Jamie Lynn Spears hits the mall

04/30/2008 at 09:01 AM ET

Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted out shopping at the Edgewood Mall in McComb, MS on Tuesday, April 29th with a friend and her infant. The 17-year-old actress expects her baby in late June/early July.


Images by INFPhoto.com

Another photo below.


BabytrendtravelsystemJamie Lynn’s friend is pushing a Baby Trend Travel System in Orange Oak ($170).

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Irishgal on

Jamie Lynn looks great. She hasn’t put on any weight at all. She is all bump. I say girl!!

jo.ann on

I’ve never noticed this, but Jamie-Lynn has grown fuller in the face as well.

Tarynn on

She’s pregnant with a GIRL (her mother talk to Life & Style). Look at perezhilton.com

Here’s the link:


Sarah on

The page says “an insider overheard.” Lynne didn’t talk to Life & Style, it sounds like.

Zoe on

Wow, she iz reli young and i din’t think she would handle pregnancy well, but hey hey there goes my favourite girl! She reli is all grown up! And that bump is amazing! GO JAMIE LYNN

stephanie on

I heard the girl rumour too…. I also heard she is due June 29th and that Casey is “nervous” about having a baby girl….
BTW- The travel system is a Baby Trend in Orange Oak pattern. Its 199.99

nira on

Being 17 – Isn’t she supposed to be studying and not shopping ?

tink1217 on

I heard girl too…I do think its a girl for some reason though. Do all of Jamie Lynn’s friends have babies???? This girl with a baby and there was that other girl with dark hair a few weeks ago with a baby.

Kristen on

I am still kinda shocked that she is pregnant. I’m pretty sure that this is the first teen pregnancy that I’ve heard of (in the celebrity world at least). But good for her. I think she will make a great mom and it’s great that her whole family is behind her… Or are they really?

Roise on

Jamie Lynn seems to love those shoes…in almost every pregnancy pic of her, she’s wearing them. They’re cute though.

Amanda on

Even without the rumor I’m guessing girl for her. I think it’s really refreshing that she is getting out of the limelight for a while to focus on her life. I had my first at 18 so I know it’ll be tough for her but young parents can be just as good of parents as older ones can if they have their priorities straight.

Sasha on

Wishing Jamie and Casey the best. Sure, they are young, but they are in a position to be able to provide for a child and I am sure once they lay eyes on him/her for the first time, their hearts will easily direct them to make the right decisions for their child.

Allison on

I think that by continuing with her pregnancy and planning on keeping the baby Jamie Lynn and Casey are responsible. I think that they’ll be great parents.

Kelly on

oh wow shes getting big!!

Roisin Jennings on

She IS having a girl and its due june 29th. Just to let y’all know. x

Doreen on

She looks pretty good! I did notice her having a fuller face now. 🙂 I still can’t believe she’s preggy!!! This will seem like a sibling for Sean P & Jayden James. Not much of an age difference with them. Hope to see a GIRL!!

Becky on

She went shopping with her INFANT? Looks like she’s still pregnant to me and the child is unborn…therefore, not an infant.

Sarah on

Becky, the post is referring to the friend and her baby that are accompanying Jamie…..did you maybe miss the second photo?

Jamie looks healthy and happy, I love her flats.

Erin on


Keisha Castle-Hughes had a baby last year (April 25th to be exact) at the same age Jamie Lynn is right now (17).

Solange Knowles had a baby in 2004 when she was 18.

Those are the first 2 that come to mind though I am sure there are/were others who were famous and became mothers as teens… I think Charlie Chaplin actually got at least 1 actress pregnant when she was a teen (16?). =P

Elisabeth on

according to a target regisitry, she is due July 10th and the baby’s name is Emma Jean, however so many weirdos make fake ones so its hard to tell if its real or not.

erika cook on

she looks so good for being due in june/july!! i’m hoping its a boy because i want to see how her little baby resembles sean and jayden. i’m very proud of her that she’s doing so well with everything and is handling every so well. GOOD FOR HER!!

brooke on

I always had a feeling it was a girl, so we will see. She got big, I’m still not used to seeing her pregnant

Jamaica on

I love how un-Hollywood she’s become. She seems just like a normal chick, shopping at the mall with her friends. Wishing her and Casey the best!

CelebBabyLover on

Rosin Jennings- That’s a RUMOR. A rumor that came for Life & Style, which is one of the most unreliable tabloids out there, to boot! Just to make sure no one else gets confused, I repeat: What Rosin said is a RUMOR! It hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Jamie Lynn, Casey, Jamie Lynn’s rep, or any of their family members or friends.

All of that said, I hope she does have a girl! Her siblings both have boys (Britney has Sean and Jayden, obviously, and I read somewhere that their brother Bryan has a son as well), so it’s time for a baby GIRL Spears to be born!

Roisin Jennings on

The late Anna Nicole Smith had daniel at 18 and she did well. That just shows you it doesnt matter what age you are you can still do really well in life.

dizz on

**”The late Anna Nicole Smith had daniel at 18 and she did well. That just shows you it doesnt matter what age you are you can still do really well in life.”**


Did you seriously just use Anna Nicole Smith as an example of things can go WELL for someone?

Good grief.

Emily on

I am so proud of her!!
She looks great and she is being very responsible
in this hard time of her life. I hope it is a little girl!!

terri on

Yes, she does seem to have a few friends with babies. The principa f Kentwood High stated in People magazine that she was having a lot of young girls having babies.

I think it’s good that Jamie Lynn has friends to consult with over baby matters. Having a friend in a similar position might be of help to her.

CelebBabyLover on

dizz- I was a bit surprised by that as well, but I think Rosin just meant that Anna seemed to be a very good mother to Daniel even though she had him young. Also, she still managed to be very succesful career-wise even though she had him young. I think she basically meant that Anna “did well” compared to other teen moms who have to drop out of high school or college and struggle to make ends meat.

Anyway, when I think of a young mom who has done well, I think of Keisha Castle-Hughes. She had her daughter when she was 17, just like Jamie Lynn is. From what we have seen, she is a very good mother, and her career still seems to be pretty good as well (considering she’s from New Zealand, I don’t know that much about her).

Susie on

OMG! I looked up to Jamie Lynn and I guess with a twist won’t hurt but she is still my romodel and I know that getting pregnant @ 16 isn’t good im only 13 and I dont wanna give brith @ that age considering that I still wanna party and be an teenager which i think Jamie might still be able to do ? maybe? well im still her BIGGEST LOVING FANN EVER!!!! Cause not matter what she is doing the right thing ! if i was her friend i would help her with EVERYTHING considering that i have an 18 month old baby sister so i would know what to do but anyways good luck with Mattie ok Jamie Lynn and hope you have fun watching your baby girl grow up like I am with my baby sister karma thats 18 months old do! Luv ya chicka pce out! (L)

tiana manners on

im really happy for jamie-lynn spears and im really inpressed to c that she is such a great mom… wait to go jamie and casey… i hope u guys all the best with u and ur beautiful baby girl maddie… i just wish u would let us all see a family picture of u guys. jamie-lynn i have been a fan of ur show since it came out i think its great whtever u do dont cancel it… well i wish u the best of luck and i hope u enjoy being a mom. u look great for having a child… keep up the great work