Update: Edie Falco welcomes second child, daughter Macy

04/30/2008 at 05:00 PM ET

Kid_carnival_14_wenn1320097_cbbUpdate: Edie recently completed a domestic adoption, her rep confirms. Daughter Macy is originally from Florida and arrived in February.

Originally posted 8 am: In Touch Weekly is reporting that Edie Falco has recently expanded her family with the adoption of a baby girl. The 44-year-old Sopranos actress is also mom to son Anderson, 3. Details are not known, and the adoption has not been confirmed by a rep.

Source: In Touch Weekly via NY Post; Photo by WENN.

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martina on

I hope it’s true. She seems like such a lovely woman and a wonderful mother.

Does anyone know whether her son was adopted domestically or internationally?

Michelle on

Hopefully we’ll hear more on this soon.

Her son is adorable and it always amazes me how much he looks like her. Same with Rosie’s son Blake. Even though the boys are adopted, I think they look an awful lot like their mommies. 🙂

Lauren on

Falco’s rep is confirming this, on People magazine’s website. Apparently the adoption took place in February:


Heather on

I agree Michelle! Anderson looks so much like Edie. can’t wait to see what little Macy looks like! Congrats to her.

Gena on

I’m so happy for her. Im glad that she adopted from America too. I really hope next she can find a nice man and settle down.

Renee on

Congrats to her.I’m glad to see women such as Mary Louise Parker and her who are proud to be single mothers and adopt. Now I would love to see some single Hollywood men adopt as well.

Anon. on

Aww! I’m so happy for her! Macy is an adorable name. I wonder if Anderson is excited to be an older brother. 😉

Lauren on

ITA that Anderson really resembles her, and props to Edie for doing a domestic adoption. Adopting period is amazing, but having volunteered in a group foster home, I can say with certainty that there are more than enough children right under our noses than need homes as much as anyone and often get left behind. Good for Edie for breaking the cycle.

Renee on

Lauren,I disagree.There has been plenty of celebrities and regular people who have adopted from the U.S. What country a child comes from shouldn’t even matter as long as they get into a healthy home.

paula on

Geez, here we go again with the domestic versus international adoption. Can’t we just be happy for her and leave it at that?

brooke on

How very nice for her. She suffered from cancer a few years ago, so i’m glad to see everything worked out for her. She has a little boy, and now a little girl, how nice. I sure miss the sopranos though, that was one of my favorite shows

Lauren on

“Can’t we just be happy for her and leave it at that?”

Can’t you just accept others’ input and leave it at that? Obviously not. Thanks for trying to turn a positive into a negative, though. Way to improve the thread.

paula on

It just appears to me that every time a celebrity adoption is announced on this web site, inevitably there ends up being a long argument over domestic versus international adoption. Quite honestly, I don’t understand why. How a person chooses to build there family is so personal, and should be celebrated. If anyone was trying to turn a positive into negative, it started with your comment, Lauren, not with mine. I think adoption is a wonderful thing, no matter how it is done and it wouldn’t even occur to me to be happier if someone adopted domestically rather than internationally. By the way, I am an adoptive parent.


This is such great news. Macy is a cute name can’t wait to see her and Anderson is very cute. I don’t think it matters from what country a person adopts it’s just nice to give a child a home. However, I do believe Anderson was adopted domestically possibly from Texas, but I’m not positive.

Linda on

Here we go again! What does it matter where the babies come from? It should not matter where the baby is from!!

Why does a wealthy nation like the US have so many babies up for adoption in comparison to other wealthy countries? Where I come from, you don’t have the choice to adopt domestically simply because the teenpregnancy rate is very low & there are no babies given up for adoption. You can only adopt from abroad – including babies from the US – and it takes at least four years.

Linda on

Forgot to ad: Lauren, I’m not sure Edie or any of the other celebs adoption domestically adopted babies from the foster-system. More likely they adopted via the private adoption system.

nona on

I’ve never watched the sopranos, and pretty much only know this actress from seeing her on here. I never realized Anderson was adopted! I learned it from reading these comments. I always thought he looked just like his mother. I hope it’s a good thing. I’m adopted, and I resented it when people thought I looked like my non-bio parents, because those /weren’t/ my genes, and I felt forced into a different identity when people said that. But we have a poorly relationship, which I imagine is part of it.

Lauren on

“If anyone was trying to turn a positive into negative, it started with your comment, Lauren, not with mine.”

So my post, which praised Edie for adopting and adoption in general, was what started the negativity on this thread as opposed to yours, which did nothing to add anything positive to the discussion and instead chose to complain about someone else’s praise. Riiight…

Any objective person would not have a problem with what I wrote. You are the one who chose to jump on what I said and create negativity within the thread, and blaming me for your actions isn’t going to happen. It’s obvious that you’re oversensitive to the topic at large; that isn’t anyone’s problem but your own. So don’t force your hang-ups on other people trying to have a nice discussion.

paula on

Lauren, obviously, I’m not the only one who is tired of comments like yours regarding domestic versus international adoption, as you can clearly see from other posts. I’ll leave it at that.

brannon on

A baby from anywhere is so exciting! Personally, doesn’t matter to me what country you adopt from so long as it is one less child in an orphanage/foster home. That said, i do disagree with the poster who said they hope she finds a good man and settles down. There is an awfully big assumption there that she is either looking for a man, not happy with her current situation or adopted because she feared she wouldn’t meet someone who could go through the child process with her. Not everybody wants to be married 🙂

Congratulations to Edie, Anderson and new baby Macy!

CelebBabyLover on

paula- ITA with everything you said! I know this probably isn’t the case, but honestly, sometimes it seems like people think that children from other countries are less deserving of being adopted by a loving family thant children from the U.S. (or whatever your home country happens to be) are!

I mean, for example, if Angelina had adopted a child from the U.S. instead of Zahara, Zahara almost certainly would have died in the orphanage (when Angie adopted her, she was malnourished, dehydrated, and I think had Salmonella posioning as well). Zahara was every bit as deserving of a loving family as an American child is!

My point is, wherever a child is adopted from, that is one less child in an orphange or foster care!

lk on

LILKUNTA Adoption whether domestic or int’l is the parents choice.

I do see however why AJolie,Madonna,Meg Ryan,MaryL Parker chosce int’l. An orphan kid, foster care kid etc in so much better off in the US than in the developing countries. Though not the best environments, group homes/foster homes give US kids clothes, a bed to sleep, food, health insurace etc.

In developing countries kids dont have this.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that kids are in homes with families. Who can not like that?

Karm on

Congratulations to the family!
Cute name!

Carrie Jo on

Congrats to her!

mom2tbet on

I’m chuckling to myself as for a moment i mistook Edie for Felicity Huffman. I was confused as to why there was no mention of her husband… and then i was really confused with the name choice – Macy Macy! haha

Congrats to Edie and her family!