Jennifer Garner and Violet out and about in Boston

04/24/2008 at 09:57 PM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 36, and daughter Violet Anne, 2, were seen out and about in Boston, MA today.  The pair did a little grocery shopping while Violet enjoyed a popsicle.  Dad is actor Ben Affleck.


Photos by INF.

One more and shoe info below.


Ecco_plumViolet is wearing Ecco Kids Glow in Old Rose/Red Plum ($66).

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miss parker on

very cute. looks like her shirt got more of her popsicle than her mouth did lol

bumbebee917 on

Cute! I haven’t seen them for awhile.

brooke on

Very cute, I missed seeing violet and jen pics, one of my favorite celebrity families.

Gabrielle on

She grew like a weed! Wow! Look at those legs!

Tara on

Awww, such a sweet pair!!! I love them!!!

Megan on

OMG I love this…this makes my night…haha we were just talking about Miss Violet and here she is!! She looks absolutely adorable and i love the popsicle all over her shirt…that’s toddlers for ya…so adorable…that sweet toothy smile…I adore the Garner/Afflecks…

Rachael on

I agree, she is the most adorable little girl!!

iovana on

Ohh my girl! I missed this little cutie so much

Lisa on

It has been awhile since we have seem them out. Violet is so cute and looks so happy.

jo-ann on

I know this sounds pathetic, but it totally makes my day to see Violet again! How much I’ve missed her

KayLee on

Yay! Where have they been? I have missed photos of Jen and sweet little Violet!!

Manda on

Aw about timeeee they showed up!! Violet got so much bigger. Cutie pie.

Colleen on

I’ve missed Violet! She’s as cute as ever!

HeatherR on

Jen’s hair looks really cute with bangs! I love it on her 🙂 Is her shirt from Hollister?

Andrea on

My 16 month old daughter has the same shoes!!!

Valarie on

cute, but get some cloth shopping bags, Jen!

Rosy J on

OMG! Be still my heart. What a sight for sore eyes. Little miss Violet. Oh how I missed seeing her. Thank you CBB. Jen is looking good too. Love the Garner/Afflecks.

emily on

I knew the plastic vs cloth thing would come up…just let people live, honestly. Jen looks more beautiful than ever here, and Violet is too cute, getting very blonde, isn’t she?

Sadaf on

I am reminded of when Violet was pictured eating a raw peach while riding in her stroller, and the peach was falling on that favorite pink blanket of hers. It’s obvious that Jen is very cool about her toddler dropping food on her clothes.
I wish I was as cool about it. My 3 year old knows that not even a morsel can fall on her clothes, or else Mama blows up. And then people ask me how I trained her to eat so properly. In reply, I think, “I wish I was one of those moms who were okay with their kids dropping food on themselves”.
Enough rambling! Jennifer looks great in her jeans and ponytail.

sharon on

OMG!!!! finally yay!!!
I love Jen Garner and Violet looks so cute
thanx CBB I was missing them here 🙂

Heidi on

I’ve missed seeing those dimples!

Chris X on

Let’s play a fun game – let’s picture Suri Cruise running in the park in jeans and a messy shirt and let’s picture Violet in a fancy dress standing around.

I can’t do it either.

Rebecca on

I love this celeb family. They always look so normal.

Jeannie on

Does Violet look really tall for her age?
She’s still adorable and such a happy girl.

graypanther on

I always wondered how do the people who write for this blog know what kind of clothing and apparatus’ the celebs are wearing? Do you refer to a catalogue? Do you ask the celebs? Are you preinformed about what they’ll be wearing? Thanks!

J on

Jennifer is 5’8 and Ben is 6’2 so that would explain her height.

Rio on

I LOVE Jennifer Garner, and love the way she is always out in regular clothes, playing and laughing and just generally mucking in. Violet seems like a really stable, secure, happy kid as a result. Jen is my absolute favorite celeb mom- how many others are this hands on? Makes a lovely change from the pictures of Victoria Beckham and her kids looking upright, unhappy and miserable in her high fashion outfits and perfectly groomed hair. She really needs to take a leaf out of the Garner book. Kids need to be enjoyed! Why have them otherwise?

Nancy on

Those pictures made my day! We have seen pics of them in a looong while. Really missed them but I know they are not in LA because Jen is filming a movie right now (or am I wrong?) meaning no LA paps around them ;o) – hehe, cute how Violet spilled more popsicle on her shirt! Those are sweet pictures. thx!

Kelly on

I’ve missed so much seeing Violet pics. She definately grew since last! What an adorable girl!

Rosy J on

These two! Could they be any cuter? My blood sugar just went thru the roof. Good grief, I think I just got a cavity from all this sweetness.

ang on

LOL chris!! even better-victoria beckham in jeans 😉 im not a huge fan of this family, but violet sure seems like a sweet kid.

Katie on

Oh that’s just lovely! I missed seeing Jen, Ben & Violet! While it would have been great seeing Daddy, it’s amazing to see Violet *blossoming* (pardon the pun lol). She truly is my favorite celeb baby; she’s growing up marvelously. Thanks CBB, you made my day!

Emma on

OMG they are just too cute!!!Does anybody else think that Violet looks really tall!!!

Steph on


I LOVE THIS FAMILY! Thank you so much for some pics! I’ve missed them.

brannon on

Aww… Violet has gotten really cute! Still not a fan of how they dress her, but I must admit she really does have the most beautiful smile. Jen seems so hands on and genuinely in love with her – very sweet. (And I agree with whomever said Jen looks great with bangs 🙂

Liv on

Violet is just beautiful, just like her mom who just looks more youthful everytime we see her! And for the first time I see a lot of Jennifer in Violet! That big smile in the first picture is definitely a Jennifer Garner smile 😀

Now how awesome would it be to have Jen Garner as your mom!

Lilianne on

It should be noted that Jennifer Garner carrying items in a plastic bag doesn’t mean she isn’t environmentally conscious. Carrying it doesn’t mean she won’t later recycle it and it should also be noted that she has stated that she and Ben have “gone green” in whatever way they can. So people shouldn’t make judgements about what someone does or doesn’t do based on this picture.

Lorelai on

Oh, they both are so sweet!

baby names meanings on

awwww shes just too cute.