Introducing Maxwell Mark Croft

05/01/2008 at 03:49 PM ET

Maxwellmark02_cbbAlthough we got a peek at little Maxwell Mark a couple of weeks ago, Kerry Katona, 27, and husband Mark Croft officially introduce their almost 3-week-old son to OK! magazine this week. Together they talk about Kerry’s incredibly short delivery (he was out in one push), her 2 stone weight loss, who Max looks like, and more.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights.

On her pre-eclampsia scare:

K: The midwife came round and thought I might have pre-eclampsiabecause my legs and my feet were so badly swollen. I was pretty freakedout because it could kill the baby and mother. The paparazzi saw me goin to hospital and they all jumped to their own conclusions.

M: It ended up being really bad water retention and her iron count was low.

K: My heartbeat is also two times faster than it should beand I’m really badly anemic so I’ve got medication for it. My heartbeatwill eventually go down, but I keep having sweats and panic attackswhere I just can’t get my breath.

On Kerry’s waters breaking:

K: Iwas asleep in bed and Mark was on his Xbox. Then at 4 am I couldn’tsleep properly and suddenly all this water gushed out. I shouted:’Mark, my waters have gone!’

M: And I was in the middle of a game…

K: He usually has to finish a game, but straightaway he was running around like a headless chicken. I was so calm andwas even playing my Nintendo DS waiting for him.

M: I wasn’t panicking, but with him being early we had nothing ready.

On the labor:

K:I was having contractions [in hospital] so they gave me an injection tostop them because the doctors said the longer I keep the baby in, thebetter. They kept me pregnant for another 48 hours and put me onsteroids to help the baby’s lungs.

As soon as the doctors said it was safe, they induced meand gave me an epidural. The contractions started straight away and thebaby was ready to come.

M: They asked me if I wanted to touch the head, so I was like: ‘Urgh, go on then!’

K: Then, after one big push, he came out healthy. Ionly held him for 10 minutes before I was rushed to theatre because theplacenta was stuck inside me. I had to have a two-hour operation to getall the bits out. Then I was put on antibiotics to get the extra bitsout.

On if she felt self-conscious to be giving birth in front of the MTV cameras:

K:Mark was asleep most of the time so I just stayed in bed with morphine,phoning everyone going: ‘Hey, my waters have broken, yeah!’

I didn’t care [about the cameras]. If it wasn’t for them I’d have no one to talk to! MTV filmed the top half.

On her first words after meeting Max for the first time:

K: Max came out and the first thing I said to him was: ‘Hello Mister!’ and then I burst out crying.

On what happened when they got home:

K:It was all fine, but then two days later I shouted to Mark from thetoilet: ‘Mark, come here, what’s this weird lump?’ He thought it wasmore placenta, but the midwife told me I’d prolapsed and my [vaginal]wall had collapsed.

My insides were literally hanging out and bleeding, it was so uncomfortable. I’m doing pelvic exercises to get back to normal.

On if she’s breastfeeding:

K: No, he wouldn’t latch on.

M: Max thought it was a UFO, his poor head was sinking in to her boob!

On who Max looks like:

K: When he was first born he looked like me, but now he looks just like Mark.

On advice about women that Mark will pass on to his son:

M:I’ll say to him: ‘Get what you can because you don’t know when you’llnext get it!’ Then to the girls I’ll say: ‘Don’t be getting pregnant ormeeting no boys.’

On the topic of drinking and smoking:

K: What mum-to-be hasn’t had a glass of champagne? I’m on five [cigarettes]
a day.

M: She’s Fag Ash Lil!(Note from Carlie: This is a British term that people who hate smokinguse for people that smoke quite often. He’s trying to point out thatshe enjoys a few more cigarettes than she lets on!) She doesn’tlisten to anybody, she won’t quit.

K: No, I won’t.

On the recent rumors that suggest Kerry is suffering from severe depression since the birth:

K: HaveI ‘eck, I feel better than ever. I’ve not even had baby blues, but Ihave been crying at everything. I’ve just come out of my worstpregnancy ever!

M: It wasn’t your worst, you weren’t sick. It’s just the last six weeks when you were in and out of hospital, that was the worst.

On wetting the baby’s head:

M: I went out and got drunk round Wimslow with some mates.

On Kerry’s weight loss:

K: Marklikes me being pregnant. He says: ‘I made you like that!’ But I want tostart exercising and be eight and a half stone (119 lbs) again. Thebeef curry cravings have gone and I’m trying to focus on getting myfigure and my confidence back. Watching MTV and seeing me so morbid anddepressed was awful. I had bipolar on top of my hormones so I was down.

I’ve lost two stone (28 lbs) in a week — a lot of it was water and I’ve just been eating Special K. I feel great.

M: I like her size 10,but I don’t want her to go below that. I met her when she was size 8 –she needed to put weight on so I got her pregnant!

On the subject of more children:

K: No,Mark is definitely getting the snip. I’ve got four kids and I’m only27, that’s enough now. I’ve got my boy, I’ve got my family now and I’msorted.

Maxwell joins sisters Heidi Elizabeth, 13 months, Kerry’s daughter with Mark, who is also featured in the above photo shoot, and Molly Marie, 6 ½, and Lilly-Sue, 5, from her first marriage to Brian McFadden, formerly of Irish boy band Westlife, as well as Keeley, from Mark’s previous relationship.


Source: OK! magazine, Issue, 621: May 6th 2008

Thanks to CBB reader Sylvana.

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gigi on

what a lil peanut! so cute. im sure he was worth every bit of struggle that her pregnancy put her through. i love how mark says ‘she needed to gain weight, so i got her pregnant’!!! that is funny. but she does look great and healthy (although, i dont agree with the smoking)….shes come leaps and bounds and i just hope that with all those kids; they take up all her time so she cant get in trouble anymore.

lucy80 on

wow, why werent her other children featured in the family portraits? a little odd.
also if she had only consulted a lactation expert, and i know hospitals have them available to help you, i bet that baby would be nursing now.
anway, cute babies, and too bad she is still smoking.

Sarah on

Lucy, I think Brian prefers that his girls with Kerry not be photographed.

The babies are both cute – the photos of Heidi and Kerry singing made me laugh. Heidi looks a lot like Mark.

magenta on

I prolapsed too and you just feel like you’re turning inside out. It’s a scary thing. 4 days of labor, no drugs, horrific pain, 40 stitches and vaginal muscles collapsing. Yikes. I’ll never ever give birth like that again. I want drugs, drugs, and more drugs and a C-section if the next baby isn’t out after 24 hours of labor. Heck, 1 hour!!!

I do hope she quits smoking. My friend has a terrible addiction to cigarettes and when she got pregnant she wanted to go cold turkey but couldn’t do it and her OB told her had she known sooner she was going cold turkey she would have advised against it and would have put her on a plan to ween her off the smoking slowly while pregnant.

babyboopie on

I just love the name maxwell mark croft! He’s adorable, looks like Heidi and Mark.

Kimber Christian on

Kerry’s “incredibly short labor”? If that was short I don’t ever want to experience child birth!

kate on

“What Mum- to – be hasnt had a glass of chamapagne”… erm me??!! And many many others, I expect. I think its disgusting when people drink/smoke during pregnancy.

If you cant give up drinking for the short nine months of your life, (or 7/8 months in Kerrys case), that you are pregnant, you must have a problem.

It is selfishness in its highest form.

And yes, before all the replies come flooding back about medics saying its ok to have the odd glass of wine when your pregnant… why risk it? Whats the point? As I said before, if you cant give it up for the sake of your unborn child, there is a problem there.

louise on

aah bless. congrats to the both of them, its good to see them happy. i know brian doesnt like them being photographed with them,but weren’t they featured in kerry’s wedding pics,along with marks daughter keeley?just curious as to why,if it is due to brian,he is suddenly bothered?!
anyways,i think k+m make a nice couple,and both have a great,very dry sense of humour,hence them frequently being misquoted/taken out of context.
max is lovely and makes heidi look really grown up,with him beeing so teeny!
will def be buying ok this week to see the rest of the interview.
congrats again kerry and mark x

steph on

i dont think its right that she pose with her son and daughter to mark, thats not giving the other girls the right message at all!

cute baby though!

Lilybett on

Lucy 80, there was an interview with Brian a few weeks ago and the girls are here in Australia with him and Delta. He talked about taking them to Taronga Park Zoo, etc. I’m not sure how long they stayed or if they’re still here, but that may be why they aren’t in the shots!

Carlie, CBB Contributor on

As far as I know, Brian doesn’t want Molly and Lilly to be in the spotlight so much anymore. They’re not featured in Kerry and Mark’s show crazy in love either – when they’re on screen their faces are blurred out.

There’s been a lot of press lately with a few heated words apparently being thrown from Brian’s side about Kerry and the girls, and him wanting full custody.

Kerry did mention Brian in the interview but I chose not to include that because I didn’t find it appropriate to include with the post.

Lauren on

Wow, what a scary pregnancy and birth! I am so happy that everything worked out alright! Their kids are so cute!!

brannon on

Didn’t anybody else find this interview disturbing? I don’t even know where to start?

lilly on

heidi wears juicy couture print dress and a terry one peice romper both at

louise on

lilybett: apparantly they were back a week before she had max, read that somewhere.
she said the stress of them being returned 2 days late caused early labour.

chandu on

I think Kerry had one of the toughest pregnancy’s out of her four children. I think she can be proud for the fact that she went through all the hardshps just for her little boy.

Sarah on

Quitting smoking is hard, but it must be done for the health of the children. I grew up in a household of smokers, so I remember growing up with smoke all around me. I even smoked for 5 yrs., so I know how hard it is to quit. I shudder the thought of smoking in front of my kids now and can’t understand why people still do it with their children around, given all the medical facts.

sil on

“What mum-to-be hasn’t had a glass of champagne?”

Me…I never had a glass of champagne, wine, beer….nothing. I think is better this way, but not everybody thinks the same way.

kate on

Sil, I agree, I never touched a drop of alcohol throughout my pregnancy and am insulted that Kerry thinks all preganant women have.

I wrote a comment re: this, but apparantly it wasn’t deemed suitable to be printed…

Perhaps because I was slightly derogatory about Kerry Katona.. how sad that I can’t have a negtive opinion about someone on this site.

I know they cannot print abusive comments, but mine was hardly that.

lulabelle on

I must say I don’t like Mark Croft very much. He comes across as very crass when talking about his wife like that. I have seen him on television and find him very disrespectful.
Anyway – the babies are both lovely and Heidi is growing up so fast! Kerry is also looking good. Looks like she has lost quite a lot of the weight already.
On smoking and drinking while pregnant – It’s disgusting and they are lucky that baby Max is healthy, although I bet it contributed to his premature birth.
Enough ranting now 😉

Vanessa on

Where are her other children??!!!

Astrid on

To Sil: I know! She always tries to excuse her smoking and drinking while pregnant by pretending “everybody else does it!” when really that is not the case.

Isis on

Im sorry to say this, but the kids do not look really healthy IMO. I know the baby was born early though. Love the names, especially Heidi. Hope Kerry can manage to quit smoking & drinking for the kids sake! Mark seems a really sweet and caring dad.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m not saying this makes Kerry’s drinking during pregnancy right, but I’m pretty sure she’s from Britan, and apparently some doctors there will actually recommend that moms-to-be have a glass of wine or other acholic beverage during their third trimester. Again, that doesn’t make it right. I’m just pointing out that drinking, or at least light drinking, during pregnancy seems to be a bit more accepted in the UK than it is in the U.S.

Coco on

Oh my LORD? You have to be kidding me…I have never even heard of this broad Kerry Ketona??? And I already know she’s a trainwreck. I am from the US and was searching an article about Bryan McFadden formerly of Westlife (who I also never knew??? Heard about on MTV just a week ago…that Westlife, shit, they can sing their asses off!? They blow away our US Backstreet Boys, lol), anyways, moving on….so I came across this chick Kerry? What a mess! This girl MIRRORS Britney Spears to a “T”. The failed marriage, the babies at a young age, singer, the drugs, the drinking, the rehab, EVERYTHING, it’s crazy! Wow, I give this girl 1 year and she’ll be dead.