Update: Valeria Mazza gives birth to fourth child and first daughter; introducing Taína

04/25/2008 at 03:17 PM ET

Update: Added photos of Taína and the family.

Originally posted April 22nd: Model Valeria Mazza, 35, and her husband, businessman Alejandro Gravier, welcomed their fourth child and first daughter, Taína, today, Tuesday, April 22nd at Otamendi, a private clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Taína, born naturally, weighed 8.3 pounds and was 20.8 inches long.

Alejandro, who cut the umbilical cord, told the press waiting outside that it was an "amazing birth."

The couple, who wed in 1998, had announced the pregnancy in September.  Together they are also parents to three sons, Balthazar, 9 next month, Tiziano, 6, and Benicio, 3.


Source: Yahoo! Mexico, La Gaceta

Photos by Ramey.

Click below for a family group photo.


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Kym on

I love her,finally she has a girl hurrah.Im sure she is beautiful.

Cande on

finally!! im from argentina, she is the best top model ever!!
Hope you post a pictures of her three adorable sons, this girl im sure will be so beautiful…
Also i love the name, she marks tendences here, when she put “balthazar” to her first son…everybody uses balthazar, then the same with “tiziano” and with “benicio”. I think this time will not be the exception… we are going to have more little tanias in argentina!!!

Besides… the best for this big and beautiful family!

Marina on

The real name of the baby is Taína.

silvana on

Congratulations to them! They indeed make beautiful babies!!

brooke on

Aww wonderful a girl after 3 boys, how sweet

Marina on

You can see some photographs in http://www.minutouno.com.ar

Jen on

Wow, that young and she already has her ears pierced?? She is adorable.

Marissa on

Is that pronounced Tie-ee-nuh?

sil on

“that young and she already has her ears pierced?? “
In south america (and i think in all latin american countries) all baby girls get their ears pierced as soon as they are born.

amandamay on

the name taina is common in finland where it’s pronounced “tie-nuh” (like “tie” your shoe) but i’m not sure if that’s how they pronounce it elsewhere…

ceci on

Taina said in Spanish is pronounced tai-een-na, accented on the een..

I love Valeria (I’m from Argentina as well), but don’t really like the names she picks for her kids…

Lola Bella on

I known about her for a long time. Glad to hear she has a lovely marriage and lots of kids.

xena on

There is not better time to have the ear pierced than just after the baby is born. You dont remember any pain… To do it with 8, 9 years old is terrible.

Cassandra on

She has the exact line up I want(Only two years between pregnancies instead of 3.)! Three boys and a girl! All of her children are beautiful, but I’m not surprised, look at the gene pool. LOL.

I love all of their names too! Very distinct.

Sarah on

I wish I had my daughter’s ears pierced when she was born. Now she is 7 1/2 yrs. old and she won’t let me!! I think it’s best when they’re babies too. Maybe they put some kind of numbing medicine on the baby girls’ ear lobes similar to what a baby boy would get for a circumsision in the hospital??

Simone on

Awwwwwwww i know she will get spoiled,what a cutie 🙂

This has me thinking maybe we should try for a fourth and get lucky and finally have a boy,lol

Over here in Germany they dont like to pierce ears of children under 3 because of the changes ears go through in the first years.

S on

I think piercing a baby’s ears is a form of mutilation. Everyone gets upset about circumsicion, how is this much different? It’s vanity on the parents’ part, carries medical risks and is cruel and unnecessary!

Heather on

We have the exact same spacing. Our boys are 8,6 and 3 and we have a six month old daughter. Congratulations to their family!!

terri on

Beautiful family!

Sheri on

I have yet to hear anyone make comments like these about circumcision. If the parents choose to pierce their baby’s ears, it’s their choice. I wonder what Valeria would say about how some of the people on this board choose to raise their children – perhaps spend more children with your own kids and not worry about how celebrities choose to raise theirs? It seems no matter what choices a celebrity makes someone has to always be critical of something, no matter how small. I wonder where the “I can’t believe she has that baby out in public so soon” or the “I wish she’d dress up her boys a little more, instead of jeans and T-shirts” crowds are. (I don’t share these views.) I wish some of these CBB posters would grow up; their comments come off as petty, immature and jealous.