Ali, Eve, and Jordan Hewson at The 27 Club premiere

04/27/2008 at 02:26 PM ET

Actress Memphis Eve Hewson (in purple), 16, her sister Jordan, 18, and mom, EDUN designer Ali Hewson, 47, attended the premiere of The 27 Club during the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival on April 26th in New YorkCity. Eve and Jordan’s father and Ali’s husband is rocker Bono.


Photo by Stephen Lovekin; Rob Loud/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival.

Another image of Eve and one of Jordan below.


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tink1217 on

wow she is gorgeous!! Look at those eyes!

Heather on

Wow her eyes are stunning! Getty also has a photo of her sister Jordan too. Not sure if she’s younger or older though.

Colleen on

Jordan is older than Eve.

Ivey on

I do believe that is Jordan, the eldest, she has the electric blue eyes.

Angelina on

Yes, she’s a lovely looking girl isn’t she.
Jordan is the elder, think she’s about 19

Sabina on

You may wish to note that Memphis Eve is known as ‘Eve’ to her family and friends, and I believe it is her professional name too.

Cate on

Ali is also pretty special in her own right, she’s not just married to a rockstar.

Christine on

“Blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl”
…looks like their girls got his eyes!
I wonder if their 2 boys have those eyes as well.

Damn I feel old! I remember listening to the radio and hearing them announce that Bono had his first child, Jordan…
I was so jealous of Ali…I wanted to be her.
Still do sometimes! lol!

Car on

Gorgeous girls and Ali Hewson is a beautiful woman too.

It is so refreshing to see celebrity kids ‘come out’ in their own time, as obviously Bono’s two girls have. Photos of them are few and far between and the younger boy are pretty much out of the limelight.

Just goes to show wealthy celebrities can find the means to keep their kids away from the flashbulbs if that is what they choose for their kids.

kcg67 on

Bono and Ali’s kids birthdays:

– Daughter: Jordan [May 10th, 1989]
– Daughter: Memphis Eve [July 7th, 1991]
– Son: Elijah Bob Patricious Guggie Q [August 17th, 1999]
– Son: John Abraham: [May 21st, 2001]

Carissa Trotter on

You would think Eve could have at least painted her nails or taken the old chipped paint of them. a little thing but it kinda ruins her whole polished look i think.

I think Jordan is the prettier one but both are stunning young women

Sean Dearborn on

I think it is great to see a picture of the children I have read about for so long.
Being a U2 fan I have read about them for so long. However, knowing how much they like their space and how far they go to get it. Like the South of France. I feel bad for even looking at these pictures. Then I feel that I see what most of the songs may be about ….. all in two pictures.

kittens on

wow they look so hot . I love the deep blue eyes.

Nick on

Eve is known to her family/Bono as “Evie” Read a story in 2001 about the song “Kite” when Bono said about flying a kite with “Evie” at time I was thinking of names for our unborn child and it just had to be that. Can’t believe Eve is now 16 and her namesake is now 6. Time fly’s.

lady luck on

Lovely girls both of them.. I thought Jordan had brown eyes but they’re definetely blue in this photo. Anyway, they are a great mix of Bono & Ali! Very nice family 🙂

JC on

Bono and Alis girls are simply gorgeous. Not over done just simply gorgeous. Eve is so her father, especially from the Unforgettable Fire days. She has his awesome facial expressions. Congratulations Eve!

Park on

my godness, they’re so beautiful!!

Angie on

If you have never read Bono’s account of Jordan’s birth (I believe it is in the “BONO” book) it is worth the read. First, Ali packed Bono a flask of whiskey (I believe), which is just so funny. But, Bono noticed the baby’s heartbeat sounding “faint” and called the nurse, sure enough, there was a bit of an issue, it obviously all turned out well… wonderful story… in addition, Jordan was born on Bono’s birthday… Ali could be their sister..


beautiful familly!beautiful women

Mary-Jane on

Wow,Bono is an absolute legend and also tremendously lucky!..Ali is not only beautiful she’s also a compassionate,wonderful woman!She’s an inspiration to women across the globe!!She’s such a good role model and a breath of fresh air!!Keep up the good work ali!

Lisa on

wow… i can only agree… amazingly beautiful eyes, both of the girls…wow

James on

I went to school with them, they put the other girls there to shame

Robyn on

Bono is one lucky man having so many beautiful girls in his family. Eve keep up the good work. God Bless, Robyn

Vicky on

Eve and Jordan are absolutely stunning and I really like their style, especially what Eve’s wearing. They’ve both got nice eyes and I can see alot of Bono in them! Well done to Eve in starring in such a great film. : – )

Jamie on

Gorgeous girls! I think Eve and Jordan are each beautiful in their own way. Neither one is more beautiful than the other in my opinion. I don’t think Eve not painting her nails or removing the old chipped nail polish is really a big deal. I do that all the time. Sometimes, you’re in a rush and you just forget. Ali is extremely gorgeous, too. Love that Bono is such a genuine family man.

mike on

a couple of beautiful girls lets hope we see more of them in the future

Sarah on

Aw, look at those pretty blue eyes. Just like her dad. (:

harold on

funny how we all get starstruck. she’s average looking with a famous pedigree, ok?