Update: Rumor: Is Billie Piper expecting a baby?

04/26/2008 at 05:20 AM ET


Update: A pal confirms to The Sun that Billie is three months along, but no word as of yet from Billie or a rep.

Originally posted April 25th: Is actress Billie Piper expecting her first child? That is what the latest from the rumor mill is saying. 

While on vacation with her husband, actor Laurence Fox, the 25-year-old was seen rubbing and caressing her stomach a number of times.

If true, it will be no surprise as Billie had previously stated that she was beginning to feel the urge to start a family. A rep for the UK star said he "did not know" whether or not they were expecting.

Source: The Daily Mail

Thanks to CBB readers Kate, Elle, and Chloe.


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Chloe on

She certainly has a rounded tummy – her role in Secret Diary of a Call Girl showed her with a completely flat stomach, so I think (my opinion anyway) that she’s preggers! If so, congrats to her!

emma on

It looks like there’s a baby in there to me! The shape of her tummy looks more like she’s pregnant than she’s eaten too many cakes. Good luck & congratulations to them (if it’s true of course!).

jillyen on

looks like she is

St├ęph on

At 25, she’s starting to feel urge?

Congrats to them

Shawna on

What’s wrong with feeling the urge at 25? I was pregnant with my 3rd child at 25 (no I was not a teen mom and yes I was married for the conception and births of all 3 children). I got married at 20, had my first at 21.5, my second at 23, and my third at 26. And I agree, she does look pregnant.

Rosalie on

It certainly ndoes look like she is pregnant.
Also i have to agree with previous poster.
What’s wrong with feeling the urge at 25?I totally agree i had the urge in my early 20’s. I had my children at 22 and 25 and am happily married.

lolo on

uh, who are they?

Hannah on

She just said she was feeling the urge for a family, not that her biological clock was running out of time. I married young, at 22, and we started trying six months after our wedding. Our son was born the next April. The trend of waiting to have children certainly doesn’t apply to everyone.

She definitely looks preggers.

emily on

Average age of women when they give birth for the first time. This is a U.S. record high. The average age has risen nearly four years since” 1970. < http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr52/nvsr52_10.pdf>

I guess she’s not the only 25 year old “feeling the urge”.

kellymarie on April 26th, 2008

Billie Piper Is Pregnant She Said She 3 Months She Annoced It To The Papers 26 March 2008

Crystal on

I just turned 21 (in March) and I’ve been feeling the urge for sometime now. It won’t happen soon (b/c of school and we’re not married yet), but I definitely want a baby soon!

Steph on

Sorry I didn’t understand well. My maternal language is french and I thought that this meant the same thing that when they say they ”feel their biological clock ticking”.

Again Sorry
All the best to them!
I also think she’s pregnant!

And I am not against young moms, I just misunderstood the meaning of the sentence.
I hope to be a young mom too, but I’m still too young to have a baby (I’m 16)

Congrats to all of you that are young mommies and I think you’re very lucky!

Viv on

Interestingly, the average age for giving birth to a first child in the UK is 29. 4 years older than in the US. So really, by UK standards, Billie is rather a young Mum. But I still don’t think 25 is too young. The average is that high simply because of professional women waiting longer before starting a family.
I wish Billie and Laurence all the best. They’ll be great parents.

Dawn on

I am so hoping that this news is 100% true as I love Billie to pieces. I think she is the coolest!

melissa on

congrats billie and laurence i know they will be good parents of their baby good luck both of u xxxxx