Christina Aguilera featured in People en Espanol's Most Beautiful People; talks about son, Max

04/28/2008 at 01:05 AM ET

Christina1_cbbIn the newest issue of People en Espanol, Christina Aguilera, 27, new mom to son Max Liron, 3 ½ months, has been voted ‘Most  Beautiful Singer.’  Christina thinks she has Max to thank for that, as she says being a mother has made her the "happiest she’s ever been."

Being a new mom has made me the happiest I’ve ever been.  Beauty for me is only the happiness that comes from within.

As for her Latin roots, Christina, and her husband Jordan Bratman, 30, want to teach Max all about the Latino culture and hope that one day he will even learn Spanish!

I love the Latino culture.  It’s fire and passion, and I definitely want to instill all that in my son, since he’s half Latino too.

Continue reading for more on little Max, as well as images of Christina.

Jordan says that when Christina starts to sing around Max, he recognizes her voice right away and just becomes fascinated with her.  And Christina?  She is just trying to soak up as much time as she can with her baby boy before he grows up!

I’m loving every second before he grows up too fast.  He’s a dream.  I love him.


Source: People en Espanol; June issue

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Jessamine on

Wow, she looks stunning! Christina seems like such a great mother and is obviously head over heels in love with little Max. I’m just dying to see some more pictures of the little guy!

Zozo on

I so agree with you! She looks so radiant i am certain that came with the pregnancy! Well, i do think their should be more pics of him!

krista on

Isn’t Christina HALF Latino? How does that make her son Half Latino to?

ceci on

If I remember correctly, Christina is half latina (which means Max is 1/4 latin)and doesn’t speak Spanish. She had to learn it when she recorded her album in Spanish so that she would pronounce the words properly…

Anyone know what hat tattoo in her inner left elbow is? It almost looks like a scar.

kim on

She looks very mature since having her baby, I have noticed that on a lot of other mothers also..Love her, she is stunning..

Jenn on

I’m so glad others noticed how wrong her math is! If she is half latino her son is a quarter latino. DUHH!!!

brooke on

Don’t like her makeup or hair here at all, but looking forward to seeing pics of max in the future

Sheba on

She looks stunning. I love the dark lipstick and nail polish on her. Still a blonde bombshell with a little bit of punk rock. Can’t wait to see her little man again.

Rye on

Not to sound like the ethnicity police or anything but Christina is Half Latin HERSELF which would mean that her son would be 1/4 Latin…why is she saying he is half Latino? that is strange. anyways, she looks good.

Mandi on

Are we SURE her husband is not part Hispanic? She doesn’t strike me as a stupid woman or someone who would make that up for appeal to the Latino community, so maybe that is it? I dunno…

amber on

it could just be that she self-identifies as latina. if she identifies that way it would make sense that she would say max is half latino without really thinking about it.

amber on


apparently the tattoo reads “Te Amo Siempre” which is Spanish for “I love you always”. In the middle of the tattoo she’s got the two Hebrew letters “Y” and “B”, jordan’s initials.

CelebBabyLover on

I want to see more pictures of Max, too! It strikes me as odd that Christina hasn’t been seen out in public with him even once since he was born. I can’t imagine that she’s stayed cooped up in the house for that long, and I can’t imagine she’s kept Max inside for that long. I mean, newborns have frequent “Well-baby” check-ups at the doctor, so he’s been out of the house for that. I wonder how she managed to get him to the doctor without having him (even in a covered stroller or carseat) photographed?

Renee on

I agree Amber.I think she does identify as Latina, just as Halle identifies as a black woma and there is nothing wrong with that

joy on

It don’t matter if he is half or 1/4 is she wants to identify with that culture its her right. My kids are a quarter and I am half. We teach our kids spanish too.

Jay on

Does Christina really have to get technical and say her son is 1/4 Latino?