Travis Barker and kids at Malibu Country Mart

04/27/2008 at 04:43 PM ET

Rocker Travis Barker, 32, and kids Alabama Luella, 2, Landon Asher, 4 ½, and Atiana Cecelia, 9, were spotted at the Malibu Country Mart and playing at the park on Saturday, April 26th. Mom is Shanna Moakler; Atiana’s father is Oscar de la Hoya.


Photos by Splash News; Flynet;

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Cassandra on

LOL. No shoes. My little brother hates his shoes too, he used to take them off an refuse to put them back on.

Nice sunglasses, finally, someone who has sunglasses on their kids. 😛 To be fair, I can’t get my little brother to keep his on either.

Anca on

Oh my, how utterly adorable is Alabama!! The little belly and the sunglasses. Just an overload of cuteness! And Landon is just too cool in those pj’s!


Did Travis adopt Atiana? Don’t get me wrong but he spends a lot of time with her. If Shanna finds someone do you think she would stop the visits for Atiana with Travis if he legally did not adopt her? Does her birth father have anything to do with her?

Sarah on

These pics are too cute, especially Landon’s pink sunglasses :P,
Anyone else remember the episode of Meet The Barkers where Travis was making a point to put shoes on Landon before he let him walk?
hahaha, glad to see that’s passed 😛

Avery on

Possibly my favorite celeb dad. I love Alabama’s shades.

katryna on

Alabama is so adorable!!! She’s looks so cute in her little sunglasses and dress…I love her chubby cheeks.

Manda on

LOL!! Alabama is toooooo cute!! She’s so chubby AW! Travis seems like one of the best celebrity fathers out there!

Christine on

I swear every time I see pics of him with those children…i swoon!

Scotti on

how come it is never said that Oscar De La Hoya is Atiana’s father?

I think if I remember correct only ONCE have I seen it said on here when I see photos of Travis with Atiana.

Colby on

Scotti–Travis is way more of a father than Atiana’s biological father so in my opinion, it seems fitting to have him down as the father.

Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae's Mommy on

These children are adorable…and appear to have a lot of…shall we say..character? 🙂

I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Travis is so inclusive of Atiana. That little girl deserves a dad, so someone’s got to step up to the plate! Travis seems to be more of a father to Atiana than de la Hoya…props to him!!

Renee on

Scotti,why does it matter? Would you prefer that when there are pictures of Seal with Leni for them to list her biological father as well? Travis ,from what alot of us have seen, is Atiana’s father since he has taken the role as one.

jayme on

i think he’s such a great father. almost every weekend we see tons of pics of him taking care of them. i think that’s great. and it’s also great to see that he has atiana too although he’s not her biological kid. at least fame hasn’t gone to his head; he’s still a great dad!

Erica on

Cute kids! Atiana and Alabama are beauties already.

Re: Oscar De La Hoya. I’m not trying to speak for the CBB staff here because I don’t know their reasons for not consistently stating the name of Atiana’s biological father. But I personally see this situation as quite similar to Heidi Klum, Leni, and Flavio Briatore where the bio father is clearly not a big presence in the child’s life. Another man has stepped up and been the main father figure (Seal and Travis.)

This is just my speculation; also, I don’t know how or if Oscar sees his daughter, I am just going by what we’ve seen over the years in print and on Barkers’ reality show.

JC on

I think it is great that Travis has maintained a relationship with Aitana. He was with Shanna for awhile so he probably thinks of her as one of this children.

Di on

I would not compare Travis/Shana situation to Heidi and Seal’s situation because it is very clear that Leni’s bio father is not in the picture but Oscar’s status is more uncertain. Furthermore, Heidi and Seal are united family and Shana and Travis are divorced. I would liken Atiana’s situation to Madonna’s daughter. Carlos Leon is her father but because Madonna lives in England,there are very few pictures of Lourdes and Carlos Leon together. Just because Oscar is not photographed with Atiana does not mean he is not involved and as stands right now, legally, he is still her father since Travis did not adopt her.

Natasha on

Its been mentioned in pretty much every post about these kids that Shanna has said that Oscar is a part of her life and that they’re raising a kid together. Atiana was at his boxing match too apparently.

That said, I’m pretty sure Travis called Atiana is own daughter too and her name is tattooed on his back. I think he loves her just as much and it’s not a bad thing to just say she’s one of the kids

Ellia on

According to this:
Shanna Moakler Hits Oscar De La Hoya With $62.5-Million Palimony Suit

De La Hoya told Moakler that he will ‘never see Atiana’ … until she is at least 15 years old.”

Who knows if things have since changed. I did hear that he had her airtime cut on Meet The Barkers.
Either way Travis seems like a great dad to all of them. Is Landon playing at the park in his pj’s? 😛
I just realized Travis’ middle name is Landon.

Lauren on

Regardless of what “alot of us have seen,” Renee, Scotti brings up a legitimate point. While it is fantastic that Travis loves and acknowledges Atiana as his own, he is not her biological father. Oscar never signed away his parental rights, she was not featured on “Meet the Barkers” as often as Landon and Alabama due to his wishes, and she calls Travis by his name, not “Dad.” Travis may be the dominant paternal figure in Atiana’s life, but she does have another father who is at least somewhat involved with her, and you need to respect that.

All the kids are adorable, but Atiana is beautiful. Her coloring/complexion is gorgeous. I’m sure she’ll be stunning as a teen.

brooke on

Oscar sees her, shanna said on tyra’s show a few months ago, they raise atiana together and are on good times now. That being said we do see more pics of travis with atiana than oscar and even shanna for that matter. Travis seems like a great dad and stepdad. I remember shanna wanted travis to adopt atiana when they married, but oscar said no becausse she was his daughter and already had his name. Landon is cute, looks like both parents, atiana is a mini me of oscar, and alabama not sure who she looks like yet.

CelebBabyLover on

Erica- ITA! I also want to point out that, in pictures of Katie Price and Peter Andre’ with their children, Peter is always listed as Harvey’s dad, rather than Harvey’s biological dad (Dwight Yorke). Like the situation with Leni, Dwight is basically not a part of Harvey’s life. However, unlike Flavio, Dwight has apparently visited Harvey a few times (including at least once when Harvey was hospitlized).

Anyway, I obviously can’t speak for CBB either, but I think that, in this case, they are just trying to acknowledge that, even though Oscar does appear to be in Atiana’s life somewhat, Travis is another father figure in her life (sort of like how Bruce and Demi’s girls call Ashton “MOD” for “My other dad”).

Scotti on

Renee, Yes I do think Leni’s real father should also be listed. I think any child/parent thing on this site should be. Just because your parent remarries and new parents steps in and maybe even possiblely adopts you doesn’t mean that is really your biological parent.

Personally I just like to know a lot of times when I see the kids who both parents are so I can try and figure who they look like more.

Renee on

Scotti, I strongly disagree with you.The way you say it means that biological connections are more important than adoption connections. Being a parent has a heck lot more to do with how one raises a child than their biological connection.If a father chooses not to acknowledge his child than why should we acknowledge them.You know who her biological father is. Why is it so important to you beside comparing who the child looks like?

Bella Mama on

beautiful children..

Becky on

I think Oscar is getting a bad rap for no reason. Just because no one has seen him in the picture, he’s not involved?? Maybe when he is with her, he doesn’t have press around like Travis does to take pictures. Give him a break. I for one have seen pictures of Atiana with Oscar and his wife. Of course Travis is really close to her, Shanna has primary custody and Travis was married to her and lived with them, so he can’t help but be close to her and I think it’s great, but just because no one has ever seen her with her biological dad does not mean he is not involved with her.

Sarah on

I sorta agree with Scotti, at least in this instance. I think the point that she is trying to make is that the biological connection is just as important as the adoptive one. Atiana has been photographed with her father and Shanna has said that she raises her with Oscar. While, it’s obvious that Atiana spends more time with Travis (whom i think is an amazing father), she does still have a dad who has rights to her and is supposedly involved. Maybe CBB could say that Atiana’s other dad is Oscar.

Who are we to judge which biological parents are worthy of recognition?

Bren on

So Atiana has 2 ‘dads’ that love her!! I did not even have one!! She is a lucky little girl!

Can Alabama get any cuter?? he he!!

mum2be on

I have consistently seen Oscar de la Hoya listed as Atiana’s dad here in CBB. The do refer to her as one of Travis’ children, as does he. I don’t speculate on things I don’t know so I’ll leave the Travis vs Oscar thing alone. Al I know is that is one lucky little girl to have anyone who cares and loves her, bio or not and Travis really seems to love his kids, all of them. 🙂

Sarah on

Oscar De La Hoya had a son just months either before or after Atiana. If that doesn’t show that he doesn’t have her that high on the priority list, I don’t know what does.

terri on

It may mean that Shanna wasn’t high on his list at the time, but it says nothing about Atiana and Oscar’s relationship now.

brooke on

I think every child’s bio father should be listed here on cbb, it’s as simple as that. This is a celebrity site and if a first time person is coming on or doesn’t know much about that celebrity family, it should name both bio parents, step parents etc. Nothing to do if the child is involved or not with their bio dad, the blood still runs through their veins and someone who comes on the site for the first time and reads seal listed as leni’s dad or peter as harvey’s dad, might be confused and think wait the child looks nothing like that parent, did both parents adopt the child, was it a sperm donor, etc, they will have no clue how their related. So I agree with scotti and sarah. Also who are we to judge who should be the dad and who should not. The child wasn’t made with one parent and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for both bio parents, it takes two parents to make a kid. For all we know these kids themselves will wanna call their bio dad their dad in the futre, you just never know how or what they will feel. And most of them will know they have a stepdad, a bio dad, a stepmom, a bio mom, etc. Atiana is 9, she knows oscar is her dad, but i’m sure she adores travis too. And leni as she gets older loves seal, but she will know obviously she has a bio father out there.

CelebBabyLover on

Scotti- So Brad shouldn’t be listed as Maddox’s, Zahara’s, or Pax’s father? Their biological fathers should be listed instead (never mind that, in Z’s and Pax’s cases, and possibly Mad’s as well, no one knows who their biological fathers are)?

Renee on

Good point celebritybabylover. So now this blog has to look up all the celebrities who adopted and post their biological parents information as well? Brooke,they know who their biological parents are and it’s not our duty to announce it to the world

brooke on

If CBB is gonna name every guy that gets with a woman with kids, as his own kids, than no bio fathers would ever be mentioned lol. Let’s face it many celebrities get divorced and than remarry or have kids while not married and than break up with their bf. The spice girls geri and emma for instance, they might very well marry in the future, do you all of a sudden name whoever they marry as the father. Elizabeth hurley remarried, vanessa marcil and brian austin green broke up, but still have a child, kate hudson divorced and might very well remarry and have more children, um tom bardy and bridget are no longer together, reese and ryan broke up and maybe jake will be a great stepdad, but it doesn’t change the fact the kids have a father. There should be no execptions, list the bio father, what is the big deal ever kid was made from a dad, and there’s so many divorced families. As for zahara, maddox and pax, their completly different, nobody knows their bio mother or father for that matter, so obviously it can’t be listed . And even sites that don’t quote them as adopted children, it’s something they will know from young, as I’m sure maddox and pax already know, and it’s part of who they are and no big deal. What happens if heidi and seal break up one day, will he still be listed as her father, even if heidi is married to another guy or even if leni doesn’t have seal’s last name. I just think there’s a lot of families made up of stepdads, stepmoms, parents, etc, nothing wrong with listing it as it is, because it’s the truth of the matter.

Sarah on

renee, i think that the point is that atiana has not been adopted. no one said that adoptive parents are insignificant. but atiana is not one of those adopted kids. if travis has adopted her, the bio dad would probably be a non-factor. but her bio dad is in her life, so we shouldn’t take away from that, no matter how wonderful travis is to her.

CelebBabyLover on

brooke- I can see your point, but I can also see why, for example, Seal is always listed as Leni’s father. Yes, Leni’s bio father is out there, but the fact of the matter is that Seal is the only dad Leni has ever known. From what I’ve heard, he was even in the delivery room when she was born! Even if she were to someday meet Flavio, I doubt she’d consider him to be her dad.

It’s basically the same situation with Harvey Price, except that his bio father has apparently seen him a few times. However, it is Peter that Harvey calls “dad” not Dwight.