Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge run errands

04/28/2008 at 09:31 AM ET

Jamie Lynn Spears ran errands in McComb and Liberty, MS with her fiancé Casey Aldridge on Saturday, April 26th. The 17-year-old actress is due in early July.


Image by INFPhoto.com

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Anca on

I think she’ll have a girl. My sister is having a girl and she & Jamie-Lynn are carrying in the excact same way.

Heather on

I would love to see her in a cute little maternity top, I bet she looks adorable. I understand her low-key style, especially with the paparazzi following her everywhere, but for some reason, I’m hoping for that on picture really embracing maternity style, goodness knows there’s more than enough cute stuff out there!

Di on

It seems like everytime there is a picture of Jamie Lynne she’s wearing a shirt, shorts and those ballet flats. Having never been pregnant, I can imagine that her primary concern right now is comfort above all else. When Jamie was in LA she was always dressed nicely for events but since she has no where special to go it makes sense that she would dress down. After all, we all can’t be Victoria Beckham who is always dressed to the hilt even if she is just taking her kids to soccer practice.

Dizz on

I’m thinking being pregnant at 16 gives her more than enough to think about without worrying about her wardrobe.

Anything that draws attention away from her bump would be a good thing.

Avery on

I agree with the above comments. She’s not in Hollywood, therefore, who does she have to impress? I know when I was pregnant, I steered clear of maternity wear. If I needed a bigger shirt or pair of jeans, I just went up a size until I found clothes that suited my body. Besides, as far as maternity clothes have come, the majority still don’t cater to the style of a young adult.

tink1217 on

well, I have to disagree about maternity wear today…IF you have the money…so many designers make maternity jeans and tees now that would look amazing on young moms. My daughter is 19 and comments all the time when we pass a Pea in the Pod or Mimi maternity store about how nice the jeans and tops are now compared to years ago. Juicy Couture makes maternity, 7 for all Mankind and Citizens of Humanity make jeans, so does Lucky Brand. And Language, 3 Dots, velvet, and so many others make gorgeous and comfortable maternity tops. For prices a bit lower there are Olian, Maternal America, and even some of Motherhood’s stuff is really cute and inexpensive. Not that wearing what she wears is wrong…she is obviously comfy!

Kate on

Does the way a woman carries even indicate whether she’s having a boy or girl?

Julie on

Ok, take it easy on the 17 year old. She’s young, but I’m sure she’ll make it work. I can’t believe that bump just seemed to come out of nowhere! Best wishes!

Lux on

To Kate: No, that’s an old wives tale. If you’re carrying high like Jamie Lynn is all it means is either a.) this is your first pregnancy or b.) you’re in shape. The only way to know for sure is through an ultrasound. Of course these things do have a 50/50 chance of being right!

As for Jamie Lynn, she has always seemed like the type who dressed for comfort, even before her pregnancy. Besides, there really isn’t much room for designer clothing in rural Louisiana. =/ I still say she looks great, she’s just all bump with little weight gain elsewhere; pregnancy really agrees with her!

tink1217 on

Lux, good point about designer maternity wear in rural LA!! I didn’t think of that. Jamie Lynn obviously doesn’t care about that stuff. If her Abercrombie or Hollister clothes still fit or a larger size does…thats cool too.

SSgirl on

I would imagine there are quite a few teenage fans who are following Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. I’m glad that she has not been photographed looking trendy and fashionable only because it might make the idea of pregnancy more appealing to younger girls. Obviously it wouldn’t affect everyone that way, but I just appreciate that she’s keeping things very simple and low key.

terri on

When did she announce her engagement?

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- She herself hasn’t said a word about it, but someone (either her rep or a friend. I can’t remember which) confirmed the engagement to People Magazine after she was seen wearing what looked like an engagement ring. Also, she seemed to “announce” it herself by showing off her ring to the paps in a few photos!

Jamie-Lynn Lover on

I love Jamie-Lynn and Britney. I think that everyone should just leave them both alone! They can live their lives the way they want to. I think jamie can take care of herself, she probably will follow her sisters footsteps- everyone makes mistakes people! Nobody’s perfect. I support Jamie-Lynn & Britney at the most! I’m probably on of their biggest fans, I love them. Jamie-Lynn rocked on Zoey101. Jamie-Lynn is doing her best. I think that she is amaziinggg, she awesome. I totally support ehr and her sister to the fullest! I want to wish Jamie-Lynn the best with her Baby. :]
I think she is going to have a girl also, I hope she does.

Sara on

someone asked “does the way your carrying a baby even determine whether your carrying a boy or girl” NO it doesnt how you carry your pregnancy depends on your stomach muscles if you carry high you had good stomach muscles pre-pregnancy if your carrying lower you didnt have that good of stomach muscles it all depends on your pre-pregnancy no one can really look at a person and tell what they are carrying its all myths sorry =)



fuckyourself on

how sad! your a slut