LALA…We “old mothers” as you so politely stated, are not perfect mothers. There’s no such thing as perfection. Girls the age of Jamie having children, is just not something that is recommended. Mainly because they are still children themselves, and their bodies have not matured to the point of handling a pregnancy as well as an older mother would. It’s a fact, that having a child at such a young age, is incredibly hard on the body. It’s hard on an older mother’s body too, but she is more capable of handling it at that point in life.

No, it doesn’t mean that she won’t be a good mother. She may very well be a great mother, but teen pregnancy is not something that is encouraged. If my 16 year old daughter came home, told me she’s pregnant, it would be a shock, but we’d deal. I pray that never happens.

With any first time mother, there are many things to learn. Babies don’t come with a “how to take care of me book”. We learn as we go. I’m sure her baby will be loved, but I’m also guessing that after she gives birth, she’s going to think about it very hard before she tries for number 2 anytime in the near future. Her life is going to change drastically.

This was a choice that Jamie made at a very tender age, and she and her family must now deal with the reality of it. Being pregnant is the easy part, but taking care of the baby is the hard part. I have 5 children, and it’s been a wonderful journey. Once a mother, ALWAYS a mother. The job never ends.

Cassie on

I wish people would stop being so critical of Jamie Lynn. People acted so shocked when the news broke but they didn’t stop to think that there is really nothing shocking about it. Teenage girls get pregnant everyday all over the world. Just because she is a celebrity doens’t make her any different. She’s a teenage mother. She’s made the responsible decision to keep the baby and raise it. This kid already has a better chance than a lot of babies born to teen mothers. She actually has the financial ability to take care of this child. Her baby will be taken care of. As women we should support her instead of critisizing her for her mistakes. She’s bringing a child into this world and regardless of her age a baby is always a blessing to celebrate.

Tatum on

Could not have said it better Cassie

brooke on

She got big, and her face is changing too. I think it is a girl.

Jilly on

My personal opinion is that having a child is a huge life-changing decision whatever age you are.

My first son was born when I was barely 21. I left my boyfriend during the pregnancy, struggled on my own financially and tried to hold down gainful employment to feed and support us both. We ended up on welfare more than once. But we made it. I had to grow up fast and become more responsible. But I learned. Most of our troubles would have been moot if I had been more financially secure. This young woman is very lucky that she has financial security at such a young age. She will never (hopefully) know what it is like to queue up, cap in hand, for stale bread and soggy fruit to feed a child. I learned from that though and it made me a better person and a better mother.

My first son is now almost 14. He sees that we have come a long way from the early days. I am still on my own as a parent and even have another son, who is 4. We are a strong family unit!

Ultimately, I still have days where I realize I don’t know everything about parenting and I don’t have all the answers. Who does? I had my boys nearly 10 years apart and I can honestly say I still felt overwhelemed after both of their births. Age, in my humble opinion, is only one factor. If she stays calm and focused on her and her child, she will be fine. Being a mother is a daily learning process.

I don’t think we should condemn her because she is 17. I know some women in their thirties who are first time mothers and they are completely lost.

Bottom line – we should all support each other and stop passing judgement. One day it may be you on the receiving end. 🙂

Kayla on

I think she looks adorable.

I too am sick and tired of people making judgement calls that they have NO right to make. I was 19 when I had my daughter, guess what? I had been married for a year. My husband has a great career and we own our home. Im now 21 and pregnant with our second baby. Pregnancy was very easy on my body and I am just as good of a mother as anyone I know. Age really doesnt mean anything. She at least is taking responsibility unlike most girls and even women that I see.

amy on

To anyone who criticizes her for getting pregnant, think back to what you were doing when you were in high school….and then think about your own teenagers. I never had sex in high school, but we fooled around ALOT, drank, smoked pot, etc. and if you don’t think kids are doing it today, you need to take off your blinders. My sister continually said how good my nephew was and how he never drank until the night he was 16 and wrapped his car around a tree (drunk). Luckily he was okay, but my sister was very naive about the whole thing.

aury on

she looks so sad. hope everything goes ok for her.

UggaMugga.com on

There’s a pretty valid rumor going around that the baby is a girl:


Mika on

I can understand why ppl. have very strong opinions on this one… While I don’t agree/condone teens having babies (they still need to do alot of growing/maturing/living) themselves… why get so over-involved with someone like JLS- it’s not as if this girl will actually *raise* this baby herself- she’ll still get to sleep till noon, *work* on her teen show, go to h-wood primieres, etc… her life is changed now, because she’s carrying the baby, but believe me- she’ll be right back to her “original-care-free” lifestly in no time… such a huge mis-conception and falsity for other young girl’s in her *situation*.

Jamie on

people talk about teenage mothers…I had my son 4 days after I graduated highschool and I was only 17…and I just had my second and I’m not even 20 yet..age doesn’t determine how good of a mother you are…its how you care for your child any woman can a mother but it takes alot of heart and love to be a mommy…I know women years older than me who couldn’t care less what their children do..so shes 17 and pregnant okay big deal…she could be one of those people who frankly doesn’t care and not take care of herself or that baby….no one has said anything bad just saying my part on this subject…

Philippa on

i think she looks great XD

Vanessa on

I disagree with everyone saying the baby has a good start simply because JLS is loaded financially by most standards. Having enough money to cover expenses and extras does not make you a good mother–it just means you’ve covered one of the myriad of qualifications. What about the articles saying she is handing her baby over to her mother so she can continue to live like a carefree teenager? How is that learning responsibility, and what kind of message does that send to her child: that mom wants you, but on her specific terms, and only later on after she’s done having fun? Yeah, she still sounds like a silly teen to me.

Kate on

I don’t think it’s fair to say that she’s doing THE responsible thing as if it’s irresponsible to put a baby up for adoption. What is right for some is not right for others. Obviously Jamie Lynn has the resources to raise a child, but that is not true for everyone. My sister gave a baby up for adoption because she loved it enough to know she didn’t have the resourced to give it the best life possible. She made the responsible decision for her and her baby. There is no one responsible choice.

Cristina on

@ Vanessa- There was one tabloid that reported that she was handing the baby over to her mother once it was born but that was just a rumor. It’s hard to say what type of mother she will be until that baby is here. The tabloids are having a field day with her right now. Almost every other week there is one that says “Casey’s not the father” “Pregnant Jamie Lynn” out partying.

I wish the paps would leave her alone. Having a baby at 17 is hard enough, I know I did it already, they aren’t helping at all.

babyboopie on

I had my son at 19, and I was constantly having people give me disapproving looks and I received some hurtful comments from people when I was pregnant and I felt as if I wasn’t allowed to enjoy my pregnancy, and I felt ashamed of myself, like I was nothing. I used to get things like “How OLD are you again?” and “Poor thing!” and that really shattered my confidence in myself as a mother. I began to think seriously about my baby’s future- maybe he would be better off without me, and my boyfriend didn’t help, leaning towards adoption although he stood by me in the end. It was a horrible time, but when Pierre was born, I looked into his beautiful dark blue eyes and I felt unconditional love for him. I knew I could never give him up, he was my little angel. I was determined to not let anyone spoil his birth because he was really a beautiful, happy, healthy baby. I have always put my son’s needs first, before myself and he is now 4yrs old, intelligent (does really well in his class at school) happy, healthy and is a good boy. He never gives me any trouble, therefore I believe I have done a good job in raising him so far. Having Pie is the most hardest thing I have ever done but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I do wish sometimes I had waited a bit longer so I could enjoy my life in a carefree way, but when I look at my boy, I know I am blessed. It does not matter how old you are, but how determined and responsible you are- I have friends (mothers) who are in their 30s and they are not sure about how to parent their children.

Rye on

I feel the same way as most of the other posters feel. I think it’s a shame that the situation happened, but unfortunately, it did, so you just have to move on and deal with it and wish for the best. I would never CONDONE “PLANNED” teenage pregnancy-but when it happens because of ignorance or accidents, there’s just nothing more to do than be responsible and make a choice that will effect your life regardless.

I DO however hope that Jamie Lynn really isn’t engaged. I do think it is FAR too early for her to be jumping into marriage. I would be shocked if she wound up married to the father of her baby at her age-especially having seen how her sisters marriage ended for her at her young age. I hope she isn’t using the pregnancy as a crutch to get married.

Also, Perez Hilton posted on his site that Jamie announced she was indeed having a girl. She is very excited about having a “mini me”. I dont have the link to it any longer, but I did send it to the baby blog (they never posted it though). but, anyhoo!

Krissy on

“Cassandra, at this point it really doesn’t matter what you think. So what, she is a teen! The only thing that matters is that she takes care of baby. I am so sick of all these perfect mothers “old mothers” thinking they are better mothers; than younger mothers.”

I’m a young mother (I got pregnant with my first at 16) and I also don’t believe she should be pregnant being so young & unmarried, but at the same time: people make mistakes & let’s hope she turns out to be as good of a mother as I am 🙂 I have 5 kids now and I know I’m a good mom, even though I started early.. (oh and I married the father of my children), but if I had to do it all again, I would have waited a few more years..

None-the-less, Congrats on your pregnancy! 🙂

gobera on

I think she looks really cute and all but in this day and age, I don’t understand why these things happen at all! There is so many forms of protection today that these “Oops” incidents should not be happening.

Levi on

WHOA! That’s a belly! I think the belly looks cute on her though. I don’t necessarily think she should be pregnant, but she carries it well.

Posted by: Cassandra at May 2, 2008 2:34:11 PM

Cassandra I really find your post offensive. First, yes pregnant women have increased abdominal girth, nothing new here. Secondly you state that you do not think she should “necessarily think she should be pregnant.” Was your post a mistatement and what you meant was you don’t think she should have been sexually active at 15? Because once you conceive there really is no choice other than abortion. . . are you insinuating that you think she should have done that? Good grief once the deed is done all that she needs is support, not insensitive comments from the p-nut gallary!

Lacey on

What a belly!!

Diane on

Kayla, I beg to differ at your comment of “age doesn’t mean a thing”. As we age, our bodies age with us. Having a baby at 19, is much different than having a baby 10 or 20 years later. As we age, and have babies, it takes our bodies much longer to recover. When I had my first, I felt like I had been hit by a truck, and I was 31 at the time. It didn’t stop me from having 4 more, but with each additional pregnancy, the recovery time was longer. Plus the older we get, the chances for complications is much greater. Actually these chances increase after the age of 35.

I agree with Venessa’s comments about Jamie’s financial status in life. Just because people have all the money in the world, does not a good parent parent make. Money has nothing to do with being a good parent. It’s unconditional love and support of that child. Raising that child to be the best person he/she can be. Sure, if your financially stable, which I believe most of us aren’t, it helps, but it doesn’t buy happiness.

I don’t agree to a girl that age becoming pregnant, anymore than I agree with a 65 year old women becoming pregnant. That’s my opinion.

Sarah on

I wish her and Casey the best of luck on their upcoming arrival!

Cassandra on

I said that so I wouldn’t get my head ripped off by people who think she shouldn’t be pregnant. Honestly.I’m fine with her pregnancy. I’m not even surprised by the fact that she is! I’ve known girls who were pregnant at 14. I probably should not have said that since everyone is taking it so hard.

And yes, I know that pregnant women get big, the last time we saw her, she wasn’t as big. I was commenting on the fact that she really popped. She looks good with the belly.

Here is how my first post should have been:

WHOA! That’s a belly! She looks so cute with the belly!

morgan on

Levi- did you not read the full discussion of Cassie’s comments? Even though she didn’t really need to, she explained her comments well. She’s also entitled to the opinion that a teen pregnancy is not “ideal”. As she said, she’s 17 and I am glad she feels it would not be ideal to become pregnant at this point. We have a very high teen pregnancy rate and not all of the mothers have the resources Jamie Lynn does which can make it difficult. She made no comment on abortion or anything of the like. I am 30 and think a teen pregnancy is not ideal either. But regardless of all of these opinions, including yours on Cassie’s comment, Jamie Lynn looks lovely pregnant. Very full and wow, it does seems sudden, as you guys said! 🙂 She has seemed to look sad lately but I think it is just that she has such a full mouth anyway and her face has bloomed. Plus, would you be smiling if everywhere you turned when you were far along and had just thrown your hair up to go run errands were cameras trying to sneak a picture of you? not me! 🙂

Jackie on

“Because once you conceive there really is no choice other than abortion. . .”

Um, ADOPTION, I am pro-choice here but to rule out adoption is so, I dont know stupid.

Second of all, how old were your grandparents when they had your parents, yeah thats right probably pretty young. Don’t judge age is just number here people.

jacky on

“LALA…We “old mothers” as you so politely stated, are not perfect mothers. There’s no such thing as perfection. Girls the age of Jamie having children, is just not something that is recommended. Mainly because they are still children themselves, and their bodies have not matured to the point of handling a pregnancy as well as an older mother would. It’s a fact, that having a child at such a young age, is incredibly hard on the body. It’s hard on an older mother’s body too, but she is more capable of handling it at that point in life.”

diane- i think your post is absolutely ridiculous. i had my first child at 21, and everyone i talked to(including all the doctors and nurses at the hospital) kept telling me that having a child young is the way to go. that your body IS better able to handle a pregnancy and younger women are able to recover quicker after having a baby. so please get your facts straight. why would women ovulate around 13 if there body was not ready for a pregnancy? yes, they themselves may not be mentally prepared, but their body is. honestly, i think jamie lynn having a baby at 17 is more natural than women who are 40+ and have to go through fertility treatments to even get pregnant.

young moms are great moms too!

Mary on

It seems like she never smiles in photographs that are taken. Of course, I’m not sure if I would smile at the paparazzi if they followed me around all day.

Sarah on

The recent ‘it’s a girl’ thing is something someone at life & style reports was overheard. just a few months ago they were all saying it’s a boy. Either way they have a 50% chance of being right.

I like her top.

Carol on

So does anybody have a comment on Jamie Lynn or is everybody just going to puff up over each other’s comments. Jamie Lynn looks good. She’s really starting to get big. It’s too bad that she accidentally got pregnant and I hope she’s able to do all she wanted to do with her life despite having a child so young. That doesn’t mean she won’t be a good mom. Can everybody relax….take a deep breath.

Becky on

Man, Cassandra sure is getting picked on and other people have made the same comments she has and haven’t been slammed. While Jamie Lynn’s situation is not ideal, or at least not the ideal time/age, I think it is great that she is taking responsibility and doing WHAT IS RIGHT FOR HER! Most girls at her age would have had an abortion. Great for her for stepping up to the plate and deciding to become a mother. I am sure she will be a great mother! And I completely agree with Cassandra and everyone else who commented on how big she got! That is the first thing I thought when I saw that picture…I think it was just last week (if not earlier this week) when we saw a picture of her and her belly was half the size. She popped out overnight!

T on

Her shirt is from Gap. I have it….mine is not maternity. I’m guessing she just got a bigger size.

J.M. on

Well here is my opinion.

There is nothing “cute” about a 17 year old with a baby bump. HOWEVER, it is what it is and I wish her the best with everything that’s about to come her way! I think she’ll do just fine.


Bella on

“It’s a fact, that having a child at such a young age, is incredibly hard on the body.”

Diane, humans are biologically primed to be MOST fertile at around the age of 20, give or take. That’s from around 17 – 23. So there is really no physical reason why an older adolescent shouldn’t bear children. On the other hand: financial reasons, social, practical, and emotional reasons, yes to all. But not physical reasons.

Rye on

The “Once you are pregnant there is really only one choice and that is abortion” comment was soooooooo not right. Adoption is a great option…unfortunatly, I feel like in our society, it isn’t as COMMON as just going out and getting an abortion is. I am not a pro-lifer or a pro-choicer…I am honestly in-between on that stance…but I wish that more young people would be more responsible with there life decisions and not just go out and get abortions like it’s some method of birth control. If they could only realize how many thousands of couples here in the USA would feel SOOOOOOOOO blessed and lucky to adopt a healthy baby, they could be making a couples dream come true.

Either way, I think that we really need to crack down on our younger generations about the implications of sex at a young age. It seems like teens these days have gotten soooooooooo much worse than when I was in high school and that was only 8 years ago so i’m not a geezer. lol.

Diane on

Jacky, you can think that my post is ridiculous all you want, that’s your opinion. However, just because a girl starts her menses at 13, DOES NOT mean that her body is ready for a baby. Yes it means that she can get pregnant, but a child having a child is just plain is ridiculous!!! I have my facts straight, that doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them. Yes, having a child young is the way to go, but I highly doubt that they meant having a child as young as 13 years old.

When your young, your body does recover, but it is harder on the body at such a young age to go through a pregnancy and give birth, because the body is not done developing.

Mel on

Before I started reading this one, I was wondering if it was going to turn into a “young” vs “old” mothers drama. So many parenting forums these days have continuous debates on this topic and to be quite honest, I am over it.

Basically, she is young, she is pregnant, sure most people think that 17 is too young to have a child, but it wasn’t that long ago that 17 was the average age to start a family. Stop being so judgemental about people’s mistakes and/or choices and be thankful that she has family and friends who are supporting her through this.

Caitlin on

She never smiles because the paparazzi have followed her all the way to Louisiana while she is trying to get out of the spotlight.
I can’t believe this has turned into an old vs young mom argument. Let’s all remember, judge not lest ye be judged, and the whole walking a mile thing.

Grayson on

Woah, that’s sad. Arguing with people you don’t even know over a CELEBRITY’S PREGNANCY! That’s comedy! She’s pregnant. We’ve known since like what, November? Who cares. Look around, teenage pregnancy is everywhere. As well as Old Moms, Young Moms, Bad and Good.. Don’t go jumping the gun and making something out of MY POST! Just think it’s kind of amusing.

Now, to Jamie Lynn.
I really hope the rumors are true and that she is having a girl! Definitely going to be a gorgeous baby. I wish her the VERY best of luck and she’s SO cute pregnant!
The bump is finally a bump!. 🙂

Em on

I love her! I wish the media would leave her alone. She’s out of Cali for a reason and I wish people would respect her.
She looks amazing- wish I could’ve looked that good preggers!

Sheba on

I was a teenage mother and I do not support Jamie being pregnant at 16. But hey, nothing can we do as my grandmother would say. Let’s be realistic people. Most teenage mothers depend on their parents for financial support, still live at home, and are depending on Welfare, Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, section 8, and public housing. I just saw a 20 year old freeloading off her parents and living in her parents house with her boyfriend on the Baby Story. And actually had the nerve to talk about how she’s doing everything herself. Puh-leeze.

For the few that say, they are married and their husband has a very good job and they have never been on welfare, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of pregnant girls who are dependent on others. I actually think it’s unfair for a 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 year old girl to burden her parents with taking care of her and her child.

And for anyone who says money is not the most important thing when it comes to taking care of children, are deluding themselves. You can have all the love in the world. Love doesn’t buy pampers, medicine, shoes, clothing, and FOOD! Until you have heard the cry of a starving baby and the cries from equally starving parents who don’t have money to buy food…I don’t want to hear the trite…all it matters is how much you love the baby…It’s nonsense. It takes Love, MONEY and common sense to raise a child. Most teenagers, including myself at the time, are as dumb as a box of hammers.

I wish Jamie luck and I’m sure because of her financial status, that baby will want for nothing. But if Jamie is the poster child for teenage motherhood, then I feel sorry for al the young, stupid girls who are looking to her as an example.

Melanie F. on

She is so pretty, this is so sad!!! I hope everyone who finds her situation wrong are virgins, let’s face it ideally speaking that is how it was back when. I hope the same people do not have a child out of wedlock, ideally speaking that is not how it was back when. I hope that the same people do not have a divorce, ideally speaking that is not how it was back when. I hope that that the same people have always done everything in their life according to plans because if not you have no room to judge!

kate on

Diane – acutally the femail body is at it’s best age to carry a child at around jamie-lynns age.. thats why girls begin to menstruate when they do.

It is much more strain on an older mothers body to carry a child… nature actually intended us to have children at a young age, it is society (and by that I mean those who think like you) that have imposed the notion of young mothers being a bad thing in society.

I have no opinion on Jamie-Lynn as I dont know much about her, but I am sure she will take motherhood just as seriously as any older mother.

riley on

wow, she keeps getting bigger and hotter! personally, i’m glad she did it, you go girl!!

Amanda on

Jamie Lynn looks adorable! Her belly has definitely popped out. I’ll bet she is irritated at having the paps follow her to Louisiana, though, when she was trying to get away from them. As if she isn’t under enough stress. I wish her and her boyfriend the best of luck. Raising children isn’t easy at any age, and I can’t imagine doing it so young, but they seem to have a good support system.

Oh, and Krissy? I know you meant well, but your post came out kind of condescending. Not only were you judgmental of JL for making the same mistake that you yourself made, but you followed that up with some horn-tooting of your own…you hope she’s as good a mom as YOU are, and then the parenthetical “Oh, and I married the father of my children.” That doesn’t make you any better than people who decide not to marry the fathers of their children. Just because you made that decision doesn’t mean it’s the best one for everybody. I apologize sincerely if I took it wrong…it just rubbed me that way is all.

Sanne on

What a fuss! Everybody’s falling over teen pregnancy and most of all, Jamie Lynn and I think it’s quite unfair because she shows all the right signs (in my opinion). 1. She kept the baby, so she is taking responsibility. 2. She could have made other choices regarding her baby (adoption) but she didn’t and I have great respect for that because it shows she’s head on. 3. She did stand her ground, with Disney and all the other media. She did not lash out or encouraged the media to make her a victim of the situation that she’d put herself in. 4. She moved back to Louisiana because she knew that, that would be better for her, the baby and maybe even Casey. 5. Everybody is falling over the fact that Jamie Lynn and Casey are engaged but I think it shows that they are committed to each other and that they acknowledge the fact that they’re going to be parents.

So if you ask me, they will be great because they’re showing that they’ve brains and determination to do it right. And a engagement doesn’t mean there will be a shotgun wedding!

I bet that, in the end this baby will do only positive things for Jamie Lynn, Casey and even Jamie Lynn’s career. Talent is talent. Not even a baby will change that.

And oh yeah, why isn’t there anyone who comments negatively about Sofie Vergara? She had her son Manolo when she was 19. Or does anyone think that having a baby at 19 is much more normal or better then being a 16 or 17 year old mother? I’m thinking that there’s no difference because untill your 20 years of age you’ll still are a teenage mom.`

Hea on

She looks healthy but sad/annoyed. Leave her alone. Can’t be fun being stalked day in and day out.

Crystal on

Just b/c our culture states that 13-15 is a child it does not mean that medically they are. Go back 500 years 13-15 was the average age to get married and start having a child. The human race can not evolve enough in 500 years to make that age so much different (as far as childbirth) now. Go back 200 years 17 was the age to get married and start a family. There are still cultures around the world where “children” are getting married and having babies. Only they are not “children” in their communities! Who is a child and who is not is a social thing. The only reason we, as “Westerners”, see it as wrong is b/c of our society/culture.

Optimal child birthing years start in the teens and fertility starts to decline as young as 27!! There is a reason it is harder for women in their late 30s and 40s to get pregnant!

mary on

I can’t imagine how she is feeling. Her mom has been in L A most of her pregnancy. Then you have photogs following her. I was 24 with my first, married for over a year and was scared to death. She must have some anxiety. The poor thing. I’m sure she has friends and other family members to help her out, Because no matter what age you are we all need someone to talk to once in a while about our fears and excitements.
While some believe that she is or was a role model She has made a choice that is right for her! Making any choice whether it is abortion, adoption or to keep a baby must be the most difficult decision anybody or any child is going to make in there life time. Once someone has made their choice all we should do as family members or friends is be supportive of the choice that is or was made. And that means even if we are not agreeing with that choice. Yes I agree teenage pregnancy is an issue. But it has been an issue dating back way before my 40 years. There is no answer. At least I don’t think.
If there was an answer than there would be no teen sex or babies.
Jamie Lynn went out studied and got her GED. That was a very wise thing to do. You will never now what the future will hold. Even if you are a starlet.

sasha on

“She’s made the responsible decision to keep the baby and raise it. This kid already has a better chance than a lot of babies born to teen mothers. She actually has the financial ability to take care of this child. Her baby will be taken care of.”

No, it isn’t the responsible thing. It is something very irresponsible, especially for a teen role model. When you take on a career like that you have to accept the responsibility that millions of girls look up to you and take your lead. My first thought when I heard she was pregnant was panic. It’s hard enough to keep girls from having sex let alone using birth control. My mother had her first child at 16 – dropped out of high school and was way too young to be a mom. Perhaps Jamie Lynn will be a good mom – I’m not really worried about HER baby and her life; I’m worried about how many girls will think it’s okay to “forget” to use a condom. Having a baby is serious business and suddenly it’s become “fashionable.” How terrifying is that? Every tabloid woman seems to feel the need to now also get pregnant. But no one is really talking about how hard it is to be a mother, no matter how old you are, no matter rich you are. Look at Britney.

So no, I think it should be taken seriously, discussed seriously and not tossed into the “anything goes” pile. Jamie Lynn said she watched the movie Juno when she first got pregnant and probably in her teen mind she thought that people would see her as a kooky, charming Juno. But Juno did something brave and heroic – she gave her baby to someone who was in a better place mentally, emotionally and financially.

Good luck to her – what she does with her life – I’m sure there will be enough nannies around to pick up the pieces if things go wrong or if she suddenly decides she wants to have a real life and not be tied down to a baby. It’s the girls who want to be like her I worry most about. I have a nine-year old and the Jamie Lynn thing was something I had to talk to her about.

Diane on

I’m very aware that there are cultures out there marrying their children off at 11 and 12 years old and having babies. This doesn’t mean it’s good for the body, or the child. You guys are so insistent that having children at such a young age is normal. The Good Lord designed a woman’s body for pregnancy, but he didn’t plan on them having children at that age.

This discussion has gotten way out of hand, and has become a debate on when girls should have babies of their own. At this time, it’s pointless to continue. We all have our opinions, and no one is going to agree with every one elses.

I’m done with this conversation. You guys go ahead an debate all you want. Jamie is 17 years old and pregnant. It’s done! We all need to move on with our lives, and concentrate on more important things.

Diane on

Kate, I really resent that fact that you think that I think being a young mother is bad. That’s not what I’m saying. Everyone seems to think that just because our body’s beging menses at 13 or younger, means that our bodies are ready for pregnancy. They are not. The female body is still developing at that age, and it’s incredibly hard on the body. Girls a bit older than that, early 20’s can handle it. I had 5 children starting at age 31, and my body held out fine. Each recovery was a bit longer, but the older we get the harder it is on our bodies to carry a child.

I’m not saying that being a teen mother is a bad thing. I’m saying that it’s not the best choice for a teen to become pregnant.

I’m no going to debate on this any longer. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Tara on

Gorgeously pregnant. I honestly see nothing wrong with being pregnant at her age. What right have i got to bring someone down. It’s her body, her baby, her choice.
The whole role model debate never interested me. If anything, i think there’s too much pressure on these young stars to be good role models. It’s almost a sacrifice for them in many ways. It’s all very well to say they shouldn’t be in the spotlight if they don’t want to be role models yet there’s a demand for children/tweenagers tv so somebody has to take on that part of being a role model.

babyboopie on

I just want to contribute my opinion- Regardless of age, wisdom and maturity, at the end of the day, Jamie Lynn is a mother (well, she will be soon!) and she will give that baby everything it needs, she and Casey together. I have no doubt Jamie Lynn will love that baby more than anything. Like I said in the posts above earlier, there are a lot of mothers who are unable to care for their babies and have made the most hardest heart-breaking decision to give up their children but Jamie Lynn is able to care for that child, fiancially, physically and mentally- she has the resources and she is in a stable relationship with the baby’s father. The baby will not be short of anything and will lead a privileged life. Yes, she is not a teen role model but she made a mistake, but why should she be the subject of scrutiny? Let her live her life in peace, happily with her fiance Casey and new baby!

louise on

i think she is looking good, and i dont think in her case 16 is necessarily too young-she has been working for years and has experienced far more than your average teenager,what with her sisters career,pap intrusion and whatnot, so is no doubt far more grown up than normal teenager.
i dont see what right anyone has to be judgemental,its her business.
one of my best friends was pregnant at 14,and while not ideal she is now 22,back at college+training to be a midwife.her son is the best behaved and polite 6 year old i’ve ever met,and i have a lot of respect for her for doing so brilliantly with him.
i wish JL her the best of luck,if she has a good support network she’ll do well!

Sarah on

Skipping all the above posts.

She seemed to have popped out around her birthday………She’s gotten a tad chubbier in the face too. Which is understandble.

A. on

“The Good Lord designed a woman’s body for pregnancy, but he didn’t plan on them having children at that age.”

How do you know what “He” planned for women, Diane? That is a ridiculous argument.

If “The Good Lord” didn’t plan on them having children, why didn’t he wait for the woman’s body to be ready for pregnancy at 17? or 22? How can this even be an argument? Now we’re talking about God? Geez!!

April on

I know how it feels to be a mom at a young age I was sixteen when I got pregnant with my first child it was a girl I have two kids now they are both girls. I am 20 years old now. And I hope to god that Jamie is doing good and I hope she keeps her baby. Because once you have the baby you want want to let go. lol. Love ya jamie april

Diane on

A. I don’t know what he planned, and I didn’t mean that comment as if I did. He gave us a thing called “common sense”. How we chose to use that, is up to us. Do you have a problem talking about God? Where do you think babies come from?!

Diane on

April, I admire you for your courage in keeping your baby. A good friend of mine had her first baby at 16, then had two more. It was one of the hardest times of her life. She is now in her late 30’s and has two more.

If she had to do it over again, she would have waited much longer. She loves all of her kids, as we all do, but would have rather waited a few more years.

A. on

No problems talking about God, Diane. I’m just saying that it’s just another debate/argument/discussion that has no ‘correct’ answer and could go on forever. I’m not sure how a discussion segues from Jamie Lynn Spears to God.

Muge on

People shouldn’t be defined by their mistakes but how well they learn from them and move on.Clearly Jamie may have made a mistake but she has done the responsible thing by making a decision and seeing it through and non of us have the right to judge her or point fingers.

For those of you who say she was a role model for your children,what are you doing?Am sure even you as parents have made mistakes but am sure you don’t teach your children to respect you or look at you based on your mistakes.We all make mistakes regardless of who we are.

Kat on

Diane, the “Good Lord” and his “plan” has nothing to do with the biological facts here, no matter how stubbornly you refuse to accept it. Women having babies in their teens isn’t “normal” and we’re not saying that it is – but it IS what our bodies are equipped to do. It was typical in the West for females to start their families while very young until as late as the early half of this century. My grandmother got married and had her first child at 18 and no one thought twice about it. Back in the Middle Ages and earlier, people had a far shorter lifespan than they do now and so they almost always had kids while young. This is still typical in poor countries; in Niger, over 50 percent of women have a child by 18.

The fact is that women are physically developed enough to have kids from about Jamie Lynn’s age – indeed, any doctor will tell you that the healthiest age at which to have a child is before your mid-twenties. Once you’re over 35, you’re actually a high-risk pregnancy and the child is more likely to have genetic defects! Almost every young mum I’ve known or heard about has had an easy pregnancy, a quick and uncomplicated birth and a body that bounces back almost overnight.

Humans are physically meant to breed between about 16 – 25 years of age; that is when women are at their most fertile, as our fertility starts to decline once we’re about 27. Of course, we usually don’t anymore because it’s much more difficult financially and socially, but physically it is not a problem at all.

Remember – Mary was only about 15 when she gave birth to Jesus.

mum2be on

These comments are monitored? Then how has this devolved so badly? Jamie Lynn looks beautiful. Best of luck to her and Casey.

cassandra race on

baby having baby is not the gratest thing but if see keeps her baby that would be the greatest thing for the baby and her. Her mom and sister should just leave her and the baby alone.

havaunna on

she is FAT but my idol

Laura on

omg, I cant believe she is going to have a baby!!!!, I love to watch Zoey 101 when I have friends over, or I go over to friends houses, because it is so fun to watch it with friends, because Jamie is always with one of her friends!!!

well, chat later!!


lauren on

i think shes way tooo young for a 16 yr old
girl to have a baby