Travis Barker on parenting philosophy and ex-wife Shanna

04/25/2008 at 06:17 PM ET

Travisbarker224748_cbbWhen Travis Barker goes out with his whole brood on the weekends, it may seem like 32-year-old rocker has his hands full, but that’s exactly the way he wants it. Travis says the time that he spends with kids Alabama Luella, 2, Landon Asher, 4 ½, and Atiana Cecelia, 9, is precious and he wants to be with them for the duration of their weekly visits.

I have my kids every Friday through Monday, and I don’t leave them thewhole time I have them. I stay with themthe entire, entire time. I don’t go out to lunch with a friend andleave them with anybody else. I’m obsessed with my children.

As for his at-times tumultuous relationship with recent ex-wife Shanna Moakler, Travis says although they plan to be "really, really good friends and parents," fundamental differences in their ideas of childrearing ultimately led to their split.

I don’t have the best relationship with her, but it’s a work inprogress. I think it will get better if we learn to be friends. Weabsolutely, absolutely, absolutely love each other. I think it’s morethat we have different ideas on how to raise children, and that can … break down the walls of love as far as I’m concerned.

My mom died when I was 16. I had a roughchildhood, you know what I mean, but it made me strong … I want acertain thing for my children. I just want to be in their life. I don’twant nannies raising my kids.

Click below for Travis’ Mother’s Day plans.

However, Travis respects Shanna as the mother of his children and plans to honor her on the upcoming holiday.

I’m going to take my kids to the cemetery to visit my mother, and weall do something for Shanna. We always make something for her [for Mother’s Day].

Source: People; Photo by Startraks.


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Hilary on

How sweet that he plans on doing something nice for Shanna on Mother’s Day. It had never even crossed my mind that an ex might do that with their kids.

I remember on the show he visited his mom’s grave and brought pics of the babies.

jillyen on

I think it’s great that even though Atiana isn’t biologically his daughter he’s still in her life even after the divorce. I don’t think many men would do that.

gigi on

kudos to him on his parenting philosophy.
he will be rewarded with so much respect from those children when they are grown.

Rachel K. on

I don’t know him personally so it’s only speculation, but he seems like such an amazing father. It is very sad when a relationship breaks down and there are children involved… you can’t just walk away and let it go because you have to communicate and be in each others lives for your children. I love the fact that when he says “my kids” he includes all of the children even though Atiana is not biologically his he has been an amazing father to her.

tink1217 on

Travis is an awesome dad!! Its sweet they will be doing something for Shanna too! I love the way he also includes Atiana in everything. Its heartwarming! Most men wouldn’t do that if the child isn’t biologically theirs and it shows he is not most men! And, I like hearing his parenting ideas…that is refreshing in Hollywoodland.

Christine on

Now THAT’s a sexy man!
He is totally devoted and commited to the best interests of all of three children!

bethany on

I know it was a show, and we can’t know what really went on, but it’s just so sad….they seemed so crazy in love, on the show! I think it is really admirable that he considers Atiana his daughter as well. You never hear anything about Oscar and her, I wonder if he’s even in her life.

lis on

I’ve admired Travis for a while now.. he truly seems to have the very best of intentions and hopes for his children. That goes a long, long way.

brooke on

Travis seems like a great dad and stepdad, and even on the reality show it seemed travis and shanna were different as far as parenting was concerned, and that was one of the main reasons they broke up the first time, he had said. Very sad he lost his mom at a young age, but he sounds like a great guy.

Colby on

Does Atiana even have Oscar’s last name?

Ericka on

I agree Jillyen but I think it might have alot to do with the fact that Oscar isn’t in Atianas life and Shauna isn’t that great of a mother (I’m sorry I just don’t think she is, she may love them but she sleeps and parties all the time instead of spending time with her children.) so the only positive parental figure in her life is him. I never really thought about it until after their divorce. I thought her priorities while the show was going on was WAY different than his…

Sanne on

I love Travis, he’s an amazing dad… I admire how he (still) thinks about Shanna but I can also see why they split up.

Leslie on

Wow, my respect for him just keeps growing. What a dad he is!

bibi on

I admire Travis for his love and dedication to his children. I don’t think that Atiana’s father does as much as he does for her. I really think these children are blessed to have at least one parent that knows how to be a parent!

Erin on

He seems like a great father, and I’m sure Shanna is grateful for that. Great to see that Atiana is still apart of his life, despite the split.

MM on

I believe when Atina was born, or before Shanna took Oscar to court for palimony. I wonder if Travis adopted her, and part of the custody arrangement lets him have her as well.

Not that a legal agreement should change how he feels about her. You can tell he loves all those kiddos equally.

CelebBabyLover on

MM- From what I understand, Travis DID try to adopt Atiana, but Oscar refused to allow it. That said, from what I’ve read, Oscar is at least somewhat involved in Atiana’s life.

Also, I’m not saying that Shanna isn’t a bad mom…But if she DOES sleep and party all the time as another commentor said, then why don’t we hear about her antics the way we heard about Britney’s before she lost her kids?

gigi623 on

Why does she only have them tues wed and thursday only and travis friday -monday? Is it so she can party and how is a mother spend less time with there kids? Shanna parties and sleeps late when you have kids you don’t sleep in all afternoon. Watch the show!!

stupidsexyflanders on

I’ve seen him with Alabama. He takes her to breakfast quite often. It’s very cute. He is one of those guys who ( I M O) is not that good looking, but seeing him with his kids makes him very desirable. He seems so devoted.

MM on

Yes we do see her go out alot. But that is the lifestyle out here and part of their jobs. Does that make someone a bad parent no? Just because someone sleeps alot doesn’t mean they party. It could be alot of other things, one being maybe depression.

But I didn’t watch the show, and it did disturb me a bit when I saw him do more of the parenting then her.

As for Oscar, I hadn’t heard he had anything to do with Atina, and if he does, how lucky is she that she has two daddys two love her, twice the love is a good thing!