Introducing Buster Wood

04/24/2008 at 09:31 AM ET

Busterwood1_cbbEastenders actor Jake Wood, 35, and his wife Alison, 38, introduce their second child, son Buster, 10 weeks, in this week’s issue of OK! magazine. Together they reveal all about pregnancy weight, cravings, breastfeeding, and more. Buster joins big sister Amber, 3.

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On pregnancy cravings:

A: I went through a phases of eating salad and fruit, but I also had massive phases of eating cake, and a lot of it.

On putting on weight during pregnancy:

A: Notreally. During my last pregnancy I put on more, so this time I was moreaware and exercised throughout the pregnancy. I was lucky enough tohave a trainer who came to my house twice a week and I also did a lotof walking and boxing. There’s a real love of boxing in our family.Amber already has her own pair of mini boxing gloves, so one day wemight buy our own boxing ring for the back garden!

J: I’m a big fan too and go boxing training. It’sfunny because Buster looked just like a boxer when he came out so I’msure he’ll get in to it too.


On not knowing the sex of the baby:

J: We didn’t find out the sex on either one of them. I really thought we’d have another girl, but I’m really happy it’s a boy.

On the labor and birth:

A: Wellmy waters broke at home, so we rushed in to hospital early the nextmorning, but then not much happened so the doctors gave me a C-sectionlater that night. It was totally different from the birth of Amber.With her, it was pretty traumatic, I was in hospital for four days beinginduced and every day I was waiting for something to happen and when itdidn’t it was awful. There was a lot more drama with her.

On breastfeeding:

A: I decided not to because with Amber it would be a bit much.

J: It also means that I can play more of a partlooking after him as well. So when it comes to nappies and bath time, Ido my share — I’m a pretty hands-on dad.

On choosing Buster’s name:

J: Idon’t really know where it came from originally. It was on our list ofnames for Amber three years ago and when he came along he didn’t openhis hands for about three days and had this little flat nose so helooked like a Buster. It suited him down to the ground!

On who Buster looks like:

A: He’s the spitting image of his dad. They’re both ginger so Buster’s a real mini-me of Jake!

J: I think he has a bit more hair than me!

On how they celebrated Buster’s birth:

A: We watched a boxing match on TV. It was quite romantic.

J: A friend of ours wasfighting in the match so we watched it in hospital together. It was onat 11 pm so the midwife offered to take care of Buster so we relaxed inour bed watching it.

A: I didn’t [have aglass of champagne to celebrate]. I didn’t really feel like it afterthe operation and I don’t think it would have been very sensibleanyway.

On how Amber has taken to her new baby brother:

A: She’sbeen amazing. All she does is kiss and cuddle him. She loves touchinghis fuzzy red hair so she just rubs his head all day.

On how parenthood is second time around:

J:It’s great. Obviously we’ve been used to babies with Amber, so it’sbeen lovely second time around and it’s nice for Amber to have a babybrother. We’ve automatically adapted to being parents. Now having a boyand a girl we’ve got a full team and it’s definitely brought Alison andI closer together.


Source: OK! Magazine, Issue: 620, April 29th 2008

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babyboopie on

cute looking baby, although i’m finding it hard to get my head around the name! 🙂 Love Jake in eastenders though, playing the bad bad Max!!

ruthella on

Although I don’t care for the name, he really looks like a Buster! He’s the spitting image of Jake. Bet he’s gonna be a Daddy’s boy 🙂

I don’t really see what impact on breastfeeding the older daughter would have though? I wish people had the confidence to come out and say they don’t want to breastfeed. It’s not a crime and it makes more sense than the crazy excuses!

AC on

I know I shouldn’t judge. But it really bothers me when people who can choose not to breastfeed just because it’d be a bit “much”

Kim B on

I don’t understand the whole breastfeeding comment either. I have 3 kids and breastfed all of them and a 4th on the way and plan to breastfeed. I do agree with you ruthella just say you don’t want to breastfeed no crime in that. People should respect other peoples feelings. I do love the time I get with my babies when I get to feed them but would never look down on someone that choose not to. Just be honest.

Starlet on

AC I agree completely especially since warming bottles at night is work!

I can’t get my head around the name but he is very cute.

Angela Lake on

my best friends older daughter wouldn’t nurse. But she had a child 8 months ago and this one she nursed for a month but she was having problems and quit nursing but she was proud that she was able to do it for even a short time because she knew the positives of nursing.

jjj on

I don’t get the breastfeeding comment either. Surely it’s more work to prepare a bottle than to breast feed? It certainly takes longer in total.

He’s a funny, cute looking in any case.

kelly on

I don’t think it’s up to anyone to judge. The way somebody brings up their children is completely up to them and if she doesn’t want to breastfeed for whatver reason that is her choice. Just because we do things a certain way doesn’t mean it is the best way for everyone and as long as that baby is healthy that is all that matters isn’t it? Good luck to everyone feeding a baby, I’ve got a 10 week old daughter and it’s shattering! Also, congrats to Jake and his wife on their new addition, I loved Max in Eastenders and I want him back on our screens!

Jane on

AC, like you said, who are you to judge how someone should raise their baby? How would you feel if someone criticised you? It’s none of your business

lulabelle on

I think he is a gorgeous baby. The pictures made say “awwww” out loud at work, so I got some funny looks. I love the name Buster too.
With regards to breast feeding, it’s a personal choice. Some people do and some people don’t. I have a pregnant friend who is feeling enormous pressure to breast feed when she really isn’t wanting to do it for many reasons. She gets a lot of grief for it from other mum’s and even her midwife, whom I think should support her choices. I think you have enough to concentrate on whilst pregnant without having to worry what people think.

Ruthella on

Lulabelle; I think it’s every woman’s right to choose too. My point is that by saying ‘It would be a bit much with Amber’, which is clearly not the real reason, the parents are drawing attention to their decision and making people question it because of the crazy reasoning!

If she’d said ‘We chose not to breastfeed’, I wouldn’t even have commented. My real point is that it’s a shame that Alison doesn’t feel confident enough in her choice to just admit it.

Incidentally, I breastfed my three babies, and I hated every minute of it! I stopped each time at three months, felt an overwhelming sense of relief when it was all over and am not ashamed to admit it!

lulabelle on

Hi Ruthella,
That’s very refreshing to hear someone say that.
I see what you’re saying. It is a shame women feel pressured to give an excuse why they aren’t breast feeding because at the end of the day, it’s their business. It’s actually quite a personal question for magazines to ask.

Emmanuella on

i like that