Zelda Williams discusses her parent's divorce and her dad's addiction

04/25/2008 at 12:05 PM ET

Mr_fp_132624_cbbAfter a 19-year marriage, actor Robin Williams, 56, and his wife, Marsha, 51, filed for divorce last month, but their daughter Zelda Rae, 18, says not only is there "no drama," but that they still are "all a family" despite her parents choice to end their marriage.

Actually, according to Zelda, the announcement of the divorce came as no surprise to her.  While she says watching her parent’s marriage end wasn’t easy, she was told of the divorce before it was ever officially filed with the court. 

It wasn’t a complete surprise.  It’s never easy to end.  [But] there is no bitterness — we’re all a family.

Zelda, who wasn’t actually close with her father growing up, as he was always busy filming movies, says that now that he has taken some time off in his career, it has given the two of them time to really get to know one another.

He wasn’t around much when I was a kid, but I have this wonderful opportunity to get to know him now.  He’s taking more of a break.  He’s not doing four films a year; he’s doing one or two…Now he has more time for us.

Click below for Zelda’s reaction to her father’s alcoholism and the length of her parent’s marriage.

She also commented on Robin’s recent relapse with his alcoholaddiction in 2006 and said watching her father go through all the stepsof recovery, prompted her to take a sobriety vow.

I took a vow of sobriety when my dad relapsed, so I don’t drink.

In the end, Zelda gives her parents credit for staying married as long as they did, and wishes them one thing: happiness.

I just want my parents to be happy.  And they did last 18 years — a lot longer than most!

Robin and Marsha also have son Cody Alan, 16.  Robin has son Zachary, 25, from his first marriage to Valerie Velardi.

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mary on

She’s very pretty. I am glad that she and her father are having a relationship now But at the same time its sad that he missed out on her early years.

chris on

That’s nice that she recently took a vow of sobriety, but isn’t the legal drinking age 21? Mybe that just means she won’t ever start?

lulabelle on

What a mature young lady! And very pretty too.

Jen on

Yeah, I thought it sounded odd for her to say she took a vow of sobriety when she isn’t of legal drinking age yet too. I guess you can take a vow of celibacy before you ever have sex, so why not a vow of sobriety before you theoretically ever start to drink!

Astrid on

How many people actually wait until they are 21 before ever drinking? I doubt very many. I think it is very thoughtful of her to take that vow. She’s gorgeous too!

Melissa on


While that may be true that most people don’t wait until 21, most of those underage drinkers are also not giving a public interview. I think it is highly inappropriate for her to talking about a “sobriety vow” when she isn’t even close to being 21. Very irresponsible.

seosinger on

My husband took a sobriety vow before he left home for college at the age of 18. He was very open about it, so on his 21 birthday, no one even suggested drinking to him. I think her being open about it shows her maturity and her desire to keep her word as she approaches legal age. You’re more likely to stick to something when you make it known to everyone. Her being open about it also makes her a positive role model for her generation.

Steph on

Melissa – please explain how it is IRRESPONSIBLE to take a vow of sobriety? She’s taking a stand against drinking and saying she is not ever going to drink. That’s being VERY responsible and mature!

She’s preparing for when she is of legal age to drink.

I am very confused about your comment and I think it was inappropriate for this post. This is something that should be celebrated, not demeaned.


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Anastasia on

I think it’s great that anyone tries to split in as friendly and loving a way as possible. Good for Zelda for not choosing to drink. As for her father he for certain has not followed his step process as that includes making amends to people in which you have hurt and caused pain to. Robin seems to remain in clock and dagger when it comes to dealing with people he has hurt who have done nothing to him.

Why Addiction! on

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TBuzzard on

Robin was one of my favorite actors of all time. Very talented!

The vow for Zelda to start her sobriety is awesome. To the comments earlier regarding being not of age (21) to drink, so May you’re children experiment with alcohol before their of age. Hats off to her taking the vow, no matter her age!