Gwyneth Paltrow discusses her children and going back to work

04/30/2008 at 02:05 PM ET

Gwynethpaltrow288542_cbbCurrently in the middle of a media promo tour in support of her new film, Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that she’s having trouble dealing with the 7-day, 6-night separation from her kids, who are home with dad, Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

I keep bursting into tears because this is the longest I’ll ever beaway from my kids. Now it’s six nights, which is the longest by doublethat I’ve ever been away from them. So quite pathetically,I kept bursting into tears. It’s so painful to even miss one day.

Youknow, they change so quickly and the idea of somebody else being therewhen they do their first this or say their first that is just like, itmakes me die.

Discussing her children — Apple Blythe Alison, who turns 4 in two weeks, and Moses, 2 — Gwyneth chatted about her and Chris’ choice of name for their daughter, as well as the kid’s personalities, expounding a bit on her comments to David Letterman.

[The name Apple] just emerged — we thought it was unique, but we didn’t expect the media onslaught. I call her Appley-Dappley.

Moses is absolutely gorgeous, and he makes me go weak at the knees.Apple changes her outfits about seven times a day. She loves clothesand walks around the house in my high heels.

Click below for Gwyneth’s thoughts on going back to work and why she and Chris do not appear in public together or speak about each other in the press.

Gwyneth, who previously revealed that she suffered mild postpartum depression after the birth of Moses in 2006, shared that the decision to return to work was a difficult one for her — she wasn’t even sure if Hollywood would accept her back after taking quite the extended maternity leave.

There were some dayswhere I thought, after I had my son and I couldn’t lose the weight andI was in sweat pants and I was depressed and I was thinking, you know,will I ever be able to go back? Will they take me back?

Basically, what happened was that the fire started to come back when Mosey was about 6 months old. I thought, ‘I can’t go back to work now because I have to give him at least a year.’ When I felt the urge togo back I thought, ‘How am I going to do this?’ Then you feel so guiltythat you have the impetus to work again.

Although Apple and Moses have no idea what their 35-year-old mom does for a living — "They’ve never seen me on-screen or anything. They have no idea." — Gwyneth says that their well-being was of utmost importance to her when choosing her ‘comeback’ project, which ultimately was Iron Man.

[I wanted] something fun, not too big of a part, but with reallyinteresting people. That was exactly what this was. I knew that if Iwent back to work with something very, verydifficult, where I was in every scene, it would be way too much of ashock. My children would be like ‘Where the hell did you go?’

Itjust worked out so well. I could take Apple to nursery and pick her upmost of the days. She was going to the nursery school where I had gonewhen I was little, and it was just really a nice time where we were allkind of together.

When I’m home, I get up very early and spend the morning with my kids.My daughter goes to school in the afternoon and my son naps, so I’llexercise and do work stuff. I’m just really home. I’m with them anddoing the school run. Cooking a lot. I make everything except meat. Idon’t eat meat. I like thinking about what’s in season and what I wantto make today.

Family is a top priority for the Oscar-winning actress. Gwyneth has been married to Chris, 31, for four years now, and shared that they find gossip about the state of their union "hilarious," reiterating that they choose to stay off the radar for a reason.

If you never walk down the streettogether it can stay private. We really value our family life. [Themedia] feels very dark now, they want you to fall, throw up or do crack.

Iron Man opens in theaters on Friday, May 2nd.

Source: USA Today; AP; Boston Herald; The Press Association; The Telegraph

Photo by Dan Kitwood for Getty Images.

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Me on

That’s sad. She’s a pretty established actress and the fact that she wasn’t sure that she’d work again due to the weight she gained in her second pregnancy shows how pathetic Hollywood really is. She never gained that much weight to begin with.

martina on

Where is this coming from? She barely gained any weight with her second child. And even if she did have 10 extra-pounds for argument sake… Paltrow comes from a very well-connected Hollywood family; I doubt employment would have been a problem. Look at Salma – she is already back at work, with all her fabulous curves.

alcor on

It’s perfectly normal to freak-out about the weight gain,regardless of how much you put on. Those are her honest emotions everyone has them. I’m sure questioning herself about going back to work had to do with many things than just the weight gain. She just happen to be touching on one aspect.

Hilary on

Hmm… This has just always been a feeling, not a fact obviously, but I agree with Martina. Though Gwyneth is entitled to her own opinion and maybe did feel uncomfortable after her second baby, she has said things in the past that read as a bit out of touch with reality.

I mean, she’s rather famous and much of her family is in the industry (Spielberg’s her godfather!). She might not be well received by the public, but she will get hired by the industry. And I think her mom even mentioned that G and C were in marriage counseling (not that this is a track to divorce). So, why is she laughing off the rumors of a rocky marriage as “hilarious”?

She’s always struck me as rather disingenuous and sanctimonious. She’d always touted the macrobiotic diet, but ate takeout and burgers when pregnant. Of course, she has the right to change her mind and feed her pregnant body what it wants, but it’s tough to take her seriously when she seems to deny (admittedly, not explicitly in this particular interview) some aspects of her life. But her babies are sweet, no matter what their mom ate when carrying 🙂

Please don’t knock me, this is an open community, and we’re allowed to express ideas that are not all just peachy and positive.

Tiff on

I don’t think she’s talking about the weight so much as being away from working so long.

Christina on

Yay, glad to hear she is a vegetariann too. I think she is awesome!

Alicia on

She did say she had post- partum depression also so I’m sure that contributed to all those feelings.

amandamay on

i’ve seen several of her interviews this week (for iron man) and she has been so funny and self-deprecating and normal…like someone i’d love to have at a dinner party 🙂 i think the quotes of sarcastic people can come off negatively when you just read them and don’t see the actual tv interview. people talk differently for tv than they do for a written article. with a tv interview they know you will be able to see their facial expressions and tone so more jokey/sarcastic stuff gets said. this interview was fun to watch and i think it’s odd that people can only seem to comment on her “weight” issue. pdd can make anyone have negative thoughts even if they seem ridiculous to others.

tara on

People constantly told me I looked the same after my daughter was born and that I didn’t keep the weight on. 5 days after she was born some people told me I was “back to normal”. I guess clothing can be deceptive because I never lost my postpartum gut and my clothes (pants and jeans) did not fit. I am pregnant again, so I am not too concerned about my weight and I wasn’t then. I guess I will figure it out when I am done having children.

fuzibunni on

what a refreshingly honest interview!

gwyneth is a great example of beauty and brains. she seems like such a great mom. i’m sure she will be working for a long time.

Aly on

Can I just say I love Gwyneth. She seems so cool and collected.

I really admire her quote about her and hubby Chris staying out of the spotlight, so their marriage can be PRIVATE! It’s so true how the media wants everyone to fail or be on drugs. It’s nice to see people not pimping out their kids or relationship. Props 🙂

Lau on

I’m loving the fact that Apple goes to school in the afternoon. It’s like taboo everywhere if you don’t go to school in the mornings, so props to them for that.

katie on

I love Gwyneth. I think she is so normal and is a great mom. I respect her very much. She knows what is important in life, and has her priorities straight. Kudos to her!

Erica on

Uhhh…the name Apple just “emerged”? Didn’t they borrow that name from one of Chris’ managers (whose daughter was the first Apple?)

stephanie on

She’s not a vegetarian, she ate fish during the Vogue interview.

Jamaica on

What a refreshing interview. You know Jennifer Garner has said the same thing about keeping their marriage quiet. And both couples seem to be doing great!

And to the previous poster, why do kids have to have school in the morning? I don’t have any so I’m clueless as to why it’s taboo to have afternoon school.

Lilybett on

I wonder if her husband and kids eat meat… does Chris grill a steak for himself and the kids, for example, to go with whatever Gwyn cooks? Or is he also a vegetarian/fish only eater.

I’m always curious about the family dynamics of food. My husband and I don’t eat fish (for taste/psychological reasons) but I’d really like my own child to because it’s such a healthy, nutritious food type. How can I do that if I never eat or cook it?

This is why I’m curious about a vegetarian being the primary cook in their house. Are her kids also vegetarians by proxy?

tippy on

stephanie you can be a pesco vegetarian(only fish)
or pollo vegetarian (only chicken)

im ovo lacto (the most common) (no meat or fish) but i use milk and egg products.

i believe she used to be vegan (no animal products at all) but now prob eats fish.

gargoylegurl on

She didn’t say she’s vegetarian, she said: “I make everything except meat. I don’t eat meat.” Some people classify red meat, poultry, and fish separately. Or maybe she does consider herself vegetarian? Who cares?

I agree with the comments above that say weight gain and body image is all relative. Gwyneth has always been very thin, so to her, 10 lbs probably feels like a lot of weight. I’m sure the PPD didn’t help with her self esteem.

It’s sad they can’t walk down the street together, as a family. I totally understand where she’s coming from, but I believe it’s possible to be private and still be seen together. The Afflecks seem to do a great job of it.

She seems like a terrific mother. I hope they’ll have another! =)

Ruthella on

Lau; do this family live in the UK at the moment? My second son is almost exactly the same age as Apple and he only goes to Pre-School in the afternoons too.

It’s perfectly normal here, as 3-4 year olds only get 12.5 hours of free Pre-School per week.

Sounds like Apple does the same as my son, 5 afternoons of 2.5 hours, other Pre-Schools do five mornings instead.

Dana on

I have always loved her. She is so refreshing and down-to-earth. I feel that I can relate so much to everything she says.

But, I do have one question. Didn’t I read that when she went to Spain to do the cooking show with Mario Battali she had to leave her kids behind for a long period of time? Maybe I just misread/interpreted her comments at that time. I know thinking at that time that I could not stand to be away from my kids (or my husband) for that amount of time. I am just a little confused.

Aly on

Dana, I believe I saw pictures of little Moses and Apple with Gwyneth in Spain. Im sure Chris was around somewhere, but they don’t like being pictured together.

I can’t wait for another Martin child. Moses and Apple are the cutest celeb brother and sister.

I just saw on letterman how her and Chris call moses their “sensitive thug”. To cute. I hope this family stays together.

Lau on

Jamaica, I’m not saying kids have to go to school in the morning. In fact, it’s all the oppossite. I, as a person who went to school in the afternoon all my life, can say that whenever I commented about it it was always received as weird in a way or another. That’s what I meant when I said it was sort of taboo.

Ruthella, I’m not sure about that. I bet it’s pretty normal. I mean, people everywhere go to school at all times of the day. But for example, in my days of school, I hardly ever found someone who also went in the afternoon (who wasn’t a classmate of mine). That’s why it was a nice surprise reading about this =)

Ruthella on

I would imagine that Apple will go to school all day in the next school year (starting September), once she has turned four. That’s how the school system works in the UK 🙂