Update: Amy Poehler and Will Arnett expecting first child

04/28/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Gap1Update: The couple’s rep confirms that they are expecting a late fall arrival.

Originally posted April 24th: Lainey Gossip reports that SNL funnywoman Amy Poehler, 36, and her husband, Arrested Development‘s Will Arnett, 37, may be expecting an addition to their family. Sources told Lainey that the Baby Mama star has quit smoking and "wasn’t feeling well" at SNL rehearsals a few weeks ago. Amy has apparently shared the news with friends and colleagues, but has yet to confirm publicly.

Photos from the Baby Mama premiere last evening or Amy’s TRL appearance on Tuesday aren’t exactly nipping the rumor in the bud either!

Will and Amy have been married almost five years.

Source: Lainey Gossip; People; photo courtesy winter Gap campaign.

Thanks to CBB readers Tracy and Mandy.

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P on

I think she should play Ashlee Simpson on an upcoming SNL when it becomes really obvious (the pregnancy, that is) and just deny it in all sorts of ridiculous ways.

tink1217 on

wouldn’t that be funny!!! Especially with the movie coming out! If its true CONGRATS!! These 2 are great!

Hilary on

I had no idea those two were married! They must be so hilarious together. All the best to them and their newbie (if it’s true).

tink1217 on

P, that is and would be hilarious!!

melanie on

oh my goodness! i hope so!! her and tina are like my fav. people!! how ADORABLE would that baby be!?!?

Jenn on

I saw Amy doing a promotion with Tina Fey for Baby Mama last night on NBC and she looked really pregnant, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.

sari on

I totally suspected she was pregnant a few weeks ago on SNL. She just looked fuller in the face and body—she is so petite normally. I searched the internet that night to see if it was true and couldn’t find anything to substantiate my suspician, until now. Congrats to her if it is true. I love see the pregnant castmates on SNL!

Rachel-Jane on

Oh I hope so! I love those two.

Kaley on

Aww I hope this is true. I was just wondering if Amy would have kids because it seems that her and Will would be great parents.

dickie on

Have you seen the pictures of her at the premiere? She is definitely pregnant.

Susan on

I hope it is true since Wil and Amy are both hilarious and awesome. That baby will rock!

martina on

Oh wow, I just thought this morning that she looked like she might be expecting at the premier of her new movie! If so, huge congratulations to her. She is adorable and immensely talented.

mudnessa on

i saw her on the view this morning and i knew there were going to be pregnancy rumors because of the skirt she was wearing. i have not seen pictures anywhere else and on the view it was definitely a case of bad skirt choice if she is not. if she is that kid is going to have the funniest childhood with those two as parents, they are so funny.

stephanie on

P – That is brilliant 😀

Entertainment Weekly mentioned a rumour when they visited the SNL set last month that she was leaving the show, probably to spend time with the baby?

Anca on

Oh yeah, totally pregnant! Let’s see on Conan tonight!

Alyssa Shackelfor on

i don’t know why anyone would wear a dress like that white one if they weren’t pregnant, it looks totally obvious that she is.

best of luck to both of them…they are hilarious, plus Tina and Amy make a great team.

Beck on

I didn’t know they were together let alone married (but I know who they are, at least) now that I think I of it they seem very suited to each other sense of humourwise!

I really hope she is pregnant!

Amy on

I am so happy for them! I also recently saw Will on Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago and he had ALSO quit smoking!

one_love on

Anyone see these two in Blades of Glory together?? HILARIOUS. Congrats to them!

Mia on

I thought she looked pregnant on the last SNL I saw, but I hadn’t heard anything about it until now. She wore a really puffy front dress last night on Conan that would definitely cover up a baby bump.

I hope she is! That would be so cute. They’ll be great parents 😀

Erika on

Yayy! I’m so happy for them! Congrats!

Laura AS1 on

They are so great together. That baby is going to have well-worked abs from laughing at mom and dad. Congrats to them!

Annie on

This is going to be the most hilarious baby ever.

Christine on

Congrats to them!
I saw her in a press junket for the movie joking about having the baby here in Canada because it would be free! (Her hubby is Canadian)
I love these 2!!

Candice on

SCORE!! I love her so much! This is going to be awesome.

tink1217 on


Principesa on

Amy: play a pregnant Hillary on SNL. Who’s the baby daddy? Barack Obama. After all, wasn’t it he who was calling her in the middle of the night asking for advice in a SNL skit just recently?

Congrats to you and Will. This kid will have comedy genes from both sides!

vanessa on

Yay! I hope it’s true! She was soooo cute in Baby Mama…

Sarah on

Vanessa, the update to the post confirms the pregnancy, so it’s true.

Glad they confirmed, it was becoming obvious!

emily on

Ha! I just read last weeks Page Six Magazine that featured her and she said when asked about having children of her own: “I have decided to steal other people’s children from this restaurant…I’m looking around to see if there any cute, already made children that I can steal.” Then she finally says she and Will plan to procreate “someday”. Guess it was a little sooner than she thought…or perhaps she was pregnant when she said that! The interview was early/mid April I think.
Congrats! I love her and her husband is verrryy hot.

Elyse on

I went and saw Baby Mamma last night and Amy was so great in it. I recommend seeing it if you are in need of a laugh. I have to say this couple seems so well suited for eachother, they certainly will be one funny family! 🙂

FC on

They really do seem like such a great, fun couple. And I am glad to see some confirmation, because I had looked at the photos of speculation and could see what looked to be a telltale bump when she was outside, I think, in that heather grey outfit. She did the ol’ “stick the arm in front of stomach to camouflage it” move…lol

I’m happy for them, and can’t wait to see this pregnancy progress!

jmae on

Yay! They will be the coolest/funniest family. How awesome would it be to have Will Arnet and Amy Poehler for your parents? Lucky kid!

fuzibuni on

I luv luv luv both of them.

i hope they have 12 kids so they can start their own comedy troupe 🙂

Avery on

That kid is sure to have a lifetime of laughs with Amy and Will as parents. Congrats to the both of them.

Laura E. on

Yay! That’s such fantastic news.

Lisa Johnson on

Is it Tina’s?

Christina on

I knew it! I was watching SNL this week, and during the News Update segment they had someone impersonating the pregnant man on, and Seth commented on something about pregnant women. Then there was a slight pause, and Amy Poehler said awkwardly, “why Seth, when have you ever seen a pregnant woman?” kind of defensively (in a comedic way) with a smirk on her face.
I am so happy for them! They are going to make such fantastic parents! They are hilarious!!

CelebBabyLover on

I’m surprised she’s already showing so much! Sinc her rep said “late Fall”, I’m guessing that means October or November. If she is due in October, she’s about three months along, and if she’s due in November, she’s only two months along. Even if October is when she’s due and thus she’s three months, most women aren’t showing that much at three months.

However, I suppose it could be that their rep wasn’t being entirely truthful about the due date and she’s really due in Septmember or something.

martina on

Yes, the due date is a little suspicious, lol. I am 4 months along and look a lot less pregnant then Amy! Then again, she is only 5’2 – if she is going through the lovely “bloating stage”, it all becomes kind of obvious.

I am curious – if people get fuller in the face and arms, at what stage does that usually happen?

Kelli on

Amy & Will,

Congrads on your new baby! Movie was great by the way. I did not notice you where prego the last time I saw you at your moms house. I bet your mom & dad have a bigger smile on there face as they have always have from you and Greg. I hope all is well and we will talk soon. Congrads to your mom & dad for being grandparents for the second time!

Love your neighbor hood family in MA!

melanie on


I AM soooo excited for them!! i love amy sooo much! yes!!

Kelli on

Congrads to Amy & Will.

I live next door to Amy’s Parents and when they told us we where over the moon!

I can’t wait to meet him or her, but I can tell you its going to be one good looking baby!

Congrads to all and to Greg amy’s brother your going to be a uncle!