Melissa Joan Hart and sons at Motherhood Begins Now event

05/01/2008 at 06:12 PM ET

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, 32, and sons Mason Walter, 2, and Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart, 7 weeks, attended the Motherhood Begins Now event launch for Pregnancy Awareness Month in Los Angeles, CA today.  Dad is musician Mark Wilkerson.


Photos by Startraks.

More photos and fashion/gear info below.

Melissa_joan_hart_osl225836cbbjpg Melissa_joan_hart_osl225834cbbjpg Melissa_joan_hart_osl225838cbbjpg


Brady rides in Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900).

Strideritesuperball2 Mason is wearing Stride Rite Superball H&L II ($55).

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Megan on

Good lord in heaven Mason is so freakin gorgeous…he is going to be a heartbreaker that’s for sure–heck he already is…lol I love that big grin…and kissin his mom, how adorable is that?! The older Mason gets, the more he looks like mom–they have an identical smile…so sweet LOVE this family…Melissa and ALL her boys are fabulous = )

jillyen on

they both look great. I especially like where she’s giving Mason a kiss. very cute

tiffanyyy on

When he was first born, he looked totally like his dad. Now as he grows up he is just like her mini-me! Totally adorable.

tink1217 on

Melissa looks so great!!!! Both boys are adorable!

jools on

I love that Mason has a baby with him. Probably to take care of like his mom takes care of the new baby. My son loves to play with his “babies”, and you would be surprised at some of the comments I’ve gotten. Some people still have a problem with boys having dolls–like it’s going to have some type of negative influence on them! When we ask my son what he is doing while he is playing house he say “I’m being Daddy”. It’s obvious he is identifying with my husband and is not being “girly” (as I have been told in the past). I don’t mean to rant, I just wanted to say “Way to represent, Mason!”

grasiela on

Melissa and her sons look adorable as always!!

Kallie on

I agree with jools. My son is 3, and plays with “babies” sometimes too– and there is NOTHING wrong with it. They are just kids, and they are curious.

That being said, Mason is such a lil cutie-patootie! Spittin’ image of his Dad I think. And the Mason and Mommy kiss is too precious for words =)

Sasha on

Cute shoes!! Love their smiles too.

Kira on

Melissa looks adorable, I love her dress and shoes!

Sammy-xx on

Aww lordy Mason is the cutest wee boy. He’s always smiling and looks like such a happy kid.

I love Melissa’s shoes as well there soo cute

Jessica on

OMG those is the cutest kids and mom ever.

I love – LOVE – how he has the doll with him. I’m guessing he’s playing “daddy” with his baby like his dad does! So cute! I love it more that she was fine with him bringing it.

She looks fabulous and just so happy. It just makes my heart melt…

Brooklyn on

Aww. Mason is adorable. Such a beautiful family!

ma74 on

mason is a beautiful child.He has amazing eyes.I love that he is playing with a doll.My little brother used to play with mine when we were kids.he also loved cleaning, cooking, and hoovering.

KND on

Wow, Melissa looks radiant and so extremely happy! She looks beautiful and her boys are adorable. I am so happy for her. Congrats and you look beautiful, Melissa!

Kelly on

i can just now see that resemblence between mason & melissa in that 1st pic its uncanny & hes so beautiful he is gonna be a heartbreaker

Amanda on

OMG, Mason is one of the most gorgeous kids I have ever seen. So so cute! I love this family.

charsmom on

It is so cute that Mason brought his baby to the event, too! They are such an adorable family!!!

Heather on

simply gorgeous. I love love love her dress.

Mary on

Mason’s smile is the best. He’s so cute. Can’t wait to see if Brady resembles him when he gets a bit older.

brooke on

Mason is so cute, I see mark in his looks but he has melissa’s smile. I like her dress and shoes

Manda on

Gorgeous smiles those two have!! And they look exactly alike. AW Mason is too precious for words!!!!

nona on

Melissa looks awesome, and her boys are gorgeous! I wonder if Mason will have that same missing-toothed smile that Melissa had during “Clarissa Explains it All.” I always noticed it, because I had a similar dental situation. 😀

fuzibunni on

oh man, i think my heart just turned to mush.

mason is such a beautiful and healthy boy… his happiness is evidence that melissa is a great mom.

and i love his little baby. i hope no one ever makes him feel bad for having it. boys deserve the space to be caring and loving too!

babyboopie on

i absolutely admire melissa as a mother- mason is absolutely beautiful, and so is brady, they’ll grow into beautiful people in every sense of the word. (love the pic where he is kissing Melissa!)
Yes, my son used to play with toy babies with some of his girlfriends when he was younger and he loved it as he was in charge of the whole game- rather like the Man of the House. There’s nothing wrong with it, I agree.

NicoleMarie on

Sabrina has two babies now! Even though I am a couple of years younger.. I watched her grow up. I miss the old days, waiting for hours for it to come on T.V. and being completely sad when it’s over. And they had that slogan TGIF(thank god its friday). Anyway, her babies are beautiful! God Bless them. Melissa always looked beautiful!

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog Publisher on

I love that Mason has a doll. Even if little boys don’t have younger siblings, I think it’s so important for them to play at taking care of babies. After all, many of them will grow up to be daddies!

He’s so photogenic too!

Melissa is looking awesome. And love the Orbit!

Jax on

I normally don’t comment but wow this is probably the cutest family ever! Melissa is absolutely stunning and her boys are beyond beautiful.
I really like her a lot and I hope she gets a sitcom or something because I would enjoy watching her on tv again.

Jennifer on

WOW…Melissa looks FANTASTIC!! You could never tell she had a baby 7 weeks ago. Her kids are stunning, gorgeous boys!!

kdleigh on

Aww, that is just too cute! I have two little boys and when I was preggers with #2 we got the older guy a baby. It was a great tool for teaching him how to help with little brother and when to whisper because little brother was sleeping, how to be gentle! All the negative nancys out there should just shoosh. Little boys that have ‘babies’ turn into great daddies later in life!

Lisa on

I LOVE her dress…it is so cute. Wonder how to get info on where she got it.

erica on

every time i see pictures of melissa and her family i smile. they seem like such down to earth, nice, normal people. and the boys are just SO cute!! she looks incredibly happy.

Crystal on

OMG, she looks amazing, She still has that new mommy glow. When my kids were 7 weeks old I looked like a hot mess, im so jealous….haha….but seriously, Mason is adorable. I cant wait to see what the younger boy is going to look like!

Katie on

Melissa just looks gorgeous. She has that “natural” beauty that so many women strive for- and she makes it look easy too! She looks so happy and glowing with her two wonderful children and a great husband. I am so so happy for her and just love seeing these guys in pictures! She seems so open to sharing with CBB about her children and life…I don’t understand why we are so fascinated by celebrities, but we just are! We love to read it! 🙂

Bren on

OMG!! can Mason be any cuter?? I love that he has a doll with him!!

Melissa is one lucky lady, she is cute, has a hot husband and two beatiful, healthy sons!

God Bless them!!

Elyse on

Oh, I just love this family! Those boys are both going to be heartbreakers! Melissa is gorgeous as well. She just has such natural beauty!

My little brother had a little baby doll that he carried around for a while. He chose it himself and named him Tommy. We still have no idea where he came up with that name! He only played with him for about 6 months and then he lost interest. I believe my parents kept Tommy so my brother can pass him on to one of his children someday.

I think it is perfectly natural and acceptable for little boys to play with dolls. My brother is now 16 and is your typical teenage boy (much to my dismay sometimes!) 😉 Playing with dolls never hurt him. I agree with Danielle, many of those boys will grow up to be daddies, so let them get some practice early!

Xan on

Those little boys are exceptionally cute! I want my older kids (regardless of sex) to have baby dolls to prepare them for younger sibs, too.

My mom did it for me, and I loved both the real and the fake baby very much:)

Rebecca on

Melissa looks great! Beautiful kids!

Ashley on

Sounds so silly, since I don’t know Melissa but she just looks so COOL. I’d totally love to hang out with her. She looks great as well…and those little boys of hers are precious! Doesn’t she read this site?! If so, Melissa or the Powers That Be, I TOTALLY dig that dress and shoes…where’d you get it at?!

Marie on

dress is from forever 21; just saw it there today. may be on their website as well.

HardCandy on

When I first saw these pics I was so excited to see Mason with a doll. I hate when parents especially fathers say they don’t want their sons playing with dolls it’s like saying I want my son to be rough and tough not gentle and nurturing. I think if more boys played with dolls we would not have so many dead beat dads or dads who expect their wife to do all the work when it comes to child rearing.
babyboopie I rather see my son was sharing the duties and playing dad than just ordering the other girls around and playing man of the house but at least your son is not afraid of dolls.