Soleil Moon Frye and family at the Avocado Grill

04/28/2008 at 12:11 PM ET

Actress and The Little Seed co-owner Soleil Moon Frye, 31, producer Jason Goldberg, 37, and daughter Poet Sienna Rose, 2 ½, walked home after lunch at the Avocado Grill over the weekend. Younger daughter Jagger Joseph Blue, 6 weeks, stayed home.


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Jewel on

Ok, here we have a normal woman who’s just given birth. Glad to see it.

Poet is such a lovely girl and VERY tall. Or is Soleil VERY low?

Mimi on

I totally agree with Jewel. Soleil looks like just about every other woman I know (including myself) six weeks after giving birth! Which, by the way, is beautiful. I wish more celebrity women would embrace the post-birth body, instead of running out and immediately hiring trainers in an attempt to attain an inappropriate post-baby body!

I think Soleil is on the shorter side, and that Poet looks tall here because of that. What an easy-going looking family.

Laura on

What a cute family!

Shelby on

What a gorgeous family! Poet is absolutely stunning with those beautiful curly tendrils! Soleil looks great 6 weeks after birth and I am glad to see someone embracing their beautiful pregnant body! Any ideas where Poet’s dress or shoes are from?

sil on

here we go again with the post baby body….I think everybody is free to do whatever they want with their bodies! if a woman feels better going to the gym after giving birth, why not?? that doesn’t mean they are not taking care of the baby, maybe you can workout for an hour every day, and eat healthy food…and you loose the baby weight.
I think Soleil looks nice, and i looked the same after giving birth to my daughter…. but if i could have Halle Berry’s post baby body would have been much better 🙂
Anyway, my point is that being “normal” is not about the weight, every woman have different bodies.
Just my opinion.

Laura AS1 on

What a great looking family. Good for her. Poet Sienna is a little “Punky Brewster”, isn’t she?!

jasmine on

I love Poet’s curly hair and her outfit!

Christine on

I love Poet’s curls – I guess she gets those from her Daddy!
I think her looking tall is probably a combination of both – Soleil is very petite and her hubby is super tall, so Poet may have his height.

Lovely family!

Sasha on

Now that is a post “preggy” body. I love it, that is how my body is after giving birth 2 months ago.

Holly on

People, she does not look good here.It IS controllable. At the very least she needs a more supportive

A - Dayton, OHIO on

is that the R&B singer ASHANTI in the background?? Soleil looks wonderful post-baby!! comfortable, and happy in her OWN skin! 🙂

Sheba on

I think Poet is beautiful.

I have to say I looked nothing like this post-pregnancy. I looked more like Halle and Christina. Big what I liked to call “porn star boobs” and great legs. The legs I believe are genetic as I come from a long line of track runners with legs like race horses. Where I did get heavy was in my arms and back but I always wore shirts that directed attention to my boobs. Tee. Hee.

I see a post-pregnancy body, but this is not what all women look like after giving birth…6 weeks later.

Manda on

I absolutely love Soleil!!! Been a fan of hers since god knows when. She’s gorgeous and her daughter is too cute. Love there wardrobes as well 🙂

karen on

Wow her husband is HUGE!!! I wonder how tall he is?

goodgirl on

finally someone who doesn’t look anorexic 2 weeks after giving birth 🙂

Elyse on

IMDB says Jason is 6’2 1/2 and Soliel is 5’1 so I bet Poet will take more after Jason. I always love seeing this family, I have no idea why, but I just do!

fuzibuni on

awww.. poet is so sweet!
she looks like a little dancer 🙂

chris on

I think she looks great, and little Poet is adorable!

doob on

“is that the R&B singer ASHANTI in the background?? “

uh, no.

EK on

It is nice to see someone who actully looks like she just gave birth 🙂

ElStuddo on

Wheres Jagger?

ElStuddo on

Why did they leave Jagger @ home? 😦

Rosa on

I agree that everyone is just different after having a baby. She looks great, but there is nothing wrong with losing the baby weight more quickly either. I didn’t work out and ate as much as I could sinc eI was breast-feeding. Yet I still was 5 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight in about 3 weeks. Everyone is different, and it is all OK!

LisaR on

Darn, poor Halle can’t catch a break…Imagine not being a ‘normal’woman simply because her body adjusted differently after childbirth! Personally, I think it has more to do with genetics than running out to the gym in some mad rush to look perfect. Also as I recall Halle is diabetic, so her pregnancy diet would have been much stricter and as we all saw she didn’t gain that much weight in the first place. So I fail to see why so many people are so critical of her and praising Soleil who obviously just has a different BODY TYPE. And who isn’t dressed up as Halle was in her photo, in a flattering dress. Why are people even comparing them? How unfair can it get?

Jennie on


I don’t think ppl are critical of Halle at all! Where have you read that? What I have seen here is the opposite! Ppl praising her for having an amazing body after giving birth just six weeks ago…?

Just because ppl like to see a woman like Soleil, who look like many non celebs women do after giving birth with some extra pounds, doesn’t mean they are critical of Halle’s body.


Soleil is a normal woman.
She looks tired, like a normal woman.
She’s great, beautiful, and her daughter is lovely!

Stephanie on

They are a great looking family 🙂

She looks great!! A normal person!!


brooke on

poet looks just like her mom