Katie and Peter André take a holiday to Cyprus with the children

04/26/2008 at 09:01 AM ET

UK stars Katie "Jordan" Price André, 29, and her husband Peter André, 35, sat down with their children, Harvey Daniel, 5 ½, Junior Savva, 2 ½, and Princess Tiáamii, 9 months, for a chat with OK! magazine last week at their Cyprus holiday hideaway. Together they spoke all about those marriage split rumors, Princess Tiáamii’s asthma, Harvey’s recent improvements, Junior’s terrible twos, and more.

Click below for the interview highlights.

On those marriage split rumors:

K: Oh, we hate each other!

P: I love her so much. Why do they pick on us aboutsplitting? What makes people think that about us? They don’t always goon about David and Victoria Beckham splitting up. Youhear you’re breaking up so many times you start thinking are webreaking up? There’s a quote that says: ‘People can be so convincingthey can make you believe you stole your own car!’ We’re like any othernormal couple, we argue, but every night I want Katie next to me.

K: As long as he’s in the house I’m content and happy.

P: There were a couple of weeks when you went out and forgot about me, though.

K: Let’s get this in black and white. I only want to let my hair down once in a while. I don’t drink at home.

On bad habits:

P: Katie [leaves] knickers on the floor!

K: Excuse me — who cleans up and makes the bed inthe morning?! He leaves pee on the toilet seat and doesn’t put thetoothpaste lid on.

P: One time I left pee on the toilet — and it wasbecause I didn’t want to wake up Princess so I peed in the dark.Anyway, you pick your nose! And she’s not a hugger. She can be so coldsometimes, she doesn’t want to cook, she doesn’t want to clean.

K: Pete’s breath stinks and he picks at his arms.

On the hurtful things that the newspapers sometimes write about them:

K: The thing that annoys me most is when they say stuff about the kids because I know we’re not bad parents.

P: We love our children more than anything. We love them more than our own lives.

On what sort of baby Princess is:

K:She’s a mummy’s girl. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t like itwhen I tell her she can’t touch things. Pete winds her up with hisbeard when he goes to kiss her neck. She pulls away just like me! Sheloves us both, though.

P: She’s such a gorgeous girl. She’s still notgoing through the night, which is a pain. She’s beginning to speak –she’s really trying to call out.

On who she is more like:

K:She looks nothing like me, but I can see Pete in her. She’s got hisGreek nose and mouth, but not the colouring — she’s like the ancientGreeks with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s so cute though, she lookslike a potato with these big eyes stuck on — like Betty Boop!

P: She’s more like Kate in that she won’t let mekiss or cuddle her. But she’s like me in that she’s always smiling.Actually, I’m going to say that she’s got Kate’s personality — she’smoody and doesn’t like to be kissed or cuddled. She’s happy when shesees Dad but she’s obsessed with Mum. I’d say Princess is mummified andJunior is daddified.

On the reports that Princess has asthma:

P:No [that’s not true], but there are times when we have to put her on aninhaler. Apparently some babies have junior asthma that they grow outof so hopefully it’s that. It’s when she gets ill that she has to go onthe inhaler.

On Pete’s nicknames for Princess:

P: Wecall Princess so many things — Princess, Baby Sister, Bister,sometimes I call her Bistol Belly Blue Drops. I like playing withnames. I also sometimes call her Tiáamii, but I think that’s more aname she might want to use when she goes to school.

On Junior going through the terrible twos:

P:He went through a badly behaved stage, then he got better, and now he’sgone back. If I raise my voice and he cries then I feel really bad.Lately he’s been a bit moody again. He’s a good boy but he likes topush the boundaries.

K: I think he listens to me more. I’m reallypatient with Harvey because you have to be, but if Junior’s messingabout I’m very firm with him. He gives Pete the puppy dog eyes and hemelts, but he knows he can’t get away with that with me.

On how Harvey is doing at the minute:

K: He’slost five pounds recently. He’s back at school and has been swimming,he loves school. He’s going to see a psychologist and they will visithim once a week and assess his behavior because when he’s older he willbe massive and I don’t want him locked up because of his behavior.We’ve got to try and control it now.

P: Over here he’s been the best behaved of allthree kids — he loves the sun. He’s doing a lot better, but he goesthrough stages.

[He’s] getting really good with the other kids now.They’ve really started bonding and the other night there was somethingthat just blew me away completely — he asked for Junior to come andlie in bed with him! He’s never done that, so Junior laid in bed withhim, Harvey fell asleep and Junior was watching Barney, andthen Harvey woke up and said ‘Baby Sister’ and he wanted her as well!Six months ago that never would have happened; Harvey would have hitJunior. Something seems to be changing in him.

K: He has calmed down and doesn’t hit as much, but when he does you have no warning and he hits hard.

On if the children enjoy doing photoshoots:

K:I don’t think Harvey knows he’s having his picture taken. He just seesflashes which he likes. Junior likes seeing himself and all of us inthe magazine. I think it will be weird for him to realize that hisfriends
aren’t all in magazines or on the telly!

On what André qualities the children have:

P: I’mtaking full responsibility for this — I’m really glad that they allsay please and thank you. I’m really strict with them on manners.People used to say that Harvey wouldn’t say those things because of hiscondition, but now he does. Junior has everything from me — all mymannerisms, my facial expressions, and the way I walk. Everything I dohe copies. Princess has nothing yet, but she will, don’t you worry!

K: Junior is a show off like Pete, Harvey doesn’tlike getting up in the morning which is the same as him but Princesshasn’t got any of his traits yet.

On what Price qualities the children have:

K: Idon’t think any of them take after me — well Princess I supposebecause she’s stubborn and knows what she wants. Actually Harvey andJunior like the same music as me. 

P: Bister definitely has all the Price qualities –she’ll cuddle you on her terms, don’t give her a kiss because shedoesn’t want it. Katie gets more affection out of her than me. Juniorhasn’t taken anything from Kate =- I think he’s taken 200 percent fromme. Harvey responds really well to Katie — she’s the only one who cancalm him. He’s learned to be calm through her. 

Source: OK! Magazine, Issue: 620, April 29th 2008

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Tigerlily on

Those kids are precious. Especially Harvey, he’s gorgeous

Amy on

Even though Katie and Peter come off as a little eccentric and crazy at times, from the interviews I’ve read they truly do seem like good parents. You can tell how much they love their children, and it always makes me smile to see celebrities acting like normal parents.

Hilary on

Weird as some aspects of them may seem to me, I really love and appreciate how they talk about (and therefore seem to behave towards) all their kids.

They’re a cute family and overall I loved the pics, though that first photo had me LOLing. Everyone looks like they don’t want to be there!

Becky on

I love the dark hair and pink lipstick on her. I’m glad to see a smile on her face, and I hope that Harvey’s medical problems have largely resolved.

Good looking family.

Mari on

I like that they seem to acknowledge and parent within the boundaries of each child’s personality and limitations – and not with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. A pretty grounded family.

Shalise on

Beautiful Family! I have SO much respect for them on how they are helping Harvey. You can tell how much they LOVE him! I love seeing that I have a disabled brother and think the world of him, you can see that in this family with all the kids.

I wish I looked as good as her:)

Mary on

Junior is just adorable! Those big brown eyes, he looks like a perfect match between the two.

nicole on

I love these pictures! I started watching their show and I really have grown to like them very much! The pictures of Harvey and Junior are to die for! Gorgeous family!

Gena on

I was going to say Harvey definitely looks great. I’m so happy he lost 5lbs. This family is great. Everywhere and everything you see from this family is all love. I wish Peter and Katie a long and happy marriage.

Ruthella on

I’m glad to see that Harvey appears to be more comfortable during this shoot than he sometimes does. Princess, however, looks like she’s sweltering! She’s so fair compared to the rest of them.

I’m happy to hear they are teaching the boys more manners; I was so shocked to hear Harvey telling Pete to ‘f*** off’ during their last series! Jordan and Peter were in fits of laughter so it’s pretty obvious where he learned it…

I still can’t understand their desperation to live their entire lives in front of the cameras, but each to their own I suppose. At least this interview isn’t about the details of their sex lives and private parts for a change.

lillies on

They look so happy together. I feel so sorry for poor harvey cause he’s so cute and it’s so sad to see that he can have everything in the world but he can’t see. sucks huh!? But they’re such a caring family!

Kelly on

i was wondering harveys is so dark skinned is peter his biological father?

brannon on

I must say – I love seeing pictures of this family because they are so refreshingly honest. I never feel like its “press.” They say what they are thinking and mean it and seem very dedicated and in love with their children. The pictures of Harvey and Junior are incredible and I give Pete so much credit for taking this boy in as his own. Fathers like he and Seal are so wonderful. (Yes, there are many more…travis barker, brad pitt, etc…but I can’t name them all!) I also think that you have to take into account that things Harvey says can’t be taken too seriously or they would be stressed out all the time. I’m sure they laugh because they never know what to expect out of him and Pete himself says that he is tougher with Junior because he understands right and wrong.

Katie looks gorgeous and little P is way too cute!

Nikka on

I like how they dress up in matching colors. The pictures look very pretty, and I love the red one.

Denise on

Aww so sweet. Junior and Princess are so sweet. Junior’s brown eyes are beautiful. They all look so different, aside from Junior and Peter being the image of one another. But they are all so different. I really like them though, especially after watching their TV show and seeing how well they cope with Harvey and all his outbursts. Katie really deserves a lot of credit in that department.

jo.ann on

I think the photos of Harvey and Junior are very sweet and genuine. Nice to see the two brothers get along.

But wow, Katie looks like a mannequin in some of the pictures! She should loosen up on her makeup, I bet she’ll still look gorgeous

kim on

Love this family. Don’t watch the show just from what I read here, they seem normal. Love how he has taken on the other son as his..Love her with the dark hair much better..Beautiful blended family..

Stef on

“Princess is mummified”?

Whoops! Poor choice of words, Petey. LOL

Sarah on

Those pictures of Junior and Harvey are just precious – I absolutely love them!! I truly have so much respect for Katie and Peter, these interviews make me like them a lot more every time.

S...x on

Gorgeous family. Love Katie & Peter

To answer Kelly : Peter is not Harvey’s biological father, his bio. father is footballer Dwight Yorke (to my knowledge)

Lauren on

Kelly- Perter is not Harvey’s biological father. His father is Dwight Yorke, a footballer. I dont think he has anything to do with Harvey, but I am not sure.

I love that CBB posted this article! Thanks! Its so easy to think bad of people, but you have to remember that most of their interviews are them answering other types of questions. They obviously love thier kids! So sweet!

Elaine on

Harvey isn’t Peter’s biological child. Katie had him before she met Peter and his biological father is Dwight Yorke. I think its great that Peter is so devoted to Harvey and vice versa.

Amber on

I have to wonder if these two parents are really as good of parents as they make themselves out to be or if they just give good interviews. The interviews sound so nice, but then they do something like bring their contagious 9 month old out shopping with chicken pox. For as informed about medical issues as they say they are, I wonder why they would make their kid even more miserable than she already was? For me their words and actions just don’t match up.

Sara on

I love the photos of Harvey and Junior together!

Erin on

Harvey is becoming so handsome – glad to hear that he is progressing well! Junior is adorable – I think he looks just like Pete. And Princess… she’s just beautiful! Love her big eyes =) ♥

J.J. on

Awesome kids they have. Harvey looks stunning, Junior looks just like his father, and Princess is cute. All three of them sure are wonderful =).

terri on

I don’t know much about this family other than what I read here. I’m always interested to hear hw Harvey is doing and it’s great that he seems to be improving. I hope that continues.

Elaine on

Peter isn’t Harvey’s biologcal father, his father is Dwight Yorke and Katie had Harvey before she met Peter. They do seem to be a very devoted family, and very realistic about the challenges of looking after a severely disabled child.

Amanda on

Kelly: Harvey’s biological dad is Dwight Yorke.

Amanda on

I know that Princess is Pete & Katie’s together.

What about Junior and Harvey? Who are their dad’s?

Emma on

Kelly, Peter is the biological father of Princess and Junior, Harvey’s biological father is a footballer called Dwight Yorke. He is very dark skinned…from Tobago..he and Katie dated on and off but they split when she was pregnant.

In fact they may have split before she knew she was pregnant, it did not come across as great love put it that way.

I don’t think he has much to do with Harvey, from what Katie says he saw him a few times and that is it.

Peter calls himself Harvey’s dad and Harvey calls him dad. Some people mock Peter but a man that is able to love another man’s child deserves credit but it is much harder with a child that has Harvey’s problems.

They seem to adore one another, and Katie and Peter come across brash at times but they and their famillies seem very close and also help with the children.

Jess on

Kelly, no, Harvey’s biological father is football [soccer] player Dwight Yorke.

Dwight left Kate when she was still pregnant with Harvey and though he does see Harvey occasionally Harvey has little knowledge of who he really is. Harvey calls Peter “dad” and though Peter hasn’t adopted Harvey, Pete treats him like his own.

This photoshoot is gorgeous – the kids are just beautiful. I can’t believe how pale skinned Princess is towards the rest of the family! She’s gorgeous though!

Junior is soooo Pete’s mini-me and Harvey is just totally handsome!

What a wonderful, beautiful family. 🙂

I’m really glad that Harvey is getting a little better! 🙂 Those Junior/Harvey pictures are so precious…:D

Thanks for the scans


Manda on

They seem like very devoted parents who love there children very much. Adorable children as well. Kudos to Katie and Peter. Keep it up!!!

Noe on

As much fuss that they have in the lives with all the rumours and paparazzi, you can see the love they have for one another and their kids. All three children are beautiful. What I love most of all though, is when reading the interview highlights, Peter talks about Harvey as if he was his own. I have always felt that it takes a real man to love another man’s child as his own. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t may out there. I’ve watched their show a few times and they seem to just have fun in their lives. The photo’s show the wonderful family dynamic that they have.

becky on

katie and peters children are absolutley beautiful and junior is the double of peter im sorry katie but he duz lol. Also i love the name princess tiaamii very unusual.

I love those pictures of junior and harvey their look very cute together!! I cant wait till their have their next child and to see who it looks like!!!

meesh on

I love this family. They are beautiful inside and out.

kiki on

In that first pic Junior looks totally like Katie… and I see a lot of her in Princess too.. Love those children, they change so much, it will be exciting to watch them grow up :o)

SJ on

Ruthella? I have three children and you cannot help it if they accidently pick up a curse word now and again. Peter and Katie found it funny at first but they did NOT teach him it and Katie, straight away, after expressing shock through laughter, told them all to stop laughing as he’d do it again. He did do it again and Peter told him off and said it was “very naughty”

A clip is available on Youtube and I would adivce anyone to watch it to see what REALLY happened, rather than take someone’s judgemental word for it.

Peter and Katie are VERY good parents. They provide their children with stability and a lot of love and cuddles. The children all spend time with their grandparents and are not wandering around saying the F word every two seconds. That is wrong to assume they do.

ShoneZ on

lets be realistic here. Princess is not beautiful. She is ugly. Hopefully she will blossom into a swan when she gets older.
At least someone has the guts to say what most of us are thinking!!!!

jaQ on

princess Tiaamii is just gorgeous, a perfect little girlie-girl. i think it’s neat when kids get the lighter side of the genes~ my half-mexican cousin is fair with blue eyes, while his brother and sister are dark… my boyfriend’s daughter is half syrian, but has beautiful blue eyes and fair skin (with striking black hair, though!) and my baby cousin is lebanese/italian, has the dark hair/eyes, but her skin is as light as my whiter-than-white irish complexion. genes are funny!!
we call my youngest “baby sister” and the like, as well. we’re all human, eh? 🙂
katie really looks gorgeous, what a hot mama~ and peter looks great, himself.
it must be so hard to have special needs children, and it’s great to see such loving parents, who can afford to give him the best care, and show off their precious gift of a son to the world. 🙂 god bless sweet little harvey. and junior~ don’t know that i’d ever really looked at his picture~ what a cutie-pie! aw…
i too am on the other end of the spetrum, when it comes to parenting choices, but to each his/her own~ our differences make the world go ’round, and i wish the world were more acccepting of that fact.

Ruthella on

SJ; I too have three children, and I know if any one of them swore at me like that, I wouldn’t be laughing.

Then again, I wouldn’t let them be filmed for TV all the time, I wouldn’t talk about my sex life and ‘bodily parts’ in front of them and if I were Harvey’s Mum I wouldn’t be telling OK magazine about how he still wears nappies and weighs more than me.

I guess Jordan and I would never see eye-to-eye on any parenting issues…

SJ on

Ruthella, you are looking for a reason to slate the parenting skills of these two good people. Katie was a page 3 girl, who got her fortune and the children’s stabilty through her sexuality.

If you watch their show and gloss over their filthy talk (which they dont do around their children) you will see three happy, healthy children. You’ll see a disabled child who is constantly amazing his doctors because of the love and encouragement by his parents. Junior is a typical little toddler and Princess is just a gem.

When Harvey said a naughty word, he was corrected and made to say sorry. I don’t see what was wrong with that? It isn’t like he committed a crime. It was a swear word and one day even yours will pick them up.

Ruthella on

SJ; I don’t need to look for a reason, these two keep coming up with them all on their own!

I’m no prude, but to me, talking about the size of my husband’s ‘bits’ in front of my kids and simulating sex is a big no-no! I don’t know if you’re in the UK but there has been a lot of criticism of these things in particular in the last couple of weeks.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree 🙂

Jenn on

I think the pictures are beautiful but there was one thing that stuck out to me like a sore thumb. In all the pictures, they’re cuddling/holding/loving on Princess and junior and harvey is just sort of sitting there by himself like he’s the odd man out in the equation. It seems to be that he should have had equal cuddle time in a photo shoot like this. As a mom of 3, it just sort of made my heart hurt for him. I’m not trying to be mean, It was just my initial reaction to the pictures.

Nikki on

Everyone parents differently. You have to take into account the personality of the parent, the personality of the child, and the manner in which all have grown up. I am quite different in my parenting style from my mother, but I love my child more than anything, and I make sure he is well fed, well clothed, loved, and secure. Those are what matters to the child, especially at the ages of the Price/Andre family.

Kat on

what they said on their show was that his bio dad wasn’t able to see him often enough or consistantly enough, but he does see him… but because of all that, and Peter being willing to take on the job, Peter is called Dad and is his dad.

his bio father is more similar to an extended family relative.

I love love love this family!

Hea on

Ruthella – Harvey is testing the social boundaries. It’s perfectly normal and it does not mean that his parents use bad language around him. Kids pick up everything, especially children with autism and ADHD. I am pretty sure Harvey is autistic (I could be wrong). So therefore it is totally normal for him to tell someone to f*** off. He doesn’t know what he’s saying but he knows it will create a reaction, which he wants. For them to laugh it off is the best way to make it stop in my experience. Harvey probably just wants to be a bit bold and create all kinds of reactions in people.

sophie on

i think this is a great family, they are very close and all the kids are so lovely, katie is my idol i just love everythink about her, she is unique and very different she is also stunning to look at, she wears the best clothes and always looks good in what ever she puts on ! good luck to them all in the future.

Brandie on

I want Katie’s makeup artist! She looks like a gorgeous Barbie doll in these! Princess is all dad, Junior is a mixture of both and Harvey has absolutely GORGEOUS lips and complexion. They really love those kids, they seem to be a great family.

Brenda on

What an absolutely beautiful family! Everyone of you is adorable! I loved watching you on TV…I am a grandmother and from Michigan and thought your series was refreshing. Keep on doing what you are doing…Because whatever it is…you are doing a fine job!

shannon m on

hiya jordan and peter like your pics when you were on holiday you all look great please reply i would luv to meet you one day i hope my whis comes true one day and if i do meet you that would be the best time of my life and people just say that it would be but to me it would so i hope i see you from shannon xx

Lacey on

Hey, how old is Harvey now?

yasmin on

i really love you katie you are so nice and kind i really wont to meet u yasmin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yasmin on

i really love you katie you are so nice and kind i really wont to meet u yasmin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

paula on

katie is awsome she is my role model i think princess is a mummys girl and s yet she looks alot like her dad

robyn on

OMG Ruthella its not anybodys fault why harvey ways more than kate he has a condition called septo-optic dysplasia, meaning that his optic nerve was unpredictable and as he has got older she also discovered that he is on the autistic spectrum, gains weight easily, and finds walking difficult, and the reason why she talks about harvey’s weight is because she has always talked about it in OK! magazine (uk) so people whos children with the same condition no tht there not alone and its ok tht hes is still in nappys because yet agine its due to his condition which also in cludes autisim which effects the learning and how quick they are able to do things!!!!!