Tina Fey on pregnancy donut addiction, preschool searching, and advanced maternal age

04/24/2008 at 04:30 PM ET


For many moms-to-be, a craving for junk food — whether it be sweet or salty — is just part of the process. However, for 30 Rock‘s Tina Fey, it wasn’t anything she was willing to admit to her ob/gyn during her pregnancy with daughter Alice Zenobia, now 2 ½. Tina, 37, shared,

I had this thing for Entenmann’s chocolate donuts. Somewhere during my pregnancy I gained something like ninepounds in two weeks and my doctor was like, ‘You know what it might be?Are you drinking a lot of juice?’ I was like, ‘Yeah. That must be it.’ I was eating like a box a day of Entenmann’s donuts!

Next up for Tina and husband Jeff Richmond is finding a preschool for Alice, who starts next fall. To make the best impression, Tina asks only one thing of Alice, she revealed.

My daughter starts preschool next year, so I just went through theprocess of taking her to her preschool interviews. And you’re justhoping, ‘Please don’t poop yourself during this time.’

Click below to read what aspects of Tina’s pregnancy experience made it into her new film, Baby Mama.

In her latest film, Tina plays a woman who cannot conceive and enlists the help of fertility doctors and a surrogate. For the movie, Tina worked her own motherhood experiences into her character.

Some of my pregnancy experiencesmade it into the film, like the idea of women over 35 being treatedlike they’re ancient. When you go to fertility places, you hear theterm "advanced maternal age" and that was used in the movie. Also, theparanoia and freak-out that you get after reading all those pregnancybooks.

I got a baby under the wire. I was 35 when I delivered andhopefully it all went great. It wasn’t hard to imagine that it couldhave been all different.

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MB on

those donuts are the best. thing. ever. i love them! when i was little, my dad used to buy them for me on special occasions.

Jen on

The rich frosted donuts are good but I love the chocolate cake donut with the little cocoa crumblies on top!

melanie on

haha i love tina fey so much!! i bet her daughter is a funny little somethin

maddie on

seriously, you guys have preschool interviews in the US? that’s the strangest thing i’ve heard in a while.

Anonymous on

Oh my gosh that’s so hilarious! I too gained way too much weight with my 1st son & whenever I went to see my OB he would greet me this way:”hello, Mrs. Entenmann”. He knew of my addiction to baked goods, particularly Entenmann’s plain donuts & pound cake. I could not resist…along with gallons of ice cold milk! The worst part of it all, I live only miles away from the Entenmanns factory on Long Island, NY! I was doomed from the start! LOL! Thanks Tina Fey for making me feel better about my pregnancy cravings, I wasn’t alone! Love Tina Fey by the way…on SNL & 30 Rock, miss her on SNL, can’t wait to see Baby Mama! Congrats on all your success.

Anon. on

maddie, the idea of preschools having interviews is weird to me, too, and I live in the US. I think only if you’re trying to get your child into some elite preschool will they have ‘interviews’… I can’t imagine what they ask the children, though. o.O

Anyways, I love Tina Fey. 30 Rock is hilaaaarious; definitely one of my favorite shows on television at the moment.

sigh on

I’m not sure where to put this, but I totally LOVE the green background. Very pretty. When CBB is done promoting the movie, I hope you guys will consider keeping the green. (It’s so much easier on my eyes, too.)

Sasha on

Oh, private preschools in Manhattan are notoriously competitive! Like Harvard, no kidding.

jess on

I can’t wait to see this movie I bet it will be hysterical

emily on

Preschool interviews are nothing new. I’m 26 and I went on plenty of preschool “interviews” when I was 2. They are not interviews in the sense of “what is your previous work experience”. The interviewer just sits and plays with the child to get a sense of who they are and how they interact. They also do various IQ tests, but it’s nothing that wouldn’t be appropriate for a 2-3 year old. I think it’s beneficial both for the school and the parents. If you’re spending a lot of money for a school, you want to make sure it’s a good fit for your child and they will thrive there.

mercedes on

I love, love Tina Fey.
She is something funny!

and little Alice is just too too cute!

Gia on

Preschool interviews aren’t just for ‘elite’ schools. Most of the preschools in my area have them. It’s not an ‘interview’ in a competitive sense. It’s a get to know you type interview so the teacher can see what the personality of the child, and the parents are. It’s to help make a good fit in the school. The last thing a good preschool wants is to have a kid who is miserable because they just don’t fit – it makes everyone unhappy. It’s nothing personal or mean – it’s meant for the best interests of all involved.

Maddie on

thanks for explaining about the mysteries of preschool interviews, you guys 🙂 I find it quite funny, cos i’m a preschool teacher in New Zealand, and have never heard of this. Normally, the parent(s) have a look around and then bring their child in for a visit to see how they interact with the envrionment, other children etc and ask questions about the centre and talk to the staff etc, to see if they want to send their child there. Its interesting how cultures work differently.

bee on

35 is kinda old to have babies.