Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller: A good low-budget option for two kids

04/30/2008 at 09:39 AM ET

With Additional Reporting By: CBB Fashion/Gear/Reviews Editor Bronwyn and Guest Reviewer Wendy

KolcraftcontourstandemReaders are always asking for recommendations for lower priced strollers. With a retail price of $200, the Kolcraft Contours® Options® Tandem Stroller may be a good choice for parents who need a double stroller on a tight budget — It is suitable for two infants, two toddlers, or an infant and a toddler.

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The Seat(s)
The seats on the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller are REALLY roomy. With plenty of headroom and room on the sides your child will fit for a while. The multiple configurations of the seats is what makes this stroller BRILLIANT as you can flip the seats from front to back with ease and allow you to really get the most out of this stroller. Lifting the seats up and off to flip them around required a little bit of effort but with practice it becomes much easier and I found the mechanism loosened up a little.

Its two Bugaboo-esque tandem seatsreverse for multiple configurations — both seats face parent, both seatsface forward, seats face each other, one seat faces parent and one seatfaces forward, or remove the back seat for extra storage. Plus, it canaccommodate two car seats (though it only comes with one attachment)and fits most brands of car seats so add a few more configurations tothat — two car seats, car seat in front, car seat in back.

The rear seat is slightly higher than the front seat making it easier to see what’s going on in both seats. The sun canopies could be a bit longer, to provide more coverage, but all in all aren’t "bad." I loved how the seats could face each other, this could really come in handy for older siblings who want to "play" with each other.

Attaching a carseat is really easy, and involves using the included strap attachment. Each actual seat has several recline settings. The only thing to watch out for is one of the seats bumping the other in certain positions. The weight limit for each seat is 40 pounds.

The Frame
Considering the price tag I was really impressed with the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller’s frame. First of all let’s get the schlep out of the way, it’s not light by any measure, with seats attached it weighs in at 46 lbs! Shoving it in the car and pulling it out will be a task, but for a true double stroller this is (in general) what you should come to expect.

The fold is not too complicated and the bright side is when it’s folded it can stand on its own (and measures 24" x 25" x 42"). When folded it takes up quite a bit of room, whether in your trunk or home. Taking off the seats allows for a more compact fold and allows you to store it in pieces.

The shopping basket is HUGE, and is accessible from multiple angles making it a true place of storage. I also loved the handles on the back of the stroller for larger, older siblings to hold onto while they walk alongside. I don’t see my child using them, but they’re a cute idea that some kids and parents might actually get some use out of.

The handle features a foam covered bar. And I was slightly disappointed that the handlebar was not height adjustable. But I found everyone who pushed it (at various heights) didn’t have a complaint about the height. The handle also features 2 cup holders and a storage case, great spot to stow keys or a cell phone!

The Ride
With 8" swivel front wheels and 10" never flat rear wheels this baby has a nice ride. I wouldn’t recommend it for lots of outdoor use as I think the wheels would gunk up, but for everyday round town use it’s perfect. It pushes easily and the swivel wheels really respond on turns. Because of the weight of the stroller, plus the obvious weight of the seated children, it’s a heavy push, but it doesn’t require a ton of effort and moves really well. Again there are certain things that owners of double strollers have to get used to.

Final Thoughts from CBB Guest Reviewer Wendy

Here’s what has stood out to me.


  • I like the ride of it- it seems very smooth. I think it would be a dream for walkingaround the neighborhood (as I try to do for exercise).
  • I like that you can fold it with the seats in. I considered  a PegPerego but once I learned that you had to take the seats out of it tofold it – I felt there were other options for me than taking out seatsand fold and then store 3 separate pieces in the trunk- only toreassemble next time I wanted to use it.
  • I love the look of it and that my twins can face each other- or not – when they’re bigger.
  • Nice sized basket underneath.


  • The weight – I don’t havetrouble with it, but it is still heavy-ish. I use my stroller in/outof my car twice day at least to get my kids in/out of daycare- so that’sa lot of folding/lifting to consider.
  • My husband and mom may think it’s too long. I don’t find the lengthintimidating- it’s a similar length to my Graco and I have no troublemaneuvering that in stores or around town.

In store, it is available at Babies R Us and Burlington Depot. Online, it’s available at Albee Baby.com, Babies "R" Us.com, Baby Universe, Burlington’s Baby Depot.com, buybuyBABY, Target.com and Wal-Mart.com .

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Ellen Jankowski on

I like the stroller. For me it is not a problem to break it down and put into the trunk of the car. The girls love the ride and are able to have some great views of things as I walk to various places in town. It worked well at the zoo too.
I totally recommend it to families that have multiples, toddlers close in age. Or a larger group of kids. The oldest of the 3 walks alongside and holds onto the handle that is attached to the back bar.
The only complaint I had was in the front wheel casing. When I hit the curb the plastic on the front wheel cracked. Once that was broken I could not push the stroller. I had to lift up the front end and push it back to the car on its back wheels. Not an easy job.
I was very disappointed that a hit to the curb by this wheel could cause such a “major” damage to the wheel and make it unusable until I can get the replacement wheel.

Other than that accident…if I had to make the selection again-I would.

Ellen Jankowski on

Almost forgot…the bar that goes across the childs lap is covered in some kind of foam…ok if you have a child who is not teething or is in the chewing stage…now if the company can figure out something that can withstand little teeth-that would be great. my bars look like they have been nibbled on by little, tiny teeth-i call them mouse bites.

Tali on

I have to single version of this one and I want to buy the double, but am very upset the double doesn’t have a snack bar like the single one does. Every Mom knows you need a snack and cup holder bar.

Tammy Fine on

I dont know for sure yet, but I think you can order 2 snack trays for the single version and pit them on the double. I am planning to go to BRU and try and see.


Sarah on

I love this stroller! Works great for the twins so they can face each other, or away from each other. Works great with the baby carrier as well so one of the twins rides and the other holds onto the toddler straps. The basket is HUGE for storage, and it folds up really nice for a double stroller. It is very easy to manuver as well. It does come with bars, but if you call Kolcraft you can order the snack trays that are on the single version of this, they will tell you they don’t fit, DON”T listen THEY DO FIT! I bought them and they work, I don’t know why they don’t offer it for the tandem stroller. I highly reccommend this stroller to everyone, it’s great!!!


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