Halle Berry at Silver Rose Gala

04/27/2008 at 05:05 PM ET

Va-va-voom! New mama Halle Berry showed off her postpartum figure at the Silver Rose Gala in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, April 27th. This was the 41-year-old actress’ first public appearance since the birth of daughter Nahla Ariela six weeks ago.


Photos by Jen Lowery/Startraks.

Click below for a full-length shot.



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Tiff on


Caitlin on

Wow, it’s official. Halle Berry is always pretty – before, during, and after pregnancy.

tink1217 on


Broel's Mommy on

She looks AMAZING!!

LisaR on

Ahhh, yes. I just knew she’d be back with a bang. Gorgeous. I’m not afraid to admit I’m jealous, lol. To look like this six weeks later? Just, wow. You go, Halle. You’re one blessed woman.

Natalie S. on

LMAO @ Tiff!!! I know, wow I’ve never seen Halle look so sexy and sassy.. I think I have a girl crush on Halle now..lol WOW!!

chris on

Stunning. Can’t wait to see pictures of Nahla!

Desiree on

Where the heck did those boobies come from?!?! WOW!! She looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I cannot wait to see some pictures of her baby girl…

soon-to-be-momma on

she looks fab!!
cant wait to see her little princess.

Cassandra on

Something tells me, that’s what I have to look forward to when I have one of my own. Only in the boobs, I would probably never look that good 6 weeks after birth. I thought she look amazing before, that mommy glow suites her well.

I’m sure Gabriel loves her ‘figure’. 😛

Samantha on

I love Halle! She looks fabulous after only 6 weeks!

erica alayne on

She looks amazing like usual! I wonder if/when we’ll ever see photos of her little one.

Carrie on

Wow – she looks fantastic, but I think I detect a little bit of tired in there too….with good reason, of course!

laura on

dang! she’s hot!
c’mon, please let me hate her just a teensy-weensy bit. she was gorgeous while pregnant even to the bitter end and she remains uber hot six weeks postpartum while she is (obviously) breastfeeding. i have five kids of my own and doubt i have ever looked that awesome so please allow me a bit of animosity towards her.
she looks fabulous.

Julie on

She looks gorgeous, as always. Can’t wait to see her daughter.

AM on

Omg, she looks GORGEOUS!!!!

jenn mark on

what is the silver rose gala?

christina on

She is looking FABULOUS for someone who has a 6-week-old daughter. I wonder if she has done it on her own or if it’s been achieved with a little professional help from outside. I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby (if that ever happens).

kim on

Just looks great..Looks to be also nursing…Have always loved Halle. Can’t wait until we see baby sure she is beautiful like her momma..

Chloe B on


Janie on

Wow – she looks gorgeous!

Sabrina on

Wow — Halle looks great!

carrie on

She looks amazing! Motherhood looks great on her! 🙂


Halle looks amazing!!It seems like she lost the weight really fast good for her. I can’t wait to see the pics of her little girl.

Becky's Daughter on

You got that right, Tiff! LOL! Good to see that she’s nursing;-)

She looks absolutely radiant!

Christine on

Gorgeous…as always.
Motherhood definately agrees with her!
Can’t wait to see pics of Nahla!

rosie on

She looks so amazing!

Bugs on

Baby does a body good! ;-P

kaitlyn on

life is soooo not fair!

Heather on

man, that really made me miss my breastfeeding boobs :0)

she looks fantastic, I am itching to see pics of that baby already!!

Mousie on

It bothers me that there’s so much motivation for any celebrity mother to look best in the least time after having a baby.

I think it takes her (in general, not only Halle) focus off the baby and onto herself to be photo-ready.

There are so many postings that pertain to how a mother regained her figure so quickly.

nicolie on

Wow wow wow! As if she weren’t already the object of every guy’s affection! She looks AMAZING!!!

Erica on

Halle is freakin’ stunning. Except for the copious boobs you would never guess she just had a baby six weeks ago. On a side note, she looks nowhere NEAR 41 years old!

Seriously, I’m not totally convinced she’s even human.

Heather on

Mousie: I agree that some celebrity mothers seem to focus too much on looking great after baby, but Halle looks very natural to me for someone 6 weeks post birth. She’s just glowing which is why I think she looks stunning.

Colleen on

We were all women before we became mothers. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking your focus off your baby for a short time to get back in shape. Just because you became a mother doesn’t mean you can’t focus on YOU for a little bit. It’s not like these celebs spend all day at the gym. Most have trainers come to their homes, for an hour or 2 a day. Maybe they happen to come when the baby is sleeping.
Also, Halle’s dress is a very flattering cut. It shows off her girls, while being looser around the midsection, where she still may be carrying some weight.
Let’s put this in to perspective. It is Halle’s job as a movie star to look good. Honestly, a 300 lb Halle would get different roles than a 100 lb Halle. Part of her work is keeping in shape, so essentially Halle is just going back to work by working out a bit.

brooke on

I knew she would look great, most celebrities do right after giving birth, they must have some great secrets lol. But halle has always been beautiful, so it’s no surprise. She looks younger than 41 too. Hope she shows her daughter soon, with halle and gabriel as parents, that baby is gorgeous I bet. She’s one of my favorite actresses. She going back to work soon, to start filming a great movie about a woman with multiple personalities I read.

Lynn on

Why can’t my breastfeeding boobs look like that??

Ryan on

she looks fab! when are we gonna see pictures of Nahla? I am dying to see her! I bet she is just a doll!!!

gina on

Mousie…..she could also be wearing spanx…they are a god send!!! I have worn them after having my 4 kids (or some sort of girdle), and I swear it has helped my post baby tummy. I have gained upwards of 50+ lbs. with each pregnancy, but I also like to look good, and until I can loose all the baby weight, I use them. I think it was Gwyenth Paltow who was seen a few days/weeks after having Apple walking around New York with the stroller looking very slim…..I remember her talking about wearing 2 spanx at a time to achieve that look. My youngest is 6 months, and I am now back into my pre pregnancy pants, and I tell everyone I know, I couldn’t do it without my spanx!

CelebBabyLover on

Whoa! I think her breastfeeding boobs rival Christina Aguilera’s (and that’s saying a lot, considering Christina has implants while Halle, to my knowledge, does not)! I, too, hope to see pictures of Nahla soon! It just occured to me that we haven’t even seen any paparazzi photos of her.

Becky on

Halle not only looks beautiful, but she looks healthy and rejuvenated. Motherhood, obviously agrees with her.

So far, not a hint or clue as to whom the baby looks like. The loyalty that she inspires or insists upon, for the people that surround her, approaches that of the late Jackie Onassis. Maybe she will debut the baby on Oprah. Just a thought.

Renee on

She looks great.I agree Colleen. If I remember correctly, Halle has already signed up for a new movie role. But I don’t think it starts shooting for months or a year

Bren on

I am so jealous!!! lol

She is stunning!! i want to be just like her!! lol lol

Ahhhh Spanx.. I LOVE Spanxs!!!!!!!

Hea on

Mere mortals would still be sore, bleeding and swollen. Halle, well, she truly must be the goddess she looks to be. Simply gorgeous.

Sarah on

Nahla must surely be a healthy 6-week old…good job, Halle!!

Sheba on

A true HOT MAMMA!!!! She looks great!!!!!! With a capital G. I don’t think she’s gone crazy with the weight loss or working out. You can see her arms are still a bit heavy and not toned and the cut of the dress may be hiding a bit of a jiggly middle. But she is working the heck out that red carpet!!!!!

I were this type of cut in dresses all the time. It puts the focus on the boobs and takes the attention away from the middle. The length is great too, because it shows of her toned lower legs. And usually the legs take the longest to get out of shape (and get in shape the fastest) even if you haven’t worked out in 20 years. Tee. Hee.

Susan on

Sheba, I was going to make the same comment about the cut of the dress.

Who KNOWS what kind of undergarments she is wearing. To whoever said it, YES! Spanx are a miracle worker. And you can’t see if she’s still a bit fluffy in the middle. Not to mention, it’s not unheard of to be back to your prepregnancy size by 6 weeks. I was back to mine, besides the nursing boobs, in 8 weeks.

Principesa on

Does it really matter if she is 6 weeks post-partum?

She is one smoking hot woman, end of discussion.