Halle Berry lets her chest do the talking

04/29/2008 at 04:11 PM ET

Halleberry103237_cbbCBB readers marveled over Halle Berry‘s newest assets at her first postpartum appearance this past Sunday, and it does seem she’s using them for their intended purpose. Hosting the Halle Berry Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament to benefit  the Jenesse Center on Monday, April 28th, the 41-year-old actress and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry had to cut out at 4 pm, as they had been alerted that it was time for 6-week-old Nahla Ariela‘s next meal. Halle climbed on to the stage and announced to the participating golfers,

I’m going to have to leave. My baby iscalling for my breasts. So, if I don’t see everyone later, thank you!

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tara on

oh I remember exactly what it was like to feel the need to nurse, it’s hard when your doing something and then have to rush off.

tink1217 on

her comment is too funny!! baby hunger before golf!!!

martina on

Hah hah, she is really cute! And her boobs are looking very tasty, I must say!

Becky on

Great line. Comments and lines about “boobs” alway seem to be funny and poignant. It seems like only yesterday when Mary Louise Parker made a similar comment about her boobs. I only wished I could remember it. How I miss my memory. 😦

erika on

very funny. i can’t wait to see the baby and who she looks like!

ummmmmmm on

Am I the only one who thinks the comment was stupid? On the mic? Ummm NO! Not cute Halle! Around friends? Sure, but not at a public event.

Heather on

she could feed an entire nation of newborns on those things!

very amusing :0)

sara on

becky: MLP thanked her son for her fabulous cleavage at an awards show. i thought it was pretty funny, esp. because i too love my cleavage when nursing 🙂

Chicki on

Ummmmmmm, you are not alone! The comment about her baby having to nurse seems very obvious and trite – sorry! :/ Couldn’t she have pumped milk prior to the event?? And how about showing off the actual baby as opposed to allowing your boobs take center stage! Can you tell that I can’t wait to see the little one?!

iheartme on

I agree with the PP that the comment just seems unnecessary and rather silly. Do what you have to do but I just wouldn’t announce it personally. I do have to say that Halle looks absolutely fantastic. I honestly thing this is probably the best I’ve ever seen her look! She is just glowing.

mary on

My philosophy is “Have food will travel” LOL

brooke on

Love her, she is so beautiful, can’t wait to see her daughter

Sheba on

I think her comment is cute and funny. I see nothing trite about referring to your breast and feeding your baby. She’s nursing and there’s “no shame in her game”. If you expect women to breast feed, you should be comfortable with a mother referring, talking about, heck talking to 😉 her breast in public. It’s a celebrity event which I’m sure was filled with many of her friends and people she’s worked with so she felt comfortable enough with making a funny…my baby is calling for my breast.

Maybe she’s not pumping just yet. Maybe her baby doesn’t like taking breast milk from a bottle. Maybe she felt because the baby was right there on-site she didn’t need to pump. Just simply put her to breast.

Renee on

Some of you need to get a sense of humor. I agree Sheba. It’s like if any woman makes a joke about having to go breast feeding, some people get so offended by it.It’s suppose to be a secret no one discusses to some people. Breast feeding isn’t gross or should be something women are ashamed of or something women don’t talk about. Her statements weren’t silly and I have to wonder why anyone would think that unless they have issues with women speaking about breast feeding openly. I think it’s 2008, get over it.

chris on

Her comment made me chuckle even though it seems like an odd announcement to make. But it was HER golf tournament after all, so I’m sure she was very comfortable joking around.

Luci on

Her comment made me smile as well and grow nostalgic for the days when I breastfed my children.

She didn’t say, my chest hurts, etc… We do need to lighten up and celebrate this beautiful woman using her breasts for one of the main functions they were created for.

TwinMamma on

Chicki, perhaps she has not introduced a bottle yet and maybe doesn’t plan to. I see nothing wrong with her comment. She’s comfortable with it and everyone else needs to just get over it. Why is it that women can openly talk about getting breast implants but can’t talk openly about breast feeding? Double standard much?

HardCandy on

The first thing I thought was here we go again another new celeb mom talking about her new found breastfeeding boobs at a dinner event. I think Gwenyth was the first she said something like “Sorry I’m so flustered all of my brain cells are coming out of my breast milk.” I thought that was cute but now it seems like at every event a new mom is talking about her breasts, but Halle’s happy so I’m not going to rain on her parade.

CelebBabyLover on

HardCandy- Halle wasn’t talking about her breasts. She was talking about the fact that Nahla was hungry and she need to go nurse her. She didn’t say one word about her breasts being big, or about being proud of that fact.