Update: Jennifer Lopez currently filming reality show

04/25/2008 at 12:52 PM ET

JenniferpeoplecoverUpdate: Jennifer’s publicist has made a clarifying statement, saying that although TLC’s press release made it sound as though the show would include her personal life, it in fact does not.

The show that Jennifer Lopez is doing for TLC is a "docuseries" that follows the creation of a mother/child fragrance launch. It is not about her family and home life with her children.

Originally posted April 24th: Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, 38, is in the process of filming her new reality show, due to air on TLC (The Learning Channel).  The gist of the show?  To give her fans a peek into her life as she tries to juggle the two sides to her life: her profession, including the launching of a new fragrance line, and the more personal side, as a mother of her new twin babies.

According to Jennifer, she will co-executive produce, co-create, and star in her new show and is excited on sharing this unique experience with the public.

I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together.

TLC’s President, Angela Shapiro-Mathes, had only praise for the newest member of the TLC family and calls Jennifer a "role model" for their audience.

Jennifer is unbelievably passionate about life and will be an incredible role model for our audience.

So far, no air date has been announced.

Jennifer is married to Marc Anthony, 39, and together they have twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian David, 8 weeks.  Marc is also the father of Ariana, 14, Christian, 7, and Ryan, 4  ½, all from previous relationships.

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Snow on

She must be getting a pretty penny to do this, seeing as they have always made it abundantly clear that they are private people, not announcing the pregnancy til the end, not leaking it was twins ever that I know of, but now to be put right in the spotlight? WOw..

Jay on

I was thinking the same thing Snow. They were so private even with the marriage and to hear they’re having a reality show was a shock. In any case, I’m sure the show will be a hit. Can’t wait to see the babies.

Lissette on

Cant wait to see the show. I was really surprised to hear that she’s doing this considering how private her and especially Marc are.

Jodi on

Wow, I am surprised too. Of course it will be great to get a glimpse into their lives and see how a celebrity mom juggles career and two babies. But I am just surprised because they always talk about the privacy issue.

Maybe the difference is that when she makes her show, there is more control, as compared to papparazzi snapping pictures whenever and where-ever.

tink1217 on

this one surprises me completely. So many people were so up in arms that Denise Richards was doing a reality show with her daughters and I haven’t heard one bad comment (not necessarily here, but in general) about JLo doing this so far. I am not a JLo fan at all, but I think I will tune in just to see the babies a bit more.

HardCandy on

Tink I was thinking the same thing. Denise got a lot of flack for that maybe because her kids are older but it is still unfair. I am surprised by how many people are shocked by this. Jennifer has always struck me as someone who loves being in the spotlight, so a reality show which is probably going to pay her handsomely seems to fit her just right. I think many celebs talk about wanting privacy but they know they have to rely on the media to keep their careers alive.

brooke on

Jlo has never seemed like a private person to me, far from it lol. I will say though I’m surprised she is doing a reality show, because I would think she is a bigger star than that. As for denise I personally never thought it was a big deal that she is doing a reality show. What makes her any different than kimora simmons, shanna moakler, scott baio showing his baby on his reality show, it’s just people love to pick on every little thing denise does for some reason, and in pics posted of her with her girls, I see never nothing wrong.

davis on

Role model? She has been a mom for a second..I think maybe she should still be on the learning curve here. Maybe take some advice for moms who have work outside the home longer than a month.

asm1976 on

Oh Brother………………….

Tricia on

I’m actually more surprised that her husband is doing this (we have to assume he at least ok’d it?). It’s since they’ve been together that JLo has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight, except in a professional context.

I’d tune in to see those babies, too! Who wouldn’t?!

Lola Bella on

Jenifer says one thing and always ends up doing the other. She tells the media she wants privacy during her marriages yet she is always out and about. Then when she gets pregnant she is out and about. I don’t get her.

chris on

I don’t get this at all. What is she thinking?

ang on

the learning channel seems like an odd choice for such a show-why not vh1 or mtv or networks that “specialise” in such shows? either way, she’s gonna give tori & dean some serious competition…

Gabrielle on

Considering how long she has waited for these babies, I’m really surprised she’s back to work so quickly.

gina on

oh please …Now she’s backtracking .Every media outlet reported that it was going to be about her business and home life.Even Newsday got the scoop that they were filming at her Long Island home.Could be the reason also her neighbor sold their property quickly.You know for people that say they like their privacy ,they sure do attract a lot of attention from the media.

tink1217 on

gabrielle, I thought the same thing too. At least now we know the show does not include her home life, which makes me feel more at ease. Although I would love to see the babies, I think they are too young to be thrust into the spotlight.

Hilary on

Mother/baby fragrance? Oh the world of commodities.

Jessica L. on

Mother/daughter fragrance? Ehhhhhhhh….no.

Anon26 on

What happened to her wanting privacy? She seems very self centered. Is she donating any funds to any charities? She should be trying to spend time with her babies getting to know them instead of trying to look like superwoman to the world. Maybe she’s afraid that people will forget her if she’s not in the spotlight. How hard is it to juggle family and career when you have nannies, maids, housecleaners, personal chefs, personal trainers, millions of dollars, people who do everything for you before you slap your name on it, etc? I’d like to switch places with her so that she can see what a real struggle is like.

Jen on

Mother/baby fragrance launch? Mom’s and babies already have a sense of smell that they recognize each other with. I guess the fragrance is gonna be more for the glamour though.

Rebecca on

I am not sure a tv show about creating perfume would be all that interesting, personally speaking. I do like J-lo, though it would be more interesting to watch her go through the process of making a record or a movie. A fragrance???? Not so much.

Davis on

What is a mother/daughter fragrance? I have a 4.5 year old daughter and I can’t think of what would fall under mother/daughter fragrance for us. Sometimes she likes to borrow a little of my lotion. I think that is sufficient in terms of us trying to smell alike.