Sofia Vergara and son Manolo Gonzalez featured in People en Espanol's Most Beautiful People; discuss household roles

04/28/2008 at 12:33 AM ET

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, 35, and her son, Manolo Gonzalez, 16, have been named People en Espanol’s Most Beautiful Mother and Teenage Son duo.  Even though Manolo is only sixteen, he says that he is really the adult (and chef!) of the house!

Truthfully, [my mom] is really like a little girl.  She’s always playing on the computer, watching television, reading.  If I don’t cook, she’ll die of hunger.

Manolo, who is an aspiring movie director, has taken advantage of his mom being an actress and has used her in some of his filming projects for school. He does admit however, that directing your own mom is a little weird!

It’s a little strange to tell your mom what to do.  But she is very simple.


Source: People en Espanol; June issue

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Kelly on

wow they look so much alike!! & since im only 13 i can say this without feeling weird he is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynsey on

Wait…that’s his MOM?! They look like brother and sister!

Daze on

They really look like siblings. I had to go back and see how old she was. She was only 19 when he was born, but she looks more like she was 2. Beautiful pair.

Ana on

AHAHA I thought they were siblings before reading the text. Well, it wouldn’t be impossible considering they’re age difference.

Delilah on

Am I the only one a little weirded out that her 16 year old son is the adult of the house? The way he describes it, it sounds like their roles are a bit reversed.
But they are a lovely looking family.

Bren on

Wow!! They look like brother and sister or like husband and wife…lol

He is very handsome and from the interviews I’ve read before it seems like Sofia and Manolo get a long great!!

Hea on

Delilah – Have you heard the terms “sarcasm” and “humor”?

Asiram on

I don’t know if anyone else here speaks/reads Spanish, but the flavor of what he’s saying is different than the way it is translated into English.

For example, that last quote where he says it’s a bit strange to tell your mom what to do? What they are talking about there is the fact that he wants to be a director, and he has practiced directing his mom for a college class, and so it is strange telling her what to do.

And “sencillo” translated into English does technically mean “simple” but that’s not really what it means the way he’s using it. I don’t have an exact word in English, but it’s the sense that she’s real, she’s straight-forward, she’s down-to-earth.

Hope this helps!

Cassandra on

AW! He takes care of his Momma! That is sweet.

Heather on

I think their relationship is cute!

Sheba on

I love these two. I have a 17 and 19 year old and I’m 36 and it’s the same thing in my house. I’m either mistaken for the sister or nanny. I’m like what in world is a 17 year old doing with a nanny? Tee. Hee. But stranger things have happened. I’m also the same way with cooking. I hate it. If my husband or my older son, who went to culinary school one summer, didn’t cook I’d live off of ramen noodles and canned salmon. Yikes. But I make a pretty mean tuna and cheese casserole. LOL!

Good for him in wanting to be a director and what great practice to get in working with your mom a professional actress. It’s like Gena Rowlands and Nick Cassevettes.

Manola has Sofia’s eyes.

Cameron on

Nice Cassavetes reference! (Although Nick had the advantage of being the son of the legendary Indy-film director).

I notice the similarities in their eyes, as well as the nose and the distinctive chin. I wouldn’t notice this were I not such a big fan of Ms Vergara.

I discovered this woman online a few years back, and seeing pics, as well as clips from “Fuera de Serie,” thought she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

And, while she hasn’t quite achieved A-list stardom in Hollywood (yet), she’s still a model of success. She’s given back to her country in charitable causes, including having a clothing line that fosters education and employment. Also, being a cancer-survivor (thyroid), she founded a charity for children with cancer.

In case you didn’t get the idea, I love and respect this woman SOOO much it’s not even funny, and am confident she’s instilled the same wonderful values in her son.

Eva on

The translation (if it was taken from the magazine page quote) is a little off. When the kid says “it is a little strange to tell your mother what to do. But she’s very simple” its in the context of amateur directing, not telling her what to do as in parenting. It appears that he does some amateur work with the camera and directs his mom, so it would be like saying she’s easy to direct.

terri on

I don’t think it was sarcasm or humor, just honest talk about their relationship.

FC on

Whoa, he’s grown up! I rememer seeing a photo of Manolo when he was younger. Cute then, even cuter as a teen. And, he and Sofia honestly do look like brother and sister. That’s a great photo of them!

But I can tell who he gets his looks from, from the mouth, his eyes, eyebrows. He’s almost a male clone of his mother.

brooke on

sofia is so gorgeous, and her son looks a lot like her. She defintley could pass for his sister or gf. That’s one of the best things I would think of having a child young, when your in your 30’s you still look young and probably can relate to your kids a lot. She talks about him a lot on interviews, it seems their close. How sweet

Cameron on

I come from the other end of the spectrum in that my mom is 40 years older than me, but we get along great.

It looks like Manolo is very capable of treating his mom well on Mother’s Day. Then he should be rewarded with a night off, so he can hang out with his friends, and let me take care of Sofia’s dinner. Dinner, candlelight, tablecloth, music….*sigh*

isabella on

I go to the same high school as manolo. he hangs out with a big group. he also went to my same middle school, emerson. i never knew his mom was famous though, that’s awsome.

Rosie on

OMG they are so cute! He looks like he can be a model and actor just like his mom!

Maria on

I go to school with him. He’s a bit of a jerk. Very hot-headed