Terrence Howard and kids attend Iron Man screening

04/29/2008 at 03:30 AM ET

Actor Terrence Howard, 39, was accompanied by his children Aubrey, 14, Hunter, 12, and Heavenly, 10, to a screening of Iron Man on Monday, April 28th in New York City, NY.  The event was hosted by the Cinema Society and Michael Kors at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room.


Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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Kelly on

oh man i love hunters hat!!

Sanne on

Hunter is looking fly!

kim on

HOT!! I have always had a thing for Mr. Howard. He children are cute also. Is their mother white, as all the kids are fair and his son could very well pass for white..

Tarsha on

cute kids

Southern girl on

How beautiful is this family? He and those kids are so good looking. There is just something about Terrence…love him 🙂

Erica on

Kim: There mom could be white or black and have kids that look like them because Terrence is technically biracial himself. I remember when he appeared with the cast of “Crash” on Oprah and he talked about how his family was given a lot of trouble growing up, as his father was a very-fair biracial man and his mother was a darker-skinned biracial woman.

Melanie F. on

Very beautiful family, I think Hunter looks just like Terrance and Kim yes his wife or soon to be ex-wife and the mother of his children, is white.

Fleur de lys on

Terrence Howard’s family is beautiful. Regardless of his bi-racial background, he self-identifies as African American. His children look like African Americans regardless of their fair skin. But again, why is race an issue when fair skinned African American are featured. Why do people quantify “blackness” by how dark or light someone is? The lightness of one’s skin does not dilute one’s race and culture.

kim on

I did not mean it as a being a matter of race, I was just curious. I think that it seems to be a little immature when people can’t even ask a simple question and all of a sudden it is about race. People need to get a life. It was a simple question.

Sheba on

Kim, it wasn’t a simple question, and I think you know that from the way you ended it with the qualifier…”his son could very well pass for white”. Plus anyone with google and IMDB would know the mother of his children is White and he has mention this fact and their marital woes at length in many articles.

Don’t pretend it was an innocent question and you were not looking to get a rise out of people. At least own what you said.

As for the “passing for white”. I find this statement comical as if it were coming from someone living in the 1950s segregated Jim Crow era.

kim on

I did look him up yesterday on IMBD and no it did not say anything about his wife. Was just a simple question, I have nothing to own up to.

Nora on

What a shame. Words are so scary anymore. I happen to be African American, and I didn’t find anything offensive about someone asking whether this child was mixed.

If someone asked whether a person was Italian because they had long dark hair and Roman features, I don’t think anyone would take offense. So why should we?

I would think the world should be enlightened enough now to be able to use words without inciting a riot every time. People ask if someone’s mom is White for the same reason they ask what designer a maternity dress came from. Curiosity. Fascination. Everything on this site is about visuals. Why is this any different?

I don’t think this person is trying to be racist. I’m actually very impressed with how civil most people are on the blog.

And yes, TH and his kids look fly!

JudeW on

Hey! What’s happening? I think it was a simple question asked with curiosity. I’m not of mixed race, but I’m culturally mixed (two very different European countries North and South) and it always fascinates me too to know about people’s ‘origins’ whichever they are (race, linguistic, geographical, religious). I think mixtures are interesting and they fascinate me. I don’t know Terrence Howard much, but he is gorgeous and so are his three children. I love that they all look different.

I love the Heidi Klums (and that they will grow up bilingual), the Boris Beckers, the Justin Chambers’ and the Lenny Kravitz’, the fact that ‘Italian’ stud actor Robert de Niro is actually %-wise mostly Irish, with some Dutch and German, rather than Italian, that German actor Daniel Brühl is half Spanish etc. etc.

Simple question (ok, maybe not so much the ‘could pass as white’… but I’m sure no harm was intended).


kim on

Thank you for understanding. If my last line in the first comment was offensive I am sorry. As for being racist no I am not, I am German/Dutch and my husband is Italian when our oldest was a baby we have had many people ask if was mixed, I never found it offensive just being curious.

brooke on

His kids are so cute, his oldest daughter is just beautiful. And his youngest child is so handsome too.

Ann on

His wife was a white woman, and jewish if i remember right. If you google terrence howard’s ex wife. then you’d probably find it!

taegan on

WOW! Nice pics.

I didn’t even know he had kids. That’s so cool. They are all good looking kids.

asiamarie on

I think terrance is a very good looking man regardless of his race.
I hope to see him in some more movies.

You know the fact is I don’t think he cares what other people think about his race and whom he is married too.
He is happy to be who he is, and for all the ignorant people out there get over it, Its not the 60’s anymore.
Let the man be and just enjoy his movies.

Honey on

Some people need to read about genetics before they comment, white is not associated with beautiful, all and any race of people can be beautiful. We need to stop being ignorant to other humans. Me and my spouse are brown-skinned, we have a fair skinned daughter. I have had people ask me did I have her, or is she adopted, or did you get the right baby from the hospital, even had are you sure you got the right baby daddy. People we need to stop the racism and disrespect.

Peace to the People

Anonymous on

His kids are cute